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How to know the IMEI code of any phone to distinguish between the original and the imitation

In many cases, you may find yourself needing to know your device's IMEI code while trying to register the phone or buying and selling an old phone online. But what exactly is the IMEI code and how do we get the mobile IMEI code easily when we are in a hurry.

Let us introduce you to 4 different methods that you can follow any of them to obtain the IMEI code for any phone, but first we know what the IMEI code is for the device: –

What is the IMEI code or code?

The IMEI code is a number found on any device that is sold through legitimate channels that has a unique number or code known as the IMEI code, and this code is an acronym for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, which means in Arabic the International Mobile Equipment Identity. This code is absolutely necessary in order to find the phone if it is lost or stolen.

When the IMEI code of your stolen phone is reported to the authorities or the phone manufacturer, the authorities can then Blacklist your phone. According to local legislation, Blacklisting means that all means and means of communication of your phone will be disabled and it will be deprived of the ability to make any phone calls or communicate with others in any way.

Therefore, it is imperative that you memorize this code, or at least keep it in a safe place, because you will definitely need it if your phone is stolen. This code is always 15 digits in the form of a unique numeric code. So how do you know your phone's IMEI code easily.

Code to know your device's IMEI number:-

IMEI knowledge code

You can find out the IMEI code of any phone by dialing *#06# (star / square / zero / six / square).

In fact, the IMEI code is always printed on the box that the phone was shipped in. If you try to search for this symbol on the Internet in some sources such as the website IMEI Checker You should then make sure that your phone is unique or original and not just a Chinese or Korean phone from the category of phones that we sometimes call the “High Copy” category.

The easiest way to know your phone's IMEI code is by dialing *#06#. Once you click on the headphone button and sometimes before you even click the headphone button, you will get your phone's IMEI code consisting of 15 unique digits.

If your phone has two SIM cards, you will get two IMEI codes and you can use either of them to check the quality of the phone online. This is the number you should keep in a safe place or remember well because you will need it if your phone is lost or stolen.

For iPhones, the IMEI code for each phone is permanently recorded on the SIM card, starting with the iPhone 4S. In addition, you may find the IMEI code for any iPhone printed on the back panel of the phone (the back of the phone).

How to find out your phone's IMEI code through phone settings:-

The IMEI code or the IMEI code of the device

If the previous method is not suitable for you, or suppose you do not remember the *#06# code, you can find out the IMEI code of any phone from within the settings, whether on iPhone or Android as well. Just head to the Settings app, tap About Phone and scroll down until you find the Status settings.

In some phones, such as Xiaomi phones, you will need to click first on “All phone specifications”, and then search for the “Status” option, and now you will find in front of you the IMEI code for each SIM card on your phone.

For iPhones, you can also access the IMEI code by entering Settings, then About, then scroll the screen down until you get the IMEI code for your phone.

Know your phone's IMEI code through the phone box:-

imei code

Definitely the easiest way to get the IMEI code for any phone is through the box the phone was shipped in. This is a strong reason why you should always keep the phone box and case because it is the only way that will help you to know the code in case you forget the methods that we explained in the previous paragraphs. Just look for the IMEI code on the back of the case and you will find it easily.

Find out the IMEI code of your phone through the control panel of your Google account:-

If you want to know the imei of Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo or any Android phone even without needing the phone in your hands, you can easily do so through the control panel of your Google account.

Just sign in Google Dashboard And sign in with your Google account associated with your Android phone (i.e. the same Google account you use on the phone), then scroll the Google Dashboard page to the bottom until you reach the green Android icon and click on “Android Backup”

How to know the imei of the mobile phone using Google Find My Device

You will be taken to the “Find My Device” page, and at the top left of the window you will find all the phones associated with this account. Click on the “Exclamation Mark” button next to the phone model name and the IMEI code of the phone will appear in front of you.  

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