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Best gaming laptop 2023: Gaming laptops for all budgets

The laptop market is crowded by nature, and every day more and more new models are released. But shopping for a gaming laptop is not something we do every day, you definitely need a device that has the basics that make it able to last for several years from now without compromising on build quality or design.

We previously showed you the best Montage laptop And video editing in 2023, and now our date with the list of the best laptops for gaming and gaming 2023.

What you need to know before buying a gaming laptop

To be honest with you, it is not easy for us to recommend just one device because we understand all the considerations that may stand in your way while upgrading to the next device.

There are those who need a very powerful gaming laptop capable of adapting to multitasking, regardless of its final price. While there are some gamers who wish they could get an affordable gaming laptop that doesn't make a big hole in their financial savings.

There are also some users who plan to buy a gaming laptop that is easy to take on the go and has an epic and long battery life.

Because of the diversity of user requirements, we will also have to diversify the list of laptops that cover all needs and suit different budgets.

Some gaming laptops are not only capable of running modern games at the highest graphical settings, but they also match the same experience that you can get from desktop computers. It is very rare for laptops to match the performance of desktop computers, but with sufficient budget, it will not be impossible to achieve.

But do you really all you need is a laptop capable of running all the games? Don't have additional requirements? What about the quality and resolution of the display screen?

What about the number of ports the device has? What about battery life, the size and dimensions of the device, and how easy it is to navigate?

Do you plan to use the virtual keyboard and touchpad, or do you intend to use an external mouse? All these basic criteria should be put in good faith when shopping for a new laptop so that you do not regret your decision after a short period of time from the upgrade.

We understand that your primary purpose for the device is to play all modern and advanced games on video settings that are no less than good or very high.

We are also aware that there are many gamers who are addicted to multiplayer games and who cannot compromise on a device that has leading hardware and an amazing screen with high refresh rates that help them have a smooth gaming experience without any lag or lag issues even at the cost of battery life.

Don't worry, we have covered the requirements of all categories of users through this report and make sure that any device from this list will be a great device to run the latest and most powerful modern game titles without slowing down or chopping.

All you have to do is set a specific budget for the device, which may increase slightly, but not decrease, then you will be able to snatch the best gaming laptop for the year 2023.

Best gaming laptop for 2023

With so many options available from different brands, and many models targeting different categories of users, the process of choosing a gaming laptop nowadays is a very difficult process, which requires some help. We here at ReviewPlus really want to help out a little.

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We've tried going through loads of newly launched gaming laptop reviews on countless third-party websites.

We looked at its technical specifications, reviewed it ourselves, and compared it with other computers to verify its real value, the hardware it contains, and what is the form of its performance within the titles of modern games.

▼ Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023)

Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023)

It is not surprising that the ROG Strix Scar 16 laptop outperforms most gaming laptops from other brands. This monster will make you feel the real fun while playing the latest cutting-edge gaming titles like never before.

It may not be the best laptop in terms of looks, style, ease of portability, or even for content creators, but when it comes to gaming, this is the shape of the device that should be followed in the world of developing gaming laptops dedicated to gaming.

The device contains a thirteenth generation Core I9 processor and a class-leading graphics card from NVIDIA, which is the RTX 4080. There are also different models of the same device with slightly lower or slightly higher specifications. The price of the laptop may be insanely high, but this is normal, given the hardware that it provides.

Let's also not forget that it falls under the category of ROG logo Samsung's dedicated Republic of Gamers aimed at professional and seasoned gamers. For this reason, it only makes sense that it has an exceptional miniLED display with superior brightness, excellent contrast and true depth of blacks.

This screen already supports ultra-fast refresh rates of up to 244Hz and we have noticed through most of the reviews that the hardware hardware that contains it is already capable of exceeding 120 frames per second to take advantage of the high refresh rates, however it depends on many factors in order to reach a refresh rate of 244Hz .

Thanks to the great combination of internal specifications, amazing screen, high refresh rates, and professional features aimed at the gamer audience, you can easily experience a flawless gaming experience, especially since the device comes with a 16-inch display panel that makes you enjoy the visual experience and modern graphics within the advanced games.

Laptop features:

  • An excessive force that cannot be easily overcome.
  • Perfect performance in all games.
  • An exceptional display panel with ultra-fast refresh rates.
  • Class-leading specifications.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The price is insanely high.
  • The touchpad could have been improved better.
  • It is difficult to move around due to its very heavy weight.

▼ Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022)

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022)

As you noticed from the title, it is not the latest gaming laptop for 2023, but it was and still is one of the best laptops for the gamer audience. Unlike the Strix Scar 16, this device comes with a very elegant design that the gamer crowd will love thanks to the grille on the back of the device, the ROG brand logo, and the very affordable price.

The best feature of the device is its light weight and noticeable thinness, and it will be very easy to move the device outside and keep it inside any shoulder bag without you noticing its presence. The Taiwanese company tried to focus on the requirements of players who move a lot due to the nature of study or work, and this is why the device has a decent battery life and a compact size inside a body that contains a 14-inch screen.

Although there are many different colors available, white is the only color that catches the eye. However, this particular color requires more care and attention. Alternatively you can consider gray or silver. If that wasn't enough for you, you should know that the back cover of the device contains customizable lighting elements, something we've seen previously on Razer and Alenware computers.

Don't let the age difference dictate your decision, this ghoul has a brute force discrete GPU in its gut capable of destroying everything in its path. Sure, there are different models of the device out there but we were happy to see a model that has a Radeon RX6800S processor that can handle all the high-end games very easily. The screen of the device cannot be described in words as it is a bright display panel with vibrant colors and ultra-fast refresh rates.

You will certainly have an ideal gaming experience with the Zephyrus G14, but when it comes to portability, make sure that this is the perfect companion for your happy travels because you will be among the lucky ones who own a device that can last all day on a single charge. All these components make it an excellent choice for all professional gamers who plan to travel and move the device permanently.

Laptop features:

  • Customizable back cover lights.
  • Sleek, slim and lightweight design.
  • Battery life is more than excellent.
  • An amazing performance in every sense of the word.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The fans are very noisy under pressure.

▼ Acer Predator Helios 16 (2023)

Acer Predator Helios 16 (2023)

When we talk about Predator computers from Acer, we must stop for a while and raise the hat to this category of computers for the absolute power it has been able to provide over the past years.

Although it is usual that we have to make many compromises with gaming laptops, but Acer has been able to prove to the gamer community that they do not have to miss out on any important things even if they want to buy a gaming laptop.

This beast is powered by a 13th generation Core I9 processor combined with a super powerful RTX 4080 card, so you will get amazing performance while playing video games and enjoying ray tracing and other graphic technologies in the same way that you can get from a desktop computer.

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This combination of specifications ensures that you get extremely high frame rates and take advantage of the refresh rates supported by this beast screen. Speaking of the screen, it is a 16-inch miniLED display panel with vibrant colors, bright brightness rates, QHD + resolution, and on top of all this you have a 240Hz refresh rate, which you will greatly benefit from within networked games. The RTX 4080 certainly qualifies this giant to achieve this number of frame rates.

Most importantly, you will feel very comfortable while using the Helios 16 no matter how long you may be using it.

All standards of convenience and flexibility for the user have been taken into account during the development of this beast, so it comes with an abundance of external ports, including Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1 port for connecting to an external monitor, headphone jack, and more other ports that may suit photographers and content creators. The price of the device may be a little high, but when comparing this price with the same computers that fall under the same price category, we have made sure that the balance is in favor of the Predator Helios 16.

Laptop features:

  • Stunning QHD+ screen with high refresh rates.
  • Brute force in all kinds of games as well as other tasks.
  • Great abundance in the number of ports available.
  • Very reasonable price considering the hardware and features it includes.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Its weight is relatively heavy.
  • High temperature during workload and high pressure situations.

▼ Acer Nitro 5 (2022)

Acer Nitro 5 (2022)

The Acer Nitro 5 for 2022 is an excellent gaming laptop at 1080p and has all the specs that enthusiast gamers aspire to, including a 165Hz refresh rate. It can be difficult to reach this number of frames in modern games. But thanks to the twelfth generation processor from Intel and the options available from NVIDIA graphics cards, this predator was able to achieve more than 300 frames in some of the modern group game titles of 2023.

This feature makes it suitable for running modern games and taking advantage of refresh rates. And since it is a first-class gaming laptop, it contains many features for gamers, the most important of which is the Performance Mode, which when activated gives you more frames, but requires more energy.

When you activate the performance mode, you will get a higher number of frames, but you will notice a significant increase in device temperatures, in addition to the annoying sound made by the laptop fans. But if this issue is not an inconvenience to you, you can activate the mode and extract every possible drop of performance that the hardware of this device can provide to the user.

Note also that the device - despite being of the middle class - but it contains a high-speed SSD hard to guarantee you faster loading times within games and higher speeds in data transfer to and from external devices or internal storage partitions.

But it is not perfect, in fact, there is no perfect laptop that is free from defects and negative aspects. One of the main drawbacks of the Nitro 5 is its heavy weight, as the device weighs more than 2.3 kilograms. This is definitely a very heavy weight and it's hard to consider it a suitable device to carry around outside.

But keeping in mind that you want a laptop to play modern games at 1080 resolution at an average cost, this laptop is more than enough to give you the experience you covet. Also, Acer devices, by their very nature, are characterized by high quality, strength and build quality. Thus, you can get everything you wish for in your next device at a reasonable cost that suits your budget.

Laptop features:

  • Balanced specifications and very fast performance in 1080p games.
  • An ultra-fast refresh rate that literally takes advantage of it.
  • Performance mode extracts the full power of the device.
  • Many great features for game lovers.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Its weight is very heavy.
  • Regular design.
  • His voice is very loud under heavy pressure.
  • Poor battery life.

▼ Gigabyte G5

Gigabyte G5

GIGABYTE is a pioneer in the hardware industry, but has only recently entered the world of laptops. Therefore, the company is not trying to risk its reputation in this world, preferring to make quiet beginnings in the world of laptops.

For example, the G5, although it is a modern device, contains one of the tenth generation processors from Intel. That's not a bad thing at all, especially considering that the device is intended to run modern games at FHD resolution.

Through reviews of the device and the model that contains the RTX 3060 card, it was able to achieve a good number of frames with all games at 1080p resolution. Certainly, it is not as powerful as other computers, even cheap ones, but it still looks forward to providing an exceptional gaming experience for enthusiastic players.

As long as the graphic video settings are not a concern for you, you are sure to be very happy and satisfied with the G5's performance. So, you may be wondering now, what makes the price of this laptop slightly higher than the same laptops belonging to the same category?

The reason for this is the screen quality. Of course, budget and mid-cost laptops do not pay much attention to screen quality. Screen quality standards are often just a major thing for flagship computers. But the Gigabyte G5 laptop makes an exception to this rule completely, and comes with a beautiful display with exceptional brightness rates, vivid colors, an ultra-fast refresh rate, and high contrast.

The biggest downside to this device is the battery life. It is clear that the company needs to do more in order to improve the lifespan and uptime of its mobile devices. This appears clearly on all GIGABYTE laptops that have been released recently. But if you intend to use the device indoors and not always move it around, this device will give you an ideal gaming experience.

Note also that the weight of the device is heavy, which is why it is not aimed at mobile users a lot. Thus, with these things in mind, the device will be an ideal choice for those gamers who want to have an ideal gaming experience on FHD resolution and enjoy fast refresh rates, all within a combination of suitable specifications and an affordable price.

Laptop features:

  • Surprisingly great screen.
  • It has a powerful graphics card.
  • Great value for the price.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • It has a processor - powerful - but outdated.
  • Very poor battery life.
  • The keyboard gets very hot after playing for a while.

▼ Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023)

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023)

Forgive me for the grammar if I tell you that a laptop like the ROG Zephyrus M16 will require the sale of a member of your body in order to obtain it. This laptop comes at a high cost - no, not high - which is insanely expensive.

But this is the device that deserves to win the award for the best gaming laptop of 2023. The reason for its insanely high price is not because it contains one of the best Intel central processors, but the problem is the type of graphics processor.

This giant has an RTX 4090 card - at least the model we checked online - and certainly this card can break the rules of the game and break all records. But the Zephyrus M16 Laptop is more than just a gaming laptop.

Through this beast you can perform many tasks in the background while you are playing games at the same time. Although this feature is also available on cheaper laptops, it turns out to be incredibly cool on flagship hardware like this one.

This machine can double as a grinding and destroying machine for all the tasks that come in its way, from video editing to 3D design to working on professional software and playing games simultaneously. Certainly these features will not be for free, which is the reason for the high price of the device.

This laptop can smash any of the modern high-end games, regardless of the video settings or the ratio of complex and advanced graphics that it contains. This device will ensure that you enjoy ray tracing technology, shadow effects, DLSS 3 technology, and many other capabilities.

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Hardware alone is definitely not enough. That's why the M16 has a fantastically stunning display that features a QHD+ miniLED panel with a refresh rate of 240Hz. And certainly no wonder, the hardware is already capable of achieving 240 frames without any effort.

This screen will not only make you enjoy the games, but will also pave the way for you to enjoy the visual experience of any type of content that is displayed on the screen, with vibrant colors, amazing brightness, true contrast and deep blacks for dark scenes.

If there is one laptop that can outperform the Blade 15 from Razer, it is definitely the Zephyrus M16 from Asus.

Laptop features:

  • There is nothing this device can't handle.
  • Awesome power in terms of internal specifications.
  • One of the best screens we've ever seen on a laptop.
  • Very fast and comfortable keyboard for long term use.
  • Stunning design, light and modern body.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Some laptops with the same specifications are cheaper.
  • LEDs are annoying sometimes.
  • The available ports are not practical in the literal sense.

▼ Asus ROG Flow X16 (2022)

Asus ROG Flow X16 (2022)

ROG Flow X16 is ASUS' latest 2-in-1 hybrid device that doubles as a tablet. But note that this tablet will measure 16 inches. Most importantly, it is easy to install the device in tent mode on the desktop and enjoy playing games with the joystick.

The screen is of interest because it comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels at a high-speed refresh rate, and the device inside contains excellent technical specifications that qualify it to run all modern games on this resolution on very high graphic settings and achieve a frame rate parallel to the refresh rate of 1650Hz.

Just in case you were wondering, this predator is powered by a Ryzen 9 6900HS processor but best of all, it is accompanied by an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card. Although the ray tracing performance will not be the best as we find on the new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards, it is still able to provide an amazing graphic experience in all advanced games.

It is also worth noting that the previous generation of NVIDIA graphics processors were more energy-friendly, so you will get a longer operating time and life compared to modern laptops. Of course, it is easy to find some competitive offers with a slightly cheaper financial cost, but then you have to make some compromises, on top of which is the hinge technology that allows you to use the device in many different ways.

The negative aspects that we noticed through the reviews are represented in two main things, which are the absence of Thunderbolt 4 ports, and the laptop getting excessively hot during stressful situations, not to mention its noticeably loud sound. If you can live with these downsides, whether by wearing an earphone or playing with a controller in tent mode, then rest assured that the device is more than great for an optimal gaming experience.

Laptop features:

  • Versatile hybrid design.
  • Great capabilities to run all modern games.
  • Nice screen with high resolution.
  • Very comfortable keyboard.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Many competing devices are better and cheaper.
  • It gets hot and loud under pressure.
  • It is missing Thunderbolt 4 ports.

▼ Asus ROG Flow X13

Asus ROG Flow X13

The Flow X13 laptop needs a long explanation, but we will try to shorten the way for you as much as possible. Of course, the biggest drawback of gaming laptops is their heavy weight, which is difficult to move around due to the hardware and advanced cooling methods they contain. But the matter is completely different for the Flow X13 laptop, which was able to solve the heavyweight crisis by making some sacrifices.

Yes, there were some sacrifices that Asus had to make in order to provide a gaming laptop that weighs just 1.3kg. These sacrifices are represented by the elimination of the discrete graphics processor. With the GTX 1650 card, you can play games at 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

However, if you want to get exceptional performance from this device, then you can consider taking advantage of the ROG XG Mobile port that will help you connect a discrete graphics card from NVIDIA that may reach the RTX 3080 and get parallel performance for desktop platforms. Certainly not a practical idea, given that we are talking about a gaming laptop that can be taken abroad.

Add to that the price of the XG Mobile unit from Asus is quite expensive. But there are many other things to note about this device. The device has a very bright anti-glare screen, content is easy to see under sunlight, it has vibrant colors and true depth of black.

If you manage to purchase the RIG XG Mobile unit, be sure that you will be able to play all the latest game titles at the highest graphic quality and enjoy an impeccable visual experience. However, for me personally, the idea of ​​connecting the device to an external graphics card is still very unfamiliar and also expensive. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Flow X16.

However, Asus has a practical view of this device. For example, if you still need a convertible 13-inch screen, tent mode, and a lightweight device overall, the Flow X13 really shines. Then, back home, you can hook up the device to an RTX 3080 via the XG Mobile module and enjoy unrivaled performance.

Laptop features:

  • Exquisite, versatile, innovative and unique design.
  • In the case of using an RTX 3080 card, you will get desktop-level performance.
  • The GTX 1650 is still fine for modern gaming with some compromises in frame rates or graphic settings.
  • Incredibly amazing screen.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Laptop design and XG Mobile module is not an ideal choice for all users.
  • It heats up under pressure.
  • Average battery life.
  • Very limited number of outlets available.

▼ Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16

The ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 laptop is the latest Asus dual-screen laptop. Certainly, the idea of ​​dual screens on laptops is still unfamiliar to a large number of users. We have some reservations about it, which we will explain to you shortly.

But in terms of production capacity and working boost, this machine can't compete. On the main screen you can play your favorite games, but on the second screen you can continue your video conferences, check playlists or continue with your video editing.

These features will only be appreciated by seasoned content creators and professional users especially those who are passionate about video games as it will allow them to continue playing non-stop.

In short, it's an excellent multitasking laptop, but this odd design has one major downside, which is the keyboard and touchpad. Because of the second screen, the keyboard is moved to the edge of the laptop, as well as the touchpad. It will take a very long time to get used to such a design.

At the same time, if you are accustomed to writing long articles and research on a laptop, make sure that you will have a very bad experience with this device because you will make a lot of mistakes while typing and you will accidentally click on the keyboard keys many times and you will not find enough space to rest your palm properly.

On the plus side, this device is still quite versatile and was designed keeping in mind the demands of seasoned content creators and video and audio editors. That's why this beast has in its gut a high-performance Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU combined with an NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti graphics processor, plenty of RAM and super-fast storage solutions.

This hardware is ready to not only run all the latest games on the highest video settings, but also to streamline your other work at the same time without any slowdowns or lags.

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The other interesting thing is that Asus did not neglect the second screen, or view it as just an impractical secondary screen, but rather tried to make it very useful and practical for all uses. That's why you'll get high definition OLED display panels on both screens.

Just keep in mind that this beast is heavy, too, not because of the hardware but because of the second screen. Some may see dual-screen computers as a useless entertainment feature. But we assure you that the truth is quite the opposite, and this type of computer has been able to win the admiration of some users, especially video editors who love video games. Hence, Asus continues to introduce more of them. But the Duo 16 is the best multitasking gaming laptop right now.

Laptop features:

  • Really amazing home screen.
  • The second screen is very useful and practical.
  • Remarkable gaming performance.
  • Ultra-fast storage solutions.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The price is high, the volume is large, and the weight is heavy.
  • It takes some time to get used to the keyboard and touchpad.
  • The second screen lacks any gaming features.
  • His voice becomes very high under stress.


Gaming laptops are designed to be the reliable resource for gamers on the go. This means that it is supposed to always contain decent hardware capable of running modern games appropriately, whether from Intel, Nvidia or AMD.

However, it is necessary to force the user to make some compromises such as annoying sound during pressing, short battery life, or high temperature. You can overcome all these problems by choosing the right gaming laptop, however there is still the price factor in your way.

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