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How to activate fast charging on Samsung phones

If your Samsung phone is charging very slowly, the reason may be that fast charging is not enabled in settings. In this guide, we will show you how you can enable fast charging technology on Samsung phones.

Activate the fast charging feature on Samsung phones

The fast charging feature is one of the most advanced features that sometimes make us want to upgrade from one phone to another. At the present time, there is no room for competition with the fast charging technologies offered by Chinese companies, with speeds that may exceed 100 or 120 watts, which may enable you to charge the phone from 0 to 100% within a few minutes on the fingers of the hand.

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But when it comes to Samsung phones, the fastest charging you can get is 45W, and this speed is not even available except on its flagship flagship phones.

While the company's mid-range phones are still limited to 25W fast charging only.

Samsung is one of the companies that does not want to take risks with super charging speeds to ensure battery protection and maintain its default life for the longest possible period of time.

At the same time, the 45W charging speed is still more than enough to refill the battery in record time. However, in some cases you may find that your Samsung phone is charging very slowly, which may result in you waiting for hours in front of the phone in order to recharge it with power.

Perhaps the reason for the slow charging speed on your Samsung phone is due to the disabling of the fast charging technology.

So, all you need is to activate the fast charging feature from the settings. But before we begin to explain the correct method, some important considerations must be made.

For example, you must have a fast charger approved by one of the leading manufacturers in the field of energy.

It is definitely better if you have an original Samsung charger, as well as relying on the original charging cable included in the purchase box. You should also make sure that your phone is updated with the latest available updates.

■ The shortcut to charge your Samsung phone at maximum speed

  • Open an app settings Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on the optionBattery and device care“or”Battery & Device Care“.
  • Click on the optionBattery“or”Battery“.
  • From the bottom, click on the option “More battery settings“or”More Battery Settings“.
  • And now in front of the propertyFast charging“or”Fast ChargingActivate the feature by moving the cursor to turn blue.

■ Steps to activate the fast charging feature on Samsung phones in detail

Open the Settings application on Samsung phones

First, open the Settings app that appears as a gear icon in the app drawer or on your phone's home screen.

Clicking on the Battery and device care option

From within the Settings app, scroll down to the “Battery & Device Care” option. If your phone is in English, this option will be called “Battery & Device Care”. Once you get to this option click on it.

Clicking on the Battery option from within Settings

 After that, click on the first option, “Battery”.

Clicking on More battery settings option

From the main battery screen, scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the “More Battery Settings” option and tap on this option.

Activate the fast charging feature

Now there is nothing left for you but to activate the “Fast Charging” feature by moving the feature indicator to turn blue as shown in the previous image.

If your phone supports “super fast charging”, enable the “super fast charging” or “Super Fast Charging” feature.


What should be noted is that not all Samsung phones support fast charging.

If it appears to you that your battery settings on the phone do not contain the “Fast Charging” or “Super Fast Charging” option, then this means that your phone does not support the fast charging feature.

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If the option is present, you can easily activate fast charging through it. It is worth mentioning that Samsung does not prefer fast charging technologies because it is fully aware of the risks involved and the problems that may result from it or have a negative impact on the health and condition of the battery and its lifespan.

So if you want to save battery life and don't need fast charging, it's always best to stick to standard charging speeds. This may affect the way you use your phone, but it ensures that you maintain the health of the battery over the long term of use.

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