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How to Connect AirPods to Computer (Windows/Mac)

If there are wireless earphones that are very popular among all users, it would be the AirPods, especially among fans and users of Apple devices. So we show you how to connect your AirPods to your computer.

Connect the AirPods headphones to the computer

However, most users believe that the AirPods are only for Apple devices, especially the iPhone and iPad. Fortunately, this is not true.

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You can connect the AirPods to any other device, including Windows computers and laptops.

If you're wondering how you can, you've come to the right place. Through this guide, you will find practical steps to pair Apple's AirPods with any computer.

» How to Connect AirPods to Computer Windows

Connect the AirPods headphones to the computer

The good news is that the way to connect the AirPods to a Lenovo, HP, Asus or other laptop is exactly the same. It only takes a few tweaks and you'll be 100% ready to go.

However, the way to pair AirPods with your computer is slightly different than the way to pair other wireless Bluetooth headphones. But don't worry at all - here's everything you need to do in order to connect your AirPods to Windows.

In order to connect and pair the AirPods to a computer on Windows 10 or Windows 11, click on the Windows + A shortcut to quickly open the Control Center settings panel, then in front of the Bluetooth icon, activate the feature by moving the indicator next to it until it turns gray to blue.

After that, right-click (right-click). The right-pointing arrow pointer is next to the bluetooth icon Choose an option from the drop down menu Go To Settings.

The main settings panel will open and you will find yourself inside a tab Bluetooth & Devices And now I have a choice.”Devices"click button"Add Device.” From the Add a device menu, click on the option Bluetooth.

In order to connect the AirPods Pro to a Windows computer, you will need to go to the settings panel and then Devices then Bluetooth & Other Devices And enable bluetooth from there.

Then click on an option Add Bluetooth or Other Device and choose Bluetooth. Now try to bring your AirPods closer to the computer, but you must first make sure that there is enough charge in the speaker.

Now, as long as the speaker is brought close to the laptop, tap and hold a button Setup located on the back of the charging case for 15 seconds straight.

You will notice that the add indicator turned white and started blinking several times in a row. Once the time limit expires, you can remove your finger from above the button.

After a very few moments, your AirPods will appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices on your laptop or computer.

Click the speaker's name to begin pairing the speaker with your computer. You should see a message titled:Your device is ready to gowhich means in Arabic that Your headset is now ready to use.

All you have to do is click a button Done From the bottom, in this way, your AirPods have been successfully paired with the computer.

Now you can enjoy listening to music, movies and games too using AirPods instead of any other headphones. But if you notice that the sound is not working on the speaker, click the volume indicator button located in the lower right corner of the taskbar next to the time and date.

Then click on the small arrow icon and choose your AirPods to become the audio output device on your computer instead of speakers or any other wired or wireless headphones.

If you want to remove the AirPods from the computer, just go to the Bluetooth Settings, search for the name of the AirPods, click the three-dot button in front of the speaker, and choose Remove Device.

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» How to Connect AirPods to Macbook

Connecting the AirPods headphones to the Macbook

Since both the AirPods and the MacBook are within the Apple ecosystem, connecting the devices to each other becomes even easier. For example, if we assume that you previously connected your AirPods to your iPhone and were using the same Apple ID on your Macbook, your AirPods will automatically connect to your Macbook without any manual intervention from you.

But if you're using another phone, or for some other reason, your speaker isn't paired with your MacBook yet, you can follow these steps:

Just before you start, make sure your MacBook is updated to the latest version of macOS available. Then, click and hold a button Setup located on the back of the earphone charging case until the case starts flashing white light.

Now, head to the list Apple Menu then System Settings then Bluetooth Then turn on bluetooth and start searching for your AirPods under the section Nearby Devices Then click a button Connect Once you find the name of the AirPods.

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This is all you need in order to connect and pair the AirPods Pro headphones to your computer, whether it is Windows or macOS. You should know that it is possible to pair the AirPods with any computer or laptop, regardless of the operating system.

But if you are facing some problems while pairing the headset, you must make sure of some things first, such as making sure that Bluetooth is activated on the computer, or it is possible that the AirPods are already paired with some other device, which prevents them from pairing with the computer, or it is possible that your headset is empty From charging completely or in a worst-case scenario you may need to update the Bluetooth drivers on your computer.

If you want to put the AirPods into pairing mode, put both headphones inside the charging case, and when you notice that the LED light is on, press and hold the Setup button on the back of the charging case until you notice successive flashes of white light flash. In this way, the AirPods or AirPods Pro are placed in pairing mode.

If you notice an orange light on your AirPods or AirPods Pro, this means that they need to be recharged immediately.

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