ETH BTC Comparison: Which is Better?

The cryptocurrency market is relatively young so far. It has not received a widespread application yet, though many real sector companies have started to implement blockchain technologies into their processes. Talking about everyday life and people's needs, it is early to say that crypto is massively used yet. However, most people have probably heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum without going into details. In this article, we will briefly explain what both of these leading crypto coins mean and where to swap ETH BTC.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two digital assets that together make up 57% of the entire crypto market capitalisation. As of November 2022, the Bitcoin price is $18,159, and the ETH price is $1,262

Facts about Bitcoin

The asset was created in 2009 by an unknown person or maybe a group of people with the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”; it is still not known who the Bitcoin founder is. Bitcoin is the leader of the crypto market and often a driving force, spurring the entire industry. The emission of BTC is limited to 21 million coins, the last Satoshi will be mined in 2140.

Facts about Ethereum

Following Bitcoin, Ethereum emerged 6 years later. The founder of this asset is Vitalik Buterin - a popular and well-known person in the crypto industry. Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency - it is an entire network where developers build their applications and smart contracts, so Ethereum has received a wide application and is very popular among decentralized app developers. Like with BTC, the ETH emission is limited. 

In autumn 2022, the Ethereum blockchain merged, so now it operates on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol. It helped significantly reduce electricity consumption by 99.992%. So now it will be much more profitable to use the Ethereum network for building decentralized apps:

  • PoS consensus allows much cheaper transactions and reduce fees.
  • Much faster transactions.
  • Safety.
  • Possibility to stake coins.
  • No expenses for mining equipment.

Wrapping up, we can say that both assets are worth investing in, for they are the market leaders and have the biggest chances to skyrocket again when the market trend changes next time. You can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT platform, as well as trade over 400 crypto pairs, including ETH to BTC. 

Khaled Taha

A tech writer, technology enthusiast, and a good follower of what's new in the smartphone world. I have been working in the field of electronic journalism since 2013 and until now, I have worked in many technical sites and I am currently working on the website (Review Plus).
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