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Best Mid-Range Phone 2023

Are you looking for the best mid-range phones to choose a suitable mobile at a reasonable price? Are you having trouble choosing the right phone at the right cost? It's not complicated and it's not rocket science, but it does require some thought.

You should be a little slower and take some time to think carefully before choosing and settling on the right smartphone for you, don't get carried away.

I am just talking about making the decision to buy a mobile in the middle price category at a price of 5,000 Egyptian pounds to 10,000 Egyptian pounds, which is a decision that is never easy given the presence of many phones in the middle category, but it is also not an atom science, but we are trying to simplify things with you in this article to review with you a group of The best smartphones you can buy in 2023 at an average price point.

The best middle-class mobiles, at a price of 5,000 to 10,000 Egyptian pounds

List of the best mobiles in terms of many factors, performance, games, camera, etc.

Many companies offer some devices in this category, in addition to the similarity of the specifications in a surprising way, so we show you the best mid-range phones for this year 2023, and you must choose the phone that carries the features that suit your needs.

We will present to you the best phones in that confusing price category, and we will explain and explain to you the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of each phone to make it easier for you to make the right decision and buy the right phone.

We show you the best mobiles this year 2023 from 5,000 EGP to 10,000 EGP. The arrangement of phones in this article has nothing to do with the best or the least, but rather it is a random arrangement for a distinct category of phones that we recommend to you as a team at ReviewPlus to help you get a suitable phone in the price category you are looking for.

Realme 11

phone Realme 11 It is one of the latest Realme phones that targets middle-class users who want to find a premium phone with very good specifications, but without causing the price of the phone to create a big gap in their financial savings.

Realme 11
Realme 11

The Realme 11 phone is a good example of an elegant and distinctive phone that has all the basic features needed for mid-range mobile users, starting with the high-resolution Super AMOLED screen that supports a 90Hz refresh rate, through the Dimensity 6020 processor that is able to handle all daily tasks effortlessly, and even the battery. The massive 5000mAh capacity ensures that you can use the phone for more than a full day on a single charge.

The downside is that although the rear camera is capable of capturing 1080p video, it is restricted to only 30fps and there is no support for recording videos at a higher resolution or at a higher frame rate.

In the end, we can say that the Realme 11 phone has average specifications, but they are excellent for basic use and very good in this price range. 

Features and advantages:- 

  • More than great performance thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 6020 processor 
  • Reliable long battery life 
  • Excellent Super AMOLED display with high refresh rate and high brightness 

Disadvantages and disadvantages:- 

  • Captures 1080p video at only 30 frames 

Realme 11 pro

Since you have come to us and are reading this article, you are surely looking for the best and cheapest smartphones that are worth owning, and let me tell you that you are here in the right place.

phone Realme 11 Pro It is not only characterized by the average price, but also has a huge amount of great features.

Realme 11 pro
Realme 11 pro

The mobile has an amazing display, powerful performance, and offers a long battery life. But that doesn't mean it's a perfect phone, in fact, no phone is perfect.

The mobile features an AMOLED screen that works with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes everything look smoother and more fluid on the screen, whether while navigating and scrolling between menus or while browsing websites that contain endless news feeds such as social networking sites, as well as outperforming your competitors and opponents in games online competitiveness.

Features and advantages:- 

  • Stunning screen with a high refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Epic battery life and 67W charging speed
  • Get great pictures while shooting day or night 
  • It works with the latest Realme UI 4.0 interface based on Android 13 

Disadvantages and disadvantages:- 

  • Front camera performance is relatively modest

Samsung Galaxy A24

phone Samsung A24 It is one of the best Samsung phones in the middle price category in 2023, which targets people with low and medium budgets.

It does not seem that the phone is cheap and it came with the same design that we are used to with Samsung phones within the Galaxy A family aimed at middle-class users, although I cannot deny the fact that it has a plastic back and frame, but it has a good design and is powered by the Helio G99 processor. .

Samsung Galaxy A24
Samsung Galaxy A24

The Samsung A24 features a screen that has been designed with a V-shaped notch to house the selfie camera. I don't know what you think exactly, but for me personally, I prefer the punch hole rather than the V-shaped bump design, but in any case, the front camera notch should not be a concern for you while watching content or playing games in The horizontal position because your thumb will completely cover the slit opening and won't distract you.

It is worth noting that the Super AMOLED screen provides clear and very bright colors, and the screen measures 6.5 inches with FHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

Features and advantages:- 

  • A good screen with high resolution to enjoy watching content and playing games 
  • Main camera capable of capturing high quality photos in different lighting conditions 
  • It works with Android 13 pre-installed 
  • Very long battery life 
  • Very good charging speed (25W)

Disadvantages and disadvantages:- 

  • Does not support 5G technology 
  • Macro camera has no practical use 

Infinix Zero Ultra

Infinix has tried to provide its best in a phone Infinix Zero Ultra But at the same time, I decided to sacrifice some things in order to be able to sell the phone at a somewhat “average” price. However, the Infinix Zero Ultra is one of the best mid-range phones in 2023.

For example, the user interface requires a lot of work, and the battery is 4,500 mAh, although most mid-range phones come with 5,000 mAh batteries.

Infinix Zero Ultra specifications
Infinix Zero Ultra specifications

So you are now wondering what are the good things that might drive you to choose the Infinix Zero Ultra phone and prefer it over any other phone, right?

Well, let me tell you some minor positives, the most important of which is the overall performance of the phone, as the phone contains the Dimensity 920 based on the modern 6 nanometer manufacturing accuracy, which plays a prominent role in enhancing the performance of the phone and improving its efficiency in energy consumption and thermal dissipation.

The processor is very good in terms of performance and supports 5G connectivity, in case you were wondering. Also, the design of the phone is more than wonderful, and you will notice that the design of the rear camera module protruding from the back structure is inspired by the design of Oppo phones.

Therefore, if you are a seasoned user who prefers to play games all the time or do photo and video editing on the phone, make sure that the Infinix Zero Ultra is the perfect choice for you.

As for if you are a photography enthusiast who wants a phone distinguished in photography capabilities, the Infinix Zero Ultra comes with a triple rear camera that includes a 200-megapixel main sensor, which provides you with great shots in different lighting conditions.

Features and advantages:- 

  • Very elegant design and sturdy construction
  • Supports 5G connection 
  • Long battery life and fast charging speed 
  • MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor is a great choice to handle all tasks 
  • More than impressive results from the rear and front camera in low-light conditions thanks to the Super Night mode 
  • Supports 4K shooting
  • Supports NFC technology, which is used for electronic payment and some other use

Disadvantages and disadvantages:-

  • It's still running Android 12 
  • It does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • You cannot install microSD memory cards

Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a phone is the latest mid-range phone from Google, which came with a large number of noticeable upgrades over its previous predecessor (Pixel 6a), and these upgrades can be felt in all usage scenarios. The main highlights of the Pixel 7a are its impressive cameras, fast wireless charging, and powerful chipset.

As soon as the phone was announced, we fully realized that the Pixel 7a is one of the best offers for mid-range phones. Despite its advanced specifications, it was able to maintain the appropriate price range for users of this segment of users.

The phone has a strong, durable and high-quality design thanks to the aluminum frames, high IP standards for water and dust resistance rating, and a bright and vibrant OLED screen that provides an exceptional visual experience, accurate details, high color gradations, and perfect contrast.

In fact, this phone has some features that can only be found in the most expensive flagship phones. It quotes a unique set of excellent specifications found in its more expensive brother Pixel 7. Google was able to make the phone more desirable for middle-class users through fast wireless charging and a larger random memory capable of handling all intensive tasks and dealing with multitasking and games better and a screen with A faster refresh rate than the standard refresh rates we saw on the Pixel 6a.

But the only feature that steals the spotlight from all competitors in this price range is the advanced camera setup, which we have always gotten used to from Google. The phone comes with a new 64MP camera sensor, which is a larger sensor that is able to receive better light, giving you clearer and brighter shots while shooting in low-light conditions. In fact, to be honest with you, it's impossible to find a better camera setup than the Pixel 7a in this price range.

The phone is equipped with the Google Tensor G2 processor that was developed by Google, with the help of Samsung. This is the same processor that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are equipped with which means you get the same performance as the flagship phones but at a cheaper price. Of course, Google is not trying to focus on high performance standards as much as focusing on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, including the capabilities of voice recordings and call performance, as well as improving the performance of cameras in all imaging scenarios.

This means that you will not get the fastest smartphone ever, but at the same time you will enjoy decent performance in all tasks without exception and you will be able to run all your games and have a flawless gaming experience regardless of the type of your games or the graphics settings that you prefer to play on.

Our only caveat is the battery life which is less than stellar but is nonetheless good to be expected from a 4,400mAh battery. We certainly wished for a battery of no less than 4700 to 4800 mAh, but the smaller battery helped the phone to be lighter than the rest of the competing phones in this category.

Overall, the battery capacity is not bad, and it will extend for a full day with one charging cycle, but if your uses are intense, you may find yourself needing to recharge it during the day. Speaking of the charging standards, they are unfortunately very slow, so the battery life and charging speed are the biggest downsides that we found on the Pixel 7a.

But in the end, this is the best phone you can find in this price category. Everything is great on the phone, and do not forget that you will deal with a raw Android system free from the clutter of Bloatware applications and adware, and you will enjoy an ideal experience with the user interface and a long-term official support period estimated at up to five years of security updates. Definitely a bargain by all accounts.

Phone features:

  • Best camera in this price range.
  • Several tangible upgrades over last year's Pixel 6a model.
  • A great, raw, clutter-free operating system.
  • Many nice color options.

Phone disadvantages:

  • Battery life is not stellar.
  • Charging speed is very slow.

Asus Zenfone 9

Asus Zenfone 9

phone Asus Zenfone 9 Not only is it one of the best mid-range phones, but it is one of the most powerful mid-range phones ever. This beast is powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 SoC which delivers better performance, temperature and power efficiency than the first generation processor. This plays a big role in enhancing the user experience.

But the most prominent feature of the Zenfone 9 is that, like previous models, it is compact, compact, and light in weight, which makes it very easy to control and feel very comfortable while holding and using it with one hand. In fact, this is the best mini Android phone for those with small hands. But the important thing is that it has advanced specifications and very powerful hardware without compromising the quality of the camera or screen.

Speaking of the camera setup, it includes two cameras in the back that are more than excellent for shooting stills and 4K video at 60 frames per second more than excellent in all cases, and perhaps the catalyst in providing excellent footage is due to the fact that it uses a powerful processing chip in the phone. This phone is able to handle any kind of task without shedding a single drop of sweat, in addition to the pioneering cooling system that gives it the ability to manage work and intensive tasks without the risk of thermal suffocation.

Some may think that the design of the phone is very ordinary and traditional, but Asus always tries to maintain the simple and matte finish.

Also, we were not a big fan of the battery life, but you are compensated for the short battery life with a high charging speed and a 3.5 mm port for wired headphones, a feature that has become rare to find in most mid-range phones.

Phone features:

  • Small size and very compact.
  • The most powerful processing chipset to handle all tasks with utmost ease.
  • A flagship camera setup capable of delivering great results in all situations.
  • Includes 3.5mm headphone jack.

Phone disadvantages:

  • The design of the phone is very simple and does not suggest that it is an expensive phone.
  • Charging speed is still slow and unbeatable.
  • The image processing system still lags behind the competition.

Motorola Edge 40

Motorola Edge 40

Motorola has outdone itself with a phone Motorola Edge 40 It boasts an impressive array of technical specifications and superior visual capabilities without sacrificing aesthetics or a great finish. You should know that this phone weighs only 167 grams, which is very light compared to the phones of Chinese companies, and despite that, it includes a good battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh.

The battery capacity may not be very large compared to mid-range Samsung phones, but note that the phone supports fast wired charging at a capacity of 68 watts, as well as wireless charging at a speed of 15 watts, and make sure that you will not find faster than these rates in any phone at a price not exceeding approximately $ 500 USD.

But this is not all that is great about the Motorola Edge 40 phone, but rather its screen that steals the spotlight thanks to the P-OLED display panel that supports an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate, which will make the use experience extremely smooth while browsing, switching between windows, and downloading animations.

The phone screen supports HDR10 + visuals and a peak brightness rate of 1200 lumens while activating automatic brightness, which makes the viewing and use experience very comfortable for the eye during outdoor use and in the open air. This phone is incomparable and it is rare to find a phone like it with such elegance and great aesthetics even though it still has a back cover made of plastic. But the raw aluminum frames give the phone the ability to withstand harsh uses and unintended errors.

As for the optics, it consists of a 50-megapixel main sensor with a very large aperture to receive light and improve shots and video recordings during evening shooting. In addition, the main camera is supported by OIS optical image stabilization technology and multi-directional auto focus. The wide-field lens falls short of the competition but the prime lens is the most important one which can still provide a nice bokeh effect to most shots.

So, what about the negatives? In fact, we were very disappointed when we found the Motorola Edge 40 contented with the Dimensity 8020 processor, which is a mid-range processor. Not bad in the literal sense, but weak and will not be able to keep up with the graphical challenges in future games. It's still fine for handling multitasking, streaming media, and enjoying some modern games once in a while, but definitely with the compromise of a high-end GPU setup.

All in all, the Motorola Edge 40 is a more than great phone for most users in terms of design and build quality, camera setup, and screen splendor, but performance is still the only downside. If the performance of the phone in advanced games is not a source of concern for you, you will find the phone as a winning deal by all standards and you will not regret it any time soon.

Phone features:

  • Stunning design and very light weight.
  • Brilliant screen with a super fast refresh rate and vibrant colours.
  • The main camera is irresistible.
  • Exceptional charging speed.

Phone disadvantages:

  • It gets hot under extreme pressure.
  • The software is inflexible and suffers from occasional errors.
  • Refresh rates are not adaptive.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A54

If there is one phone from Samsung that is able to outperform all mid-range phones from competitors, then this phone will definitely be the Galaxy A54, as you can say that Samsung has finally succeeded in employing its capabilities amazingly with this phone.

It is no longer necessary to pay for Samsung flagship phones if you are on a tight budget and want to find a phone that is classy, ​​elegant, has what it takes to handle everything properly and above all that has a luxurious and first-class design.

The Galaxy A54 came with its familiar design, but there are some minor changes, such as the design of the rear camera, which has become attached to the back cover without the need for a protrusion of its own.

In addition, the back side is made of anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint glass. This design gives the phone a new sophisticated look and also gives you an elegant touch and feel while using the phone.

Unfortunately, plastic frames don't measure up to the competition. In the end, you can't find everything you wish for in a mid-range phone, as they always say, "Not everything a person desires gets." But there are still many attractive and interesting things about the Galaxy A54, on top of which is the new processing chip and the more than excellent camera setup.

The phone has a processor Exynos 1380 The all-new one that gives you the ability to handle all tasks and games properly.

It may not be a good competitor to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor found in other mid-range phones, but it is still sufficient to serve you and facilitate all your work better than the previous generation processor.

When we mentioned to you that Samsung had succeeded in employing the specifications with the Galaxy A54 phone, we meant by that the external memory card reader port, which will allow you the ability to expand the phone’s internal memory, which is something that has become rare in mid-range phones.

The phone screen is more than wonderful and offers excellent color standards and a dark degree of black thanks to the Super AMOLED display panel, as well as support for a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10 + visuals, and a high brightness rate. All these capabilities allow you to enjoy a great viewing experience for video streaming services and enjoy high-end graphic games.

Some might think that Samsung was slack when it decided to use a 50MP camera sensor instead of the 64MP sensor that came with the Galaxy A53 last year. But make sure that this thinking is completely wrong because the new sensor is larger in size, giving the lens more light while shooting in low light, and it is also supported by OIS optical stabilization and is able to keep up with the requirements of professional and experienced photographers.

Despite this, the optical capabilities are still lower in quality than those in the Pixel 7a phone, and yet they are still excellent and easy to rely on in all shooting scenarios.

The design of the phone is very beautiful, despite the slight touches different from last year’s model, but the thing that we very welcome is the presence of a huge battery inside the phone and a high charging speed that is equal to the charging speed of the main phone in the Galaxy S23 series. Unfortunately, the phone is sold without a charger included in the box, and it does not contain a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, but these things we have become accustomed to.

Phone features:

  • Incredible build quality and an extremely elegant and refined design.
  • Great screen with a fast refresh rate.
  • Battery life is more than excellent.
  • A better main camera than the previous generation.

Phone disadvantages:

  • Battery life could have been better.
  • Slow on some high-end games and resource-hungry titles.
  • Slow charging speed.

iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Mini

If you are a fan of the bitten apple or you are an experienced iOS user who cannot deviate from it and want to find a new iPhone at a reasonable price, you can consider either the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13 Mini.

Sure, the iPhone 13 is still very expensive and we can't recommend it as one of the best mid-range phones just because of its high price.

In this case, you can consider the iPhone 13 Mini, which is the best middle-class phone with a suitable budget and has killer hardware in the literal sense.

The phone weighs only 141 grams, which means that you will not feel its presence while keeping it in the jacket pocket, but its 5.4-inch screen is still very sufficient and suitable for enjoying watching content, which reaches a super peak brightness.

By the way, this is a Super Retina XDR OLED screen manufactured by Samsung, but we did not find anything like it on any other smartphone.

However, you should be used to, or at least ready to live with, the smaller screen size. I feel that the screen is still relatively small if you are an experienced media watcher and gamer and may not be comfortable if you have any vision problems.

But if you are used to mini phones or want to own a phone with a small screen, or even your previous phone was from the category of old iPhone phones, small in size, you will feel that the iPnone 13 Mini screen is very suitable and you will certainly be happy with it.

At the same time, the small screen is always comfortable to handle with one hand and is still suitable for messaging and interacting with social networking sites and applications.

As for the performance level, be sure that you will not find a better or more powerful processor than the A15 Bionic, which is still in line with the latest Qualcomm chipsets for Android platforms.

This processor has been able to break all records on performance benchmarking platforms. In terms of photographic capabilities, it is the only one that can compete with the Pixel 7a phone until this moment. Also, do not forget that you will get long-term official support that cannot be matched by any Android manufacturer.

In the end, the design of the phone is more than wonderful, luxurious and unique, and it is certainly easy to distinguish it among hundreds of phones and you will brag about it to your friends, that is for sure.

But the high-end appearance is not the only feature in the design of the phone, but rather the high-end manufacturing materials and the high quality in the service of building materials is what makes the iPhone 13 Mini one of the best mid-range options. You also get standard water and dust resistance, fast wireless charging, and the fastest internal storage you can find.

Phone features:

  • It may be the best phone equipped with a professional camera in all mid-range phones.
  • Excellent battery life, far better than previous generations.
  • The most powerful compact phone you can find.

Phone disadvantages:

  • It does not support ProMotion.
  • It does not support Optical Zoom.
  • Battery life is short compared to its more expensive siblings of the same generation.

This was a list of a group of the best smartphones in the middle price category for this year 2023, which ranges in price from 5,000 to 10,000.

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