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How to create AI video using Vidnoz ai platform

You are certainly very aware of the importance of making videos in the digital world to attract more attention about your products and promote them in a decent way capable of attracting new categories of users. In fact, the more videos you have, the stronger your earning potential will be. While OpenAI's Sora tool currently sits on the throne of smart tools that have the ability to generate and create videos with artificial intelligence, it has not yet reached the stage of perfection. This is when you become a platform Vidnoz ai is your perfect companion for AI video creation and generation, just by entering a text prompt explaining the video content you want to create. In this guide, we will tell you more about the Vidnoz ai platform and how you can create videos with artificial intelligence through it.

What is the Vidnoz platform

Vidnoz ai is an AI video generation platform designed to provide an efficient video production experience for all types of users, both beginners and professionals. The Vidnoz platform is not new today, but rather entered service more than 6 years ago, in 2016 specifically. Over the years, the platform's developers have refined it and added more tools and solutions based on artificial intelligence to give users the ability to generate professional videos and edit them in several different formats to attract the target audience very easily. The Vidnoz platform allows you to create videos from scratch by entering a variety of prompts, including text and digital prompts based on audio and video media, PPT files, and much more. 

This is the time when it has become easy to let go of employees and video editors and reduce the expensive operating costs that you incur monthly to produce professional videos to promote your products and services and raise the level of your audience and followers on various social media platforms. In short, let your imagination run wild and start creating imaginative videos by simply writing a text description about them and the Vidnoz ai platform will take care of the task and perform its function perfectly.

The most important features of the Vidnoz ai platform for artificial intelligence video generation

While it may be difficult to include all the features of the Vidnoz platform in one article, you can head to the Vidnoz platform for yourself and see all the professional features it offers in the field of video creation. But we will not leave you like this, and we will tell you the most prominent and important features of the Vidnoz platform, which we were big fans of.

Intuitive user interface: No matter your level of video production or editing experience, the Vidnoz ai platform is intuitive and easy to use and requires no level of video editing experience. Through a clean, simple and intuitive interface, you can learn about everything in the platform, especially since it is supported in the Arabic language, which means that you will not face any difficulty in understanding the platform’s tools or how to use them.

Different types of video styles: The Vidnoz platform offers more than 800 templates that cover all needs for different fields. You are free to experiment and choose the right video template for the products you want to promote, and test and preview several templates while creating your video in real time.

AI facial avatars: The platform provides more than 800 avatars supported by artificial intelligence that synchronize with the movement of the lips while teaching your videos. This is of course if you do not want to create and customize your own avatar and modify the colors of your video clips.

Artificial intelligence voices: You can choose from over 450 AI voices that cater to various dialects and languages ​​from around the world to bring your videos to life. All voices on the Vidnoz platform are supported by artificial intelligence and speech-to-voice technology so that the voices appear realistic and mimic the same way humans pronounce speech. However, if that's not for you, you still can Reproduce any sound of your choice and integrate it into the Vidnoz platform to use in your videos.

Arabic language support: In fact, Vidnoz ai supports more than 100 languages, including Arabic and major world languages. This broad support opens new horizons and opportunities for profit by promoting your products in different languages ​​and attracting new categories of foreign users who live in your target marketing area.

Video customizability: Even though Vidnoz can handle the task automatically, it still offers you many customizable tools to edit and export your videos exactly as you need them. For example, but not limited to, you can modify video colors, soundtracks, transition effects, templates, and much more to get the result you are waiting for.

How to create a video using the Vidnoz ai platform

We believe that the method of creating an artificial intelligence video through the Vidnoz platform is very intuitive and does not need any explanation, but let us take you on a quick explanatory tour in case you are having difficulty using the platform correctly.

First you will have to Create an account And log in to the Vidnoz platform. For convenience You can log in using your account On social media platforms.

بعد ذلك انقر فوق زر “Create a video” وفي هذه الحالة يمكنك إنشاء فيديو من الصفر أو إدخال واستيراد PPT إلى المنصة. في هذه الخطوة يمكنك اختيار نوع الفيديو الذي ترغب في إنشائه.

ستخوض في منحني تعليمي سهل وبسيط لتتعرف على أدوات منصة Vidnoz. استمر في النقر على زر “next one” للانتهاء من المنحنى التعليمي. وفي نهايته، انقر فوق زر “حسنًا”.

From the upper right corner, you can Choose templates and avatars. After choosing the template and face avatars, you can now choose the language the video will speak. 

في الخطوة التالية بعد النقر فوق زر “Create a video” سيتم تحميل واجهة المحرر التي تسمح لك بإدخال النصوص المرتبطة بموضوع الفيديو الخاص بك. من هذه الواجهة يمكنك التعديل على أي شيء، بما في ذلك سرعة التحدث وإضافة الخلفيات وإضافة الترجمات (إذا لزم الأمر) والموسيقى التصويرية والخلفيات الخالية من حقوق الملكية أو إدراج خلفيات خاصة بك والعديد من الأشياء الأخرى.

Spend some time in Editor interface للتعرف على جميع الميزات التي توفرها منصة Vidnoz وبعد أن تنتهي من تخصيص وإدخال جميع مطالباتك وضبط إعدادات المحرر، انقر فوق زر “construction” من الركن العلوي الأيمن.

and what else?

The Vidnoz ai platform offers a positive and effective way to generate videos without the need to own fancy production studios or professional producers and editors in the world of video making. There are many features that you will discover for yourself in the platform. It is my pleasure to tell you that there are some features that most content creators are still searching for and that are already present in the Vidnoz ai platform, including all of the following:

Online audio reproduction: Vidnoz allows you to clone sounds randomly online and embed them into the platform for use in your own videos.

Converting text to speech: Vidnoz's AI text-to-speech is a free online tool developed to convert plain texts into live speeches using an AI voice in Arabic or other languages.

Video translation: Machine translation is one of the most important features that allows you to add subtitle texts to your videos that very precisely synchronize with the narration and delivery of speech in real time.

Video Optimizer: Vidnoz platform is not only aimed at video creation, but it can also enhance the quality of videos and increase their resolution up to 4K to impress more users.

Swap the face in the photo or video: Through a feature Vidnoz Face swap with artificial intelligence You can easily replace the avatar of the faces of the speaking characters in the videos during the same video.

Remove sound: While you can insert more video soundtracks, you can still mute them as well.


Through our personal experience with the Vidnoz ai platform, we believe that it meets the needs of all users who want to find a powerful and professional tool for producing high-quality videos, whether from a personal perspective in general, or from a commercial perspective in particular. Instead of assigning more employees to make your videos in order to make educational explanations or promote specific products, you can rely on the Vidnoz platform to produce videos, save a lot of operating costs and expenses, and benefit from them in other projects to improve your field of work. This is a great way to create and generate videos from text without having to get any outside help.

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