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The best apps to help you fall asleep and relax quickly

We show you the best apps to help you sleep and relax. Due to the pressures of life and strenuous work throughout the day, you may find yourself at the end of the day unable to sleep easily, the thing is that your mind does not want to respond normally to sleep and does not know exactly where to start in order to be able to enter sleep and get rid of all thoughts and concerns Which exhausts him and makes him active late hours during the night.

In this case, there are a number of solutions that you can rely on. Of course, more than 90% of people will prefer to take sleeping pills to eliminate this problem. Others may prefer to rely on positive solutions first, such as exercise and fitness or, for example, meditation. before sleep.

The only question now is: “What are the best sleep and relaxation apps for a quick fall asleep?”

To answer this question, we have listed a group of the best free applications that you can rely on in this regard, and we hope that you will try more than one application, and we hope that you will like these applications.

Of course, there will be nothing better than reading the Holy Quran and supplications that help you sleep, but at the same time there is no objection to trying the option of meditation applications. Note that these applications can help you in many other times, including during studying, during scientific and study research work, or even during food preparation, or at many other times, so let us introduce you to some of them quickly through this report on Review Plus.

1- Calm

Calm application

Its name means calm, and it is one of the best applications that have helped millions practice meditation daily. The reason we like and place Calm at the top of our priorities is that it is easy to use in the first place, and it has a lot of content. Through the Calm application, you can test different meditation states, of course, including sleep aid.

The best thing is that the application contains many audio and musical tracks, of course, they are not loud songs, but rather calm musical sounds that bring comfort and tranquility to the mind and soul, and this is of course in the event that you prefer to listen to music before bed.

For me personally, I very much prefer the bedtime story section, which is a free section of the app - by the way, the app is not completely free, although it is full of great free content, it contains additional paid content and is intended for those people who felt that meditation is The best remedy for them to help them fall asleep faster. You can subscribe to the paid version of the application for $ 70 annually.

2- Meditation Nest

Meditation Nest

Like all premium meditation apps, Meditation Nest has several tools to help you relieve stress and help you relax so you can get a better night's sleep. Also, within the application, you will find many stories, meditation sessions, and sounds that help you relax and fall asleep quickly.

I especially liked the app's calm appearance, which brings comfort and calm to the eyes, and all the reviews confirm its ease of use, high-quality content, and most of the content is for inducing sleep.

Inside the app, you'll find several different sections for all your meditation sessions, and there are many different ambient sounds to choose from. But we come to the bad news, this application is not completely free, but it is available free of charge for only 3 days, then you will have to pay an amount of approximately $ 17 every month. However, you can decide whether or not you will need it after the 3-day trial period.

3- Aura


The great thing about Aura is that it contains a large amount of free content that helps you sleep, relax or get rid of stress and nervous tension and allows you to choose from an infinite number of therapeutic sections that are all dedicated to helping you get rid of stress, chronic insomnia and negative thinking .

You could even rely on it for study and research work, but for our main topic of sleep, you'll find plenty of stories, audio clips, deep sleep meditations, and even some yoga exercises to get you to sleep better.

If you decide to sign up for the paid version of the app, you'll get fast and continuous support from real coaches who help you with training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more so you don't need any outside help to get a good night's sleep.

4- Headspace


Headspace is well known and one of the most popular meditation apps on the official app stores. It is said that the developer of this app is a Buddhist monk with over 10 years of experience in meditation.

The application contains several sections for meditation, including a special section for sleeping. Among the other sections, you will find meditation sounds that are suitable for various other situations, including those that help calm down, meditate, think, or focus in studying, and many other situations.

This application helps you to study and know meditation better through the educational and guided courses that it contains, as the Headspace application helps you to learn the correct steps to start meditation so that you can practice it later without any help. Also the same Calm application, it contains a lot of free content, but you can access all the features with the paid version, which has a value of $ 70 USD per month.

5- Breethe


Through our experiences, we have confirmed that the Breethe application is not just a meditation application, but rather an application specially developed by a group of psychiatrists, and therefore it is considered a wonderful treatment and a good way to help sleep better. Perhaps the most prominent section in the application is the section that shows you what habits you should practice and follow every day to get enough sleep, and it also contains a section known as the hypnosis section, and by getting used to using it, you will eventually find yourself able to practice Meditate on your own without any help.

The reason why we are sure that it is developed by psychiatrists is that there is a section dedicated to self-psychological treatment through which you tell the application what kind of stressors you face in your life and it will provide you with answers, treatments and solutions that help you get rid of them wonderfully. Like all other meditation apps, it comes with a free version as well as a paid version, the paid version has more content and is available for $12 per month.

6- Insight Timer

Insight Timer

We're still looking for the best free meditation apps - even if they're only partially free - that help you get rid of insomnia and get better sleep every day, and we've found Insight Timer to be one of the free apps worth trying. First you will have to register with the app and then choose the realistic factors that affect your psychological state and mental health.

Also, you can skip many teachings and instructions that may not be important to you and focus on content that helps you get some sleep faster. Like the Breethe app, it seems to have been developed by a large group of experts and mental health and mental health doctors, as it contains yoga sessions, teachings and instructions that help you get rid of negative thinking and how you can practice meditation for long sessions without feeling bored or bored.

7- MyLife Meditation

The MyLife Meditation application is a very smart application because it tries to know from you in the first place what are the reasons and motives that cause you to not sleep normally every day, and then after it is able to set goals, it can offer you a wonderful and appropriate treatment prescription that helps you get rid of All your life problems easily.

The app tries to clear your mind and get rid of all the negative urges that are causing your subconscious mind to be able to sleep better.

The exceptional feature in this application, which you will not find in any other application, is the advantage of the need to follow the daily registration process in the application in order for the application to know what is your psychological state every day, how was your sleep last night, how your mind and body feel today, and how ready you are for the next day. The application contains a lot of free content, but to get the full content, you will have to pay for it.

8- BetterMe: Mental Health

MyLife Meditation

We've found that BetterMe: Mental Health has loads of free content that can help you at the end of a hectic workday. This app will definitely help you to relax, get rid of tension, stress, negative thinking, fall asleep very quickly and get better sleep.

You will notice that the application is professional to the extreme, as it, like the Insight Timer, asks you first to register and choose the goals that you set yourself, and it will show you a positive meditation plan that suits your exact condition, which you should adhere to on a daily basis in order to get rid of the state of insomnia and psychological tension that you suffer from before going to sleep.

Also, you will find many scientific articles and training courses that can help you understand your psychological state in order to overcome any psychological problems better, even without the need for a doctor’s help, and this is because this application is actually designed by a group of psychiatrists.

In case you were wondering, inside the application you will find many stories that you can listen to before bed, and you can even create your own audio clips and will help you perform a set of healthy breathing exercises in order to help you relax and get rid of stress and nervous tension. It's a great app and it's free but it contains paid content and unfortunately it's a bit pricey.

9- BetterSleep


But if you prefer to listen to some relaxing music before going to sleep at night, this is one of the best applications that helps you get a good night's sleep every day through the wonderful audio clips that it contains for free. In fact, this is the undisputed best application in containing the best relaxing audio tracks, you will not need to search for relaxing music yourself because it contains the best.

Also, you can create your own sound clips if you prefer to provide the perfect atmosphere that stimulates the state of sleep in the mind. You'll also find many interesting stories, breathing exercises, meditations, and soothing bedtime exercises that help you fall asleep faster.

In fact, it is not considered a meditation application in the literal sense, but it is one of the best free applications that can also help you get enough quiet sleep every day, if not, then at least you can benefit from it during study times.

10- Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier

You may have heard about Dan Harris, a host on ABC News who wrote the book Ten Percent Happier after he experienced severe trauma on air and decided to learn how to control himself and his anxiety professionally. Eventually he found himself rummaging through a meditation circle until he found the right remedy.

This app is designed to help people get rid of negative thinking and bad feelings through meditations, healing sounds, and healing courses that the app contains. Like all meditation applications, it contains a section dedicated only to help sleep, with meditation sessions designed by a group of experts who give you the most important advice and tell you how to get rid of nervous tension and stress and enter sleep quickly.

in conclusion:

This was a package of carefully selected free applications that help you sleep better through meditation and enjoying soothing sounds and music. But if you prefer to spend your free time in entertainment and playing some interesting games, here is a list Top 10 Android games worth trying.

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