Apple may launch augmented reality glasses next March

With the smartphone market well saturated, Apple needs to look for new markets, while the iPod led to the iPhone. Apple's latest products such as the Watch or AirPods are good, high-margin additions to sell to iPhone users. This means that the company does not create an ecosystem that enables it to grow. They mainly depend on the iPhone ecosystem.

It has always been rumored that Apple will create a car that will challenge the likes of Tesla, this will be an example of a new market for the company, but I don't think that an Apple car will happen soon, what seems likely is that it will launch Mixed Reality glasses (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) which are rumored to be released In the year 2023 with an operating system called xrOS.

The latest leaks confirm that the mass production of glasses augmented reality From Apple, it will start in March of this year, and she added that the company is still facing delays with its mixed reality headset, some of which are related to drop tests for mechanical components and the availability of software development tools, and it is expected to be announced during the annual conference for developers around the world. which will be held in June.

AR / VR mixed reality headset

Apple has remained relatively quiet regarding the mixed reality headset, which is likely to be launched this year, but there have been many leaks to confirm that the iPhone maker is looking extensively at the first wearable augmented reality (AR) devices. Expectations were that the headset would be very lightweight. And, as revealed in a new report, the materials used will be chosen, which will include aluminum, carbon fiber and glass.

The information indicates that the virtual reality (VR) glasses from Apple will have a hot-swappable battery design, which will make the battery life (one to two hours) less annoying, and it is also expected that these glasses will have a positive impact on the price. Apple stock trading During the coming period, this is said to be the field of view will be about 120 degrees, which is greater than most virtual reality headsets, while it is also expected to display a high-resolution HD screen with thin optics, according to the report, which cites several people who worked on the alleged device.

Although the speakers may be integrated into the headband, Apple's H2 chip may appear on the device in order to provide an ultra-low-latency connection for Apple's AirPods Pro 2 wireless earbuds.

Company CEO Tim Cook has been enthusiastic about his endorsement of augmented reality as the technology of the future, so color crossing over is a given. According to the report, it is said that the conversion to mixed reality may be accomplished by rotating the Digital Crown like the one found on the Apple Watch and AirPod Max. 

Cook stated in a 2022 interview that AR technology is "deep" and will have an impact on everything around us, although he criticized virtual reality in comparison to augmented reality, saying: "Metaverse is something you can really immerse yourself in, and it can be used in a good way, but I don't I think you want to live your whole life this way, virtual reality is used for limited periods but not a way to communicate well so I'm not against that but that's how I look at it.”

Among the most exciting things for many that were mentioned in the report, is their claim that iOS applications will have the ability to work through a two-dimensional display in Apple AR / VR glasses, if it is true, this will give a great opportunity for many applications.

According to the report, Apple will create applications through the use of the Reality Kit program, and it is likely that it will also be supported by the Unity developer group, and since this will be the first VR headset from Apple, the possibility of obtaining applications to justify the rumors ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 for an Apple headset. It may be difficult.

Apple's AR / VR glasses may face major challenges with consumers

While many are excited to see what innovations companies like Apple have, they have some serious concerns about betting on mixed reality glasses as a growth market. We've already seen some attempts in this area including Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap that didn't exactly surprise the world. I think it's safe to say that Spectacles from Google was a flop, and Spectacles from Snapchat aren't even for sale to the general public just to developers, according to the company's website.

Then there are VR products like Meta's Oculus and competitors from Valve, Sony and HP. Those companies have had some inroads, but after years of introducing them they still represent a small part of the massive video game market. Apple can enter this area and succeed where no one has before.

First and foremost, the battery life of an AR device is a major concern, as augmented reality as envisioned by Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles is meant to be worn for extended periods of time and digital images and functions superimposed in the real world, although Apple has not released specifications on this. field, but it seems unlikely that any device in this category will work for long periods of time without recharging.

There's also the issue of comfort, glasses aren't the most comfortable thing to wear for long periods of time, and when you add the weight and bulk of the technology needed for augmented and virtual reality, these glasses become even more uncomfortable to wear, not to mention the fact that a lot of people simply don't like wearing glasses. At all, which will limit the market for these products.

Price is another major issue. Microsoft's HoloLens cost between $3,500 and $5,200. Apple's glasses are widely expected to be in the $1,000-$1,500 range even though Apple is known for selling premium devices with premium price tags.

Besides the practical concerns of battery life, convenience, and price, there is a fundamental problem that there is no compelling use case for AR and VR glasses. While these technologies have some exciting potential, it is not yet clear what strong application will be to make them a must-have for consumers. Except for certain types of video games

All this means, while the AR / VR glasses project from Apple may be interesting to the ardent Apple fans and technology enthusiasts who buy the company's products and wait in line to buy its products on the first day, but it is believed that this matter is the other important thing from the company. 

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