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Best launcher apps for Android in 2023

If you are looking for the best launcher apps for your Android phone, make sure you have come to the right place, as we decided through this report to show you an “amazing” and wonderful group of the best free launcher apps on the Android system in 2023.

There is no doubt that Android is the best and most popular operating system we have ever dealt with, thanks to its flexibility and customizability in any way that suits your taste, and the easiest way to customize and improve the appearance of your phone will only be by relying on third-party launchers.

Android launcher

Launchers not only allow you to replace the look of the user interface, but they also come with a very wide range of neat customization features that are very rare to find in the default user interfaces provided by smartphone manufacturers.

Therefore, with the Android system attracting many internal and external user interfaces, you will find many free options on the Google Play Store that help you completely modify the appearance of your phone. But you do not need to bother searching for it, and in order to save your precious time, the “Review-Plus” team has decided to search for you for the best free launcher for Android. Now let us introduce you to it, and we hope you like it. And remember to take a better look 10 carefully selected Android apps worth trying.

1- Best launcher apps for Android: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Unlike all the launcher applications for Android that have deteriorated over the years, the Nova launcher has been able to maintain the position it has reached over the past years, thanks to the launch of many new customization features for the application and the improvement of its main advantages that it contains in order to bring it to the stage of excellence.

Although there are a large number of amazing launcher applications, but the Nova Launcher application is the best undisputed launcher on the Android system, and we certainly advise you to try it in the first place before any other launcher because it will 100% satisfy you.

Nova launcher has everything to help you customize the user interface, light in size, fast in performance, simple and great user experience, abstract elements with elegant aesthetic appearance, easy to handle and convert into anything you want.

The longer you try to deal with it for a period of time, the more you can improve the appearance of your phone interface and enhance your user experience through it, just invest more of your free time in tuning and adjusting it dynamically to suit your good taste in the end.

Luckily, it's a very light app that works on almost any Android phone, which means it's a great example to be relied upon by older phones with modest hardware, and provides a fun and fast experience on all phones.

Just recently, the app has got some exceptional additional features, such as a sliding app drawer, a search bar, and a new search view that has a plethora of different and new tabs.

In the end, if you feel like it gives you the right look for your phone and gives you quick access to apps, you might even consider upgrading to the paid Prime version. To download the Nova Launcher app.

2- Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

You'll find many aesthetic features in Action Launcher that are needed for any phone running any recent version of Android. And for Google Pixel fans, Action Launcher adds all of the default Pixel interface elements as a set of optional settings.

Through this application you will be able to customize the At A Glance tool, create shortcuts for applications, support different sets of icon packs that are adaptable to the colors and elements of the main screen background, but unfortunately you may have to pay only once in order to obtain it.

If you are an Android enthusiast who wants to customize every corner of the phone, be sure that there is no other alternative than the Action Launcher application, as it places its entire focus on seasoned users and enthusiasts to customize the interface and display system of the phone. Just spend some time to modify this theme and you will get an amazing display system for your Android phone.

There are very few complaints that it is somewhat slow compared to other launcher applications, but many users confirm that it works well, and in all cases there is no objection to you trying it yourself.

Also, let's remember that it has a great feature that the launcher developer calls “QuickTheme” that helps you get an interface compatible with the wallpapers used on the home screen. Another great feature is also called Shutters, which allows you to launch any application widget by clicking on the application icon twice in a row.

The other feature that is also worth mentioning is the Covers feature, which is creating a unique snapshot of folders. Once you click on the cover, the application itself will open, but when you scroll up, a folder will open containing a set of customizable applications inside. A great launcher and definitely worth a try. To download the Action Launcher app.

3- Best launcher for Android: Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher

Our second launcher on the list is the exceptional Hyperion Launcher that tries to give your phone a new and unique feel similar to the same interface as the Google Pixel phones.

Just try to invest more of your time in adjusting and modifying the launcher, and be sure that you will get a more than wonderful interface for your Android phone.

Like many successful launchers, Hyperion Launcher comes with full support for icon packs, the ability to customize gestures, and many other additional controls and tweaks.

Of course, there is a free version and a paid version, and the free version may be more than enough for most users in order to have a great interface and customize all the settings in a different aesthetic way.

But if we want to talk about the paid version that comes under the name Hyperion Supreme, you will be surprised by a flood of additional amazing features, including customizing icons by resizing them, coloring their texts, or replacing the sharpness of the appearance of transparency of icon texts, the ability to name application icons and icons with multiple lines, and the ability to import fonts External and customizations for Google Smart widget and many other features. If you feel that it is the appropriate launcher for your phone, make sure that the paid version is worth the sacrifice. Download the Hyperion Launcher app.

4- Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is a great example of the best launcher apps for Android. It has a non-retina home screen that gives you the ability to freely add user interface elements, and you will find it contains more than 30 different application icon and icon packs.

A great feature is that the interface can be customized to adapt to the background colors used on the home screen. If you want to customize the interface of your Android phone screen in any way that suits your taste, then you will be surprised that the Smart Launcher application, in its fifth version, provides you with a customization experience rich in unique features.

The application is very light and has received positive reviews from the largest foreign technology sites and is recommended for use due to its light size, speed and customizability that it supports.

Smart Launcher 5 is simple, functional and intuitive and allows you to sort apps based on different categories to provide an amazing and fast user experience for all your routine business tasks. To download the Smart Launcher 5 application.

5- Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

There are many great features in Niagara Launcher in particular; It is very light, remarkably fast, very simple, calm and eye-pleasing interface, easy customization and tuning, highly functional, and many more beautiful features that help you get a great view of your home screen interface.

In fact, you will discover that there is no additional drawer for applications, but it gives you access to up to 8 shortcuts for applications located on the main phone screen, and you can access all your other applications by swiping down on the virtual letters of the alphabet located on the right of the main screen.

Of course, it allows you to customize everything on your phone, from icon packs and font replacements, to applying an automatic coloring experience that matches the background used on the phone's home screen - as if we were talking here about the new Material You design language in Android 12.

Unfortunately, Niagara Launcher is missing some customization features, but it's functional and very simple to provide an intuitive user experience without straining your eyes with more jumbled elements on the home screen. Download the Niagara Launcher app.

6- Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2

Our fifth launcher on this list is Lawnchair, which attempts to mimic the default Pixel interface experience that comes with Google's Pixel line of phones. However, unlike the default display interface available on the leading Google Pixel phones, Lawnchair gives you more customization.

Of course, it is not at the same level as the Nova app in terms of customization, but for most users who want to enjoy the experience of displaying the Pixel interface, it is more than enough, especially since it is characterized by its very light size and very simple consumption of phone resources.

The app lets you replace your app icons and icons, and best of all, it allows you to change the size and measurements of icons, columns, and rows on the home screen, lets you define gestures, and tons of other customization features for a sleek aesthetic look for your Android phone no matter its age or date. Make it or the version of Android it's running on.

If you want to experience a Pixel display interface with some extra customization features, you won't find it better than Lawnchair 2 but what you want to hear is that it is very light and performs as fast as the Nova launcher. To download the Lawnchair 2 app.

7- Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Very simply, it is one of the best launcher applications on the Android system, specifically for Microsoft fans, and yet it is far from the Windows system.

Microsoft launcher gives you a unique and wonderful customizability and it is rich with many features, sometimes you will feel that it contains a huge amount of customization options that are more than what you need.

You can customize the home screen layout and customize the theme, and it is famous for being very light, fast in performance, and works perfectly on all Android phones, old and new.

In my humble personal opinion, the most important feature of the Microsoft Launcher is the Cortana integration feature, where you can antagonize Microsoft's artificial intelligence with the click of a button and the ability to communicate with it as if you were interacting with the Google Assistant.

Another important feature for desktop users is that if you're signed into the Microsoft account you use on your desktop, you'll be able to customize queries and ask Cortana for personal searches. To download the Microsoft Launcher app.

8- AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher
AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher works differently from typical launchers. AIO features a streamlined layout packed with information on a single screen.

It includes different categories, such as frequent apps, notifications, caller, mailbox, and control panel, and you can access all of these easily with just a swipe.

AIO Launcher is the best Android launcher or one of the best launcher apps for Android in 2023. In the app, there is a system information section that allows you to quickly check important system details. Meanwhile, the search button on the bottom left allows you to search for applications, contacts, and also enables you to search and view information on the Internet.

Pressing the Search button will open Settings, and swiping it will open the Quick Launch menu.

Available from a paid premium source AIO, the premium version unlocks great additional features, including Android widget support, themes and widget tuner, icon packs, custom font size and more.

Download the Yi app from here.

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