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How to increase the font size on the Apple Watch

Do you complain about the font size on your Apple Watch that you feel is too small, or do you have difficulty reading it in most cases? In fact, you are not alone, and this also does not mean that you suffer from a problem of low vision or anything like that.

It is normal for the user to have difficulty in some cases being able to read texts on a screen the size of the Apple Watch. Therefore, we decided to show you through this report how to increase the font size on the Apple Watch to improve your experience with the watch.

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Increase font size on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most important products of the iconic Apple company that can make one’s life easier and enhance one’s capabilities and productivity. Saving his life, even if indirectly, thanks to the emergency services call service.

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But these crucial and necessary features are what made the Apple Watch more than just a tool for knowing the time and date, and thanks to them, the smart watch became the most famous and used all over the world. Students love them, athletes want them, and they're an essential tool for business people. In a nutshell, the Apple Watch is the smartwatch that you must have on your wrist.

But most importantly, it contains an infinite amount of great features that can be used in daily and routine uses, such as answering phone calls or listening to music, and it is clear that the feature of enlarging the font size and texts on the watch screen is one of those most important features.

Some of you may think that it is not necessary to enlarge the font size on the watch screen since the uses of the watch are very limited. Meaning, you definitely won't be reading your favorite e-books or long articles on the watch screen.

However, there are still many usage scenarios that require you to stare at the watch screen for long periods of time.

For example, you can check emails through it, follow your physical condition statistics, monitor your physical activities, read messages and banners, view new news and many other conditions that may prompt you to read on the watch screen.

But despite the number of features that one can benefit from on the Apple Watch, there are many users who complain about the default text settings, as it clearly seems that the font size on the Apple Watch is exaggeratedly small.

Perhaps this feature allows the screen to expand to a larger display area for the number of words, but the reading process will be exhausting and painful for the eyes, not to mention the extreme difficulty that the visually impaired may face.

So, it's best to make the font size on the watch bigger as long as possible, and it really is.

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How to increase font size on apple watch

How to increase font size on apple watch

To change the font size settings on the Apple Watch, just follow the following steps, knowing that these steps are taken from instructions Apple's official site instructions:

  • First Click on the Digital Crown on your watch to view all apps.
  • Second, find an app Settings which is often Gear icon And open the app.
  • Inside the Settings app Scroll down a little bit until you get to the option.”display and brightness“or”Display & Brightness“.
  • Within the new page, you'll find a valuable set of options that make reading fun and easier.
  • Now to change the font size click on the option “text size“or”Text Size“.
  • In the next window click on the transliteration icon Aa Then get started Move the Digital Crown Circular until you reach the desired font size.
  • There are more than five different text sizes, and the more you try to rotate the crown, the larger the font size, and this you can see through the text example written below this setting.
How to increase font size on apple watch

Note that we are not done yet, there are still some additional settings within the same Settings window.display and brightnesswhich may improve the reading experience on the watch. For example, you will find in upper corner Switch button that gives you the ability to switch to different modes of brightness level or intensity. There are three different levels to choose from.

By default, the Apple Watch is set to automatically adjust brightness settings based on the light level around the watch using the built-in light sensor.

But if you are having trouble while reading or feel you need to increase the brightness level a bit, you can choose a higher brightness level than the automatic mode.

In addition, there is another advantage that is no less important than the previous options, which is the “bold text“or”Bold Textwhich, in turn, converts all typed letters into larger letters.

Yes, just a small change, but it can have a very significant positive impact on improving the reading experience on the watch.


Besides being an essential tool to check the time and date without having to take your phone out of your pocket, the Apple Watch offers many other features that are more important than that.

Such as checking incoming notifications, monitoring your health, interacting with phone calls, answering messages, listening to your favorite audio, helping you find your iPhone if it is lost, and many other important features.

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