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How to install Android 14 on your phone

Android 14 is still in its early birth stage, and Google has not officially issued any instructions or details about the new system. But recently, the American company launched the developer version of the system, and now this beta version is available for developers to try it out, install it, and discover its new secrets.

How to install Android 14 on your phone

The good news for us as users is that it is also easy to try this beta version on our smartphones, if we assume that we already own any of the supported Google Pixel phones.

But before we start, let's just put some red lines under the most important conditions that you need to prepare for before you start trying the beta version of Android 14 at the present time.

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Firstly, this beta version is not yet complete, and it is very expected that it will contain many problems and bugs. This is normal for all beta versions of Android. Therefore, it is expected that you will encounter some problems and errors here and there while using it.

The other and most important thing is that downloading and installing beta versions on the phone requires a little experience in order not to damage your phone. If you are not sufficiently familiar with the process, it is expected that you will face greater problems, and if you fail to install the system, the consequences will be dire, and the matter may lead to damage and failure of the phone. Therefore, for our part, we never recommend installing beta versions, not only because they are often full of problems, but also because it is a process that requires a little practice and some experience.

But if you understand these risks and are sufficiently familiar with the process, and you cannot wait any longer, and you take upon yourself the new installation process and bear all the risks, then we will explain to you through this guide an explanation of the steps to download and install the beta version of Android 14 on Google Pixel phones. But if you are afraid of making a mistake – which is very likely – you can only wait until Google releases the final and stable version of Android 14 later this year.

■ What do you need to do before you start?

  • First, you must have a supported Google Pixel phone, and this is the list of phones supported by the Android 14 system: Pixel 4a 5G And Pixel 5 And Pixel 5a And Pixel 6 And Pixel 6a And Pixel 6 Pro And Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Pro.
  • Also, you must have a personal Google account.
  • Surely you will need a constant and stable internet connection in order to download system data package.

■ Android 14 installation steps in brief

  • Go to the Android beta site.
  • Log in to the site using your Google account.
  • Register your phone in the beta program by clicking on the opt-in option and agree to the terms and policies of use.
  • Go to the system update menu on your Pixel phone.
  • Download the Android 14 beta and start installing it normally.

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■ Explain the steps for downloading and installing Android 14 on Pixel phones in detail

First you will need to register for the beta program. If you have made your final decision to try the system and you can't wait any longer, the first step is to go to Android demo site And register for the beta program with the same Google account that you use on your Google Pixel phone.

Once you sign up for the demo program click on the tab Devices from the top and then click on the option “Your Eligible DevicesWhich means “your eligible devices”, and through this list you can see your Pixel devices that are eligible for the beta version of the new Android system.

Scroll through the window until you get your Google phone linked to the same account on which you can download the trial version.

Once you find your desired phone, click on the button Opt-in From below, agree to the terms and conditions for the trial program, as shown in the previous image. Then click Tab Confirm and enrol in blue.

Now go to your smartphone and head to the System Updates section by going to Settings and then System Update, and then you will find a quick overview of the available updates for your phone, including the beta version of Android 14.

If it appears to you that the Android 14 update is not available for the phone, try disabling your internet connection and then reactivate it again. Alternatively, you can restart the phone. Then head back to the system updates on your phone and you should then find an available update waiting. Click Download & Install to download the latest Android 14 beta.

We cannot know the final size of the beta version of Android 14 at the present time. But of course, it depends on the type of Pixel phone you own. The size of the update can range from 1.8 GB to 2.3 GB – depending on the type of phone – so it is necessary before proceeding with the update download process to make sure that there is enough storage space on the internal memory and it is also best to connect to a stable and stable Wi-Fi network during the download process.

Once the update is downloaded, the phone will restart itself to start installing the beta version of Android 14, but note that the installation process may take some time depending on the size of the update, so make sure to provide a stable Internet connection and not use the phone for anything during the update process.

After completing the installation of the new update, you will get the beta version of Android 14, and then you can start checking out the new features and services very naturally as if you were using any previous Android system.

■ Not happy with the beta version of Android 14?

If you had a bad experience with the beta, or noticed several bugs here and there in the beta - which is certainly to be expected - it's easy to go back to Android 13 again.

Just go to the Android Beta site as described in the previous paragraph, then click the Opt out button next to the name and image of your Google Pixel phone. At that time, you will notice the appearance of a new button that gives you the ability to download and install the final and stable version of Android 13, and you can return to it easily.

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Google is expected to announce Android 14 during the Google I/O 2023 conference for developers, and the new system will definitely have some nice and interesting features. But that doesn't mean that all of these features will be available from day one. Instead, it will be rolled out in different phases and multiple sets of updates.

Therefore, if you want our personal opinion, we do not recommend rushing to download the beta version now especially since we are sure that it still contains a large number of problems and bugs. But if you insist on experimenting and can't wait any longer, you must bear the consequences at your own risk.

As for other Android phones, unfortunately, they will not have a share in the beta version of Android 14. Only eligible Google Pixel phones have the right to install the beta version at the present time.

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