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How to use Google Bard to search the Internet

In this guide, we show you how to use the Google Bard smart bot in your internet searches. Who among us does not rely on the Google search engine to access information and search for topics? Certainly no one.

But for us as editors and writers, Internet research is the cornerstone of all our fact-finding and information work in many different areas.

How to use the Google Bard bot

Perhaps that's why we were so happy that a bot like ChatGPT had arrived and integrated into Bing, despite the many restrictions it still imposes on queuing and the number of questions you can ask per day.

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At the same time, the Bing engine is not the best option for the majority of users, and here comes the effective role of the Google Bard bot that is supposed to help us get information while searching on Google in a more convenient and easier way.

Meaning, instead of searching on a specific topic and checking a different set of sources to ensure the validity of a piece of information, we can easily ask the Google Bard bot to hear his opinion on the topic or idea, perhaps his answer will be more logical and save us the trouble of effort and search in all corners of the Internet .

This is a great feature for a large number of people who spend most of their time searching on Google, whether for content marketing, writing about a specific topic, or just to check the advantages and disadvantages of certain products before they buy them. If you are looking for how and how to use the Google Bard bot with ease, you are in the right place. But before we start, let us take you on a quick tour through which we learn what the Google artificial intelligence bot is, and then we show you how to use it.

█ What is Google Bard?

How to use the Google Bard bot as an Internet search tool
What is Google Cold?

We hadn't heard of Google Bard before the ChatGPT bot came to us, but it was a strong response from Google at the same time. Bard is an AI-based chatbot based on the LaMDA language model that gets its information from multiple web sources including Wikipedia, e-books, and web-based dialogues and discussions. Bard tries to be smart enough and simulate the same human dialogue experience without difference.

Maybe even if you ask him if he has feelings, he'll respond positively, which is a bit unnerving considering you're talking to a chatbot.

But unlike a ChatGPT bot that doesn't live in 2021 and earlier, Bard can search for information across the web in real time, which means you can rely on it to scan for newly available information and new events.

Bard can not only answer your questions about any topic, but he can also summarize topics, compose different poems, translate into several different languages, tell you about the weather and the weather in your area, and explain difficult equations and difficult theories in a simple way and explain them in a convenient way that is easy to understand.

The laMDA model is trained by huge collections of information databases across the web and it can update its data with data fed into the web directly in real time making it the best choice in all cases compared to other chatbots.

Instead of researching numerous topics across the web, clicking on tons of links, browsing tons of website pages, and comparing products to each other in several different sources, you can simply ask Bard a question and he will try to boil down the answer for you in the way you want and need it.

If that wasn't enough, you can keep asking many more related questions on the same topic, and the Bard will continue to interact with you in the same way a human would with you.

Certainly, it is not perfect and far from perfect, but it is expected to revolutionize the world of web searches in the coming periods and may change the way we use the web irrevocably.

█ How do you use Google Bard?

Most impressive is that the way to use Bard is very easy, simple and intuitive and it comes with a clean and uncomplicated user interface.

This is how it should be emulated by other chatbots. All you have to do is enter your queries or questions into the text box and then hit the Enter key to start the dialogue.

Although the answers can sometimes be long – depending on the type of question and the topic – the way Bard categorizes the answers is easy to understand and live with, making it easier in some cases to be able to scan the answers.

Best of all, Bard's answers are amazingly formatted with bullet points and symbols and highlight important text in dark colors to grab your attention and give you the ability to focus on it in an easy way.

Perhaps Bard hasn't reached perfection yet, and it's expected that it will take a long time to get there.

But if you are not happy with the way Bard answers, you can take advantage of the additional drafts feature, which will help you to browse the original sources of answers to verify their credibility or review them in detail later.

As we mentioned to you earlier, Bard has a great deal of intelligence and wants to give you this idea as you use him. However, we highly recommend relying on the drafts feature to go back to the original sources for authenticity since all AI-based answer generation systems sometimes have some hallucinations and start behaving abnormally.

In the end, all you need to do is click on the Google button to start browsing the question or information comprehensively.

█ What are the uses of Google Bard?

It's hard to put together a definitive list of all the uses you can get with the help of Google Bard. It depends on your field and the type of your question.

If you're a writer, you'll need Bard to help you write the right verse or compose the introduction for your next book. If you are a programmer, you may need his help in engineering complex code.

If you are a news analyst, you will need to analyze several different sources of information. In a nutshell, you can let your imagination run wild and don't expect any limits when conversing with Bard. However, we can summarize the most important uses of Bard that we expect to make up the largest percentage of cases of use during the dialogue with the chat bot:

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  • Summarize articles and web pages.
  • Brainstorm and generate new ideas for different types of content.
  • Composing slogans and short copy of a creative nature.
  • Compare products.
  • Get travel and activity recommendations.

First: Summarize articles and web pages

Summarize articles and web pages

None of us like to read entire webpages especially when the topic of the article is complex and confusing and contains information and technical jargon that is difficult to understand. In this case, you can use your smart companion, Bard, and ask him to summarize the content inside that Exact link. Believe me, the results will be amazing and you will get a comprehensive and convincing answer within moments.

You will no longer have to read the entire article just to get the overall idea of ​​the content of the topic.

We cannot describe to you the amount of benefit from this feature, which is still in the minds of many users, but in the future, try asking Bard to clear a topic for you, and believe me, you will be amazed at the result.

It is worth noting that Bard's summaries are not limited to long articles, but can help you summarize journals, medical prescriptions, scientific research, and much more.

Really, all you need is to put the link and watch the magic flow in front of you in a brief and elaborate summary beyond your imagination.

Secondly: Brainstorm and generate new ideas about different types of content

Brainstorm and generate new ideas about different types of content

No one says the Bard is perfect, although it lacks human creativity but at least you can use it to generate ideas on a particular topic and then start using it as a frame of reference or as an initial thread for topic content. Alternatively, it can also generate attractive titles for a variety of fields, be it medical, cultural, scientific, social, engineering or any other field.

Depending on the type of content of your blog, website or post, Bard can be a loyal companion and intelligent assistant to give you the ideas you need to write on your blog.

Again, you will not get creative ideas in the literal sense, but the ideas you will get will inspire you and you will know exactly where and how to start.

But there are some considerations to keep in mind when using Bard, or any other chat bot, and that is the higher the quality and accuracy of your queries the more detailed results you will get.

Bard may even serve as a future catalyst for diversification into many areas other than your core niche, which is an exceptional advantage for content creators and creators who struggle to find the time to talk to staff and experts about how to develop content or expand into areas with different horizons and multiple dimensions.

Not satisfied yet? So let me tell you more. It may be better to ask Bard to check the content of your site or blog to know your niche or field comprehensively, and then the chat bot will start giving you new ideas that have not been written about before in your blog or website, and who knows, this may help you You can create topics that are quite far from the usual traditional style of your own ideas.

Third: Composing slogans and short copy of a creative nature

If you're in the content marketing business, you've probably had trouble composing the right banners for ads or the right content for emails for your business or the company you work for.

Don't worry, you are not alone, we all face difficulties sometimes in generating vivid ideas for ad banners or the right title for mails especially when we are in a hurry and struggling with time constraints.

This is where you can explore Bard's knack for helping you summarize examples before creating them.

Don't expect creative answers from Bard and you will find that you will need to make some adjustments especially when the content of the queries and input routing is very long.

But Bard is very good at short versions of ideas and his answers can be a starting point from which to start. Bard tries to find topics and dialogue related to the ideas you're looking for, which are often written by human beings, which is a good move, but not always smart.

But as we just mentioned, it's the thread or inspiration you need that you can start from.

Fourthly: Compare products

Compare products

Searching here and there and comparing here and there just to get a broad and comprehensive idea about different topics or similar products.

We have all been there, and I mean, of course, that we all face this situation when buying a specific product or upgrading to a device, which is required so that we do not regret it shortly after the purchase.

Although it is a task made easy for many bots but it is an exceptional functionality of the Bard bot.

The intelligent chatbot can compare the most important product specifications for you, clarify similarities and differences criteria, and focus on the general idea of ​​the product or topic.

So instead of creating spreadsheets to compare products against each other, just put your queries into a text box and let Bard do the work for you and you'll be surprised at the results.

Fifth: Giving recommendations about travel plans and activities

Giving recommendations about travel plans and activities

Don't expect Bard to work miracles when it comes to travel recommendations and what to do on your next trip.

If you're used to reading hotel reviews and hotel ratings across a variety of sources and you're feeling lazy and overwhelmed with what to do for your next vacation, you should swap your searches and take advantage of the Bard, which will not only give you amazing recommendations for travel plans but at least can. To help you find the right hotel to stay in on your next trip or vacation.

It saves you time, effort, focus, and reading useful and unhelpful reviews here and there, as Bard can access all hotel reviews across the web, know different travel sites, determine results according to specific dates and time periods, and provide a list of prices that are right for you.

We've even noticed that Bard beats ChatGPT which may return results for hotels that don't even exist anymore due to the nature of its database going back to 2021.

The more you try to be accurate in your information and ask for specific queries, the more convincing answers you will get.

█ What are the limits that Google Bard cannot cross?

To be honest, I think Bard needs a psychiatrist. He's paranoid and claims to be able to do some things he wasn't developed to do. For example, he claims that he is able to create images or groups of images, but if you asked him to do so, he did not answer you in any way.

At the same time, Bard's narration of content is often hazy and vague, perhaps reflecting the fact that he relies mostly on Wikipedia most of the time.

Therefore, Bard is far from the level of professionalism, especially when it comes to textual and written content, but once again Bard always tries to convince you of some facts that do not have a good basis in health or logic and lacks creativity and artistic touch skills in writing style in a way that parallels the creativity of human skills.

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Worse, he sometimes does not provide a source citation for his information and is unable or rather refuses to provide any citation or source for the topic he is talking about which could cause many people to worry.

But in some other cases, if you try to insist on obtaining a source of information, he may start hallucinating and give you sources that have nothing to do with the content of the topic he is talking about.

Possibly buggy programming in the chat model but at least this gives us a broader idea of ​​Bard's limitations and the things he can't do in the same human way and the limits he can't cross on his own.


This is an artificial intelligence model, and it is good that we believe in the idea that no matter how advanced AI robots are, they will not be able to simulate human intellectual creativity.

To give everyone his due, it is still a more than good tool to help researchers find the inspiration they need and generate new ideas for their projects or topics to write about.

The answers may not always be perfect, but it is one of the threads that a person can draw on as a starting point.

Since Bard is still in its early stage, it is expected to get more improvements in the near future. Perhaps the future will bring us a better Bard than the current Bard. But until then, you will have to be very careful with all the information he provides, especially when it comes to scientific facts.

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