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How to create and share video call links on WhatsApp

Step-by-step explanation of how to create and share group video and audio call links on WhatsApp. Call Links is an audio and video call service somewhat similar to Google Meet or Zoom, as it allows you to have group audio conversations with a large number of people at the same time.

You can also join a call created by others at its inception or while it is still in progress, allowing you more flexibility in the process of communicating with others.

Create group video and audio call links on WhatsApp

Because of the reality of life in which we live and the pressures imposed on us from every side, we are all busy all the time, and it is no longer easy to convince some people to answer WhatsApp calls when we need them, including group calls. You can also see how it works WhatsApp avatar to use in your chats.

In the past, if you missed being able to join someone's call from the start, you'd have to wait for them to call again, or for you to call them back, or agree on a date that would bring you together.

But now it has become easy to call anyone on WhatsApp at any time thanks to the Call Links feature, which allows you to join an ongoing call in real time. In this report, we will show you how to use it, but before that, let us explain to you what exactly the call links feature is.

What is the Call Links feature on WhatsApp?

Let's say you receive a call on WhatsApp but you are not available at the time. In this case, you had to wait for the other party to call you back again. But now, the Call Links feature allows you to join any call that is in progress either at the beginning or while it is in progress.

This feature is very similar to the FaceTime feature on the iPhone. The main idea of ​​this feature is to remove the pressure that WhatsApp calls may cause when you are unable to answer the call from the beginning, because it will allow you to join the call whenever you have the opportunity or when you find yourself free and able to respond.

This feature provides another great feature for teams and workgroups because it allows administrators the ability to schedule variable times with workgroups based on different topics they want to discuss. For example, you can set a date to start the conversation with one person, and later the other participants can join the same conversation after you have finished discussing your topic with the first person.

In a nutshell, this feature allows you to create audio or video calls and share them with other people to join the call from the beginning or while it is still in progress. Here's how to use it.

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How to use the Call Links feature on WhatsApp

According to the description of the WhatsApp application, the call links feature are unique 22-character URLs to facilitate the process of communicating with others in real time.

Links are easy to create and share with your contacts and they have a long shelf life to allow participants to join whenever they feel ready.

However, there are some restrictions that you should know before starting, including the following:

At the moment, the feature is still exclusive to iPhone and Android users, and it is not available on the WhatsApp web or desktop version.

The validity of the links extends up to 90 days and will expire after the expiry date, which means two basic things here: that you can still reuse the same links that you previously created to connect with your friends on another date, and the other thing is that you will not be able to delete these links manually.

While users will not have the ability to delete call links, they can be deleted by the developers themselves if any bugs or privacy protection issues are discovered.

However, it is worth noting that all voice and video calls remain end-to-end E2E encrypted, and no party can know what is going on inside the calls, not even the application developers themselves.

It is important to only share call links with trusted people because sharing the link with them means allowing them to join the call. But you cannot share call links with your blocked contacts.

How to create call links on Android and iPhone

How to create call links on Android and iPhone
  • First, open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), then click on the “Option” from the top.calls“.
  • Click on the option "Create a call link“.
  • Once you click on this option, WhatsApp will automatically create a video call.
  • you may Determine the type of call audio or video by clicking on the option “call typelocated at the bottom of the link.
  • After creating the link, you have three different options to share the call with other contacts, either by “Send a link via WhatsAppFor contacts registered with you on WhatsApp orCopy linkTo share it later on any other app orShare the linkIn order to share it using the various sharing methods inside the phone.

How to join meetings on WhatsApp

Once you share the link with any of your contacts via any sharing method you chose, the other party will have the ability to share easily by just clicking on the link sent to them.

In fact, if you chose the “share via WhatsApp” option, the other party will see the “Join a call” button below the link sent to him, and once you click on this button, the other party will be transferred to the call immediately and join the meeting screen.

And since the validity of the links extends up to 90 days, it is possible to reuse the same link in order to share the call with others at any time later without the need to create new call links, but note that this means that the people with whom you shared the same link will be able to join the call whenever they like.

But if you want to reuse the same link with some of the previous contacts, you can do that by clicking on the “Calls” option from the top, then start searching for the contacts you want, and below the name you will find the use of the same link icon. Click the Join button to use the same invite link with new subscribers or the same as previous subscribers.

Is Call Links supported on the web or desktop version?

Although popular video conferencing services such as Zoom or Google Meet allow users to attend virtual conferences via phone, desktop, web, or even through smart TVs, unfortunately until the time of writing this article, Property Sharing call links is still missing from the desktop and web versions of WhatsApp.

Because even if you try to use it on the web or desktop, you will get a message indicating that the process of joining the call failed when you click on the “Join” or “Join” button, so for short, the answer is no, you cannot share audio or video call links on Web or desktop version.

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