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How to install PS5 and XBOX games from your phone remotely

Did you know that you don't have to be in front of your console whether it's PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series S|X in order to install your games that you want to try once you get home? This is thanks to the remote game installation feature that is supported by current generation consoles, which enables you to install games through a smartphone.

Install PS5 and XBOX games from your phone remotely

Sometimes when you are out of the house, your friend tells you about his experience with an interesting game that you had no previous experience with. Your friend keeps telling you how cool the game is until you finally feel like you wish you were able to try it once you got home.

But of course you cannot because you will have to download and download it first before playing it.

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But don't worry, as long as your phone is connected to your console, you can easily upload and download the game while you're away so you can start playing it as soon as you get back.

The remote game installation feature is one of the most important and prominent new features contained in the current generation consoles, which will help you to download and install games without being in front of the console.

The feature is very similar to the remote application installation feature via the Google Play Store, so that you can check the applications that you want to download on your computer and then start downloading and installing them on your Android phone or all your Android phones.

In fact, for PS5 games, you can even play games on other devices with the help of the Remote Play feature, and the exact same thing for XBOX games with the Remote Play feature or game streaming.

But most importantly, you'll still be able to download and install the games you want to try without having to be in front of the console.

You can check out the game titles you want to try via your smartphone connected to your console and download the game remotely. Just make sure the PS5 or XBOX app on your phone is connected to your console. Best of all, it is very easy to do without any complexity or the need for a certain level of experience.

How to install games on your XBOX Series S|X remotely

How to install PS5 and XBOX games from your phone remotely

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In order to install games remotely on your XBOX Series S|X, you must make sure that the XBOX app on your smartphone is connected to the console.

Sure, you can do this during the initial setup of your XBOX, but if you missed the method, you can still do the same through the mobile app.

First click on the console button and then choose an option Set up a new console or Add and existing console In this case, you will be prompted to activate the “Remote Features” feature. Click inside a box Enable Remote Features Then click on an option Test Remote Play To let your XBOX confirm how you are set up.

Wait for a message to appear.You`re good to goThen click Next option Next Then go back to the app on your smartphone and name your console whatever you want and then click Next.

How to install PS5 and XBOX games from your phone remotely

If you have connected your phone to the console and missed the way to activate the feature set remotely, you can still activate the feature set by clicking on the settings icon Settings then Device Connections then Remote Features on your XBOX.

From there click on an option Enable Remote Features On this same page you will be allowed to test properties Remote Features By clicking on an option Test Remote Play To make sure that everything works perfectly and that your device is connected to the phone correctly.

Once you make sure that your smartphone is connected to your console, all you have to do is go to the page of the game you want to try and click the button. Download to console From there, choose the console you want to download and install the game on and click an option Install to the console.

The game installation process should start automatically. It is worth noting that your XBOX is not necessarily turned on. Only the next time you will turn on the device, you will have to go back to the application again and click a button Launch to console Select the respective console and click the button Launch to this console This way your game is ready to play right away.

How to install games on PlayStation 5 remotely

How to install games on PlayStation 5 remotely

The process of installing remote games on the PlayStation 5 is very similar to the same steps that we followed on the XBOX Series S|X, but there are some additional steps that we will need to do together in order to get this feature to work.

First, you must definitely log in to your PlayStation 5 account, and you can log into your account either manually by entering the login settings page or by scanning the QR Code on the TV screen in order to automatically download the accompanying application on your smartphone.

After that, you must make sure that you are logged into your PlayStation 5 account on both devices along with the need to connect the phone and the console to the same Wi-Fi network. Then you will start to see the games and settings that will be mirrored from the TV screen on your smartphone screen.

How to install games on PlayStation 5 remotely

If you are unable to perform the previous steps, you can still link the application to the console with the help of the companion application. Head to Tab Play on the app and then open the settings option Settings and click an option Link console to app Choose the respective console and then click an option Confirm. But if you don't see his console in the list, try double checking that you're signed in with the same account on both the console and the companion app.

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In order to start installing games remotely on the PlayStation 5, you must make sure that the PlayStation 5 is running in rest mode. Rest Mode Then open the Games Library tab Game Library from the bottom of the screen to make sure that the game you are looking for is in the library.

Then open a tab Games Then a choice Purchased Click on the game you want to install remotely. Finally, click Tab Download to Console The installation process should start automatically right away.

Note that you will be able to see your console's name directly below the console tab Download to Console. Once you have completed the download and installation process, your game is ready to play.


The process of installing remote games on current generation consoles is very simple, intuitive and uncomplicated. The process may be better on the XBOX Series S|X because with it you can download games even if you are away from home and even if your console is turned off.

On the PlayStation 5, both the app and the console must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the console must be turned on and in rest mode.

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