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Oppo All Problems and Solutions Questions and Answers for Oppo phones

In this article, we present to you most of the problems that you may encounter with OPPO phones and how to solve OPPO problems, you can also take a look at the comments as there are many problems that users face with phones that have been previously resolved.

Most of these problems were collected from the comments of the visitors of Review Plus, and we dedicated an entire article to it for everyone to benefit from. If you have another question, you can add it and we will try to answer you as soon as possible, God willing, through this article, in order to make it easier for you.

The problems that we will encounter next we will add at the end of this article.

Problems you may encounter with OPPO phones and how to solve them

Q0: I had an OPPO F7 mobile and the game Fortnite did not work on it and I bought it Water f 9 It still does not work, what is the problem?

A: First of all, the game needs a high processor. The processor in the F7 is the same as the one in the Oppo F9.

Q1: Charging is very slow and you are facing problems due to charging?

A: To make sure that there is a problem with the speed of charging the mobile, charge it from 0% to 100%. It is expected that a charge will take place in a maximum period of two hours. But if you need more time than that, you must change the charging link, preferably original, and if the problem still exists, then you should try it Another charger, and if you find the problem is still there, you should go to the nearest service center of the company.

Q2: I am facing a big problem with the phone being slow. The phone is slow and I choked on this issue?

A: If the device has a memory card, try removing it. There may be a problem with the card that causes slowness in the device. If there is no card, try a factory reset. Do not forget to take a backup copy of the files on the device through the backup&restore application that is preloaded on the device and after completing it, move the folder The backup file is located in it and its name is backup on a memory card or on the computer and download it again on the device after completing the factory reset process.

Q3: With your permission, I have at the top of the screen on the left side the word (Accessibility) I want to remove. Can someone say how do I remove it, knowing that my phone works in Arabic, and thank you very much, my phone is OPPO F7?

A: Through: Settings > Additional settings > Block barriers > Close all settings” or Settings > Additional settings > Block barriers > Quick process to block barriers > Close

Q4: Please, Oppo f5 youth has the new Android 8 Oreo update or not, and is there a ColorOS 5 update for it?

A: So far, there is no confirmed information about the Android Oreo update. In the event of updates from the company, we will inform you about them immediately on Review Plus.

Q5: Please, I bought the oppo f7 and there is a new update for the software, do you advise me to update or not? Please answer is necessary?

A: Of course, if you find any new updates, you have to download and install them because they improve the system and help the phone to work better. There are also some security updates that increase the protection of your phone against malware or viruses, so you should always update.

Q6: I have a very necessary question and I hope to answer. One of the most important problems that I face with the oppo f5 is that its system does not allow me to put pictures in albums or choose any inside it myself, and there is no option that allows me to hide any albums, and therefore security is very limited, although older phones like the a37 and a57 are able to control the pictures easily. Solve a need like this?

A: You can hide any files in Files > File Storage.

Q7: Peace be upon you. Now I forgot the charger of my mobile Oppo F5. Can I charge the mobile with a normal Oppo a37 charger or something wrong?

A: The A37 works with a 1 amp charger, and the F5 charger is 2 amps. It is preferable to charge the device with its own charger.

Q8: Please, does the oppo f7 support slow motion shooting or not?

A: Unfortunately, it does not support Slow Motion shooting.

Q9: Please, I have an OPPO A57. I want to know when the new update will be downloaded. Is it necessary?

A: There is a new firmware update that you can update from your service center.

Q10: Please find Black color in which branch of version 64?

A: You can buy it from branches of B.TECH, Raya, i2, Mobile Shop, Rizk Allah, Aman and 2B mobile.

Q11: Please, if there is an OPPO mobile in the range of 2500 EGP or more, I want you to tell me what is its name?

A: You can buy the A37 with 4G network support, 16 GB and 2 GB RAM, 5.2 inch screen, 8 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera at a price of 2450EGP.

Q12: Please, I have F7 and I do not know how to take a screenshot of the screen, nor do I even know how to take a screenshot while playing the video, how do I take a screenshot please?

A: You can easily by placing three fingers on the screen and swiping down to take a screenshot.

Q13: I saw in the review videos the possibility of recording the screen, but I do not know how to answer it. Can you say how to answer it?

A: By dragging your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom and choosing the screen recording icon, if this is the first time you use this feature, you will need to press Ok and then ALLOW to give the application permission to start recording for the first time only.

Q 14: There is an issue that I would like to buy, but it is very expensive. How do you advise me to lower its price?

A: There are two tips to help you reduce the price of any product, first: compare the prices in online retail stores as they are usually cheaper. Secondly, we advise you to search for different coupons and offers such as voucher.

Q15: Is the F series discontinued?

A: This has not been officially announced. In any case, the company announced the launch of a phone Oppo F15 On January 16, 2020.

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Here ended the FAQ about OPPO phones, if you have another question, you can write it in the comments below and we will try to answer you as soon as possible, do not forget to watch the comments, where you will find more questions that we answered in the comments section below.

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عمر منصور
1 month ago

تليفوني اوبو a74 تمام كلما ضغطت علي الباور الشاشة تنور وتنطفي بسرعه ايه المشكلة. انا مش بعمل مكالمه لا التليفون واقف عادي اجي ادوس علي الباور الشاشة تنور وتنطفي بسرعه

2 months ago

عندي أوبو ف 3 فيه مشكل في الفيديوهات الصورة تنكسر فلا أرى شيء

2 months ago

لو سمحت لمن يتصل بي أحد مكالمة تكون الشاشة مطفأة ولا أستطيع رؤية من المتصل الا إذا ضغطت علي مفتاح الطاقة.
أرجو الرد في أقرب فرصة.

7 months ago

بصمة موبايل رينو 3 لاتعمل ولاتظهر في الاعدادات

7 months ago

بصمه رينو 3 لاتظهر في الاعدادات غير مفعله والبصمه سليمه

Badeaa Hassan
7 months ago

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،
في حالة الرغبة في عدم استخدام موبايل اوبو A37F لسنة مثلا او اكثر للسفر واستخدام هاتف اخر كيف يتم الحفاظ علي البطارية حتي لا تفسد بسبب عدم الاستخدام فترة وخاصة ان البطارية غير ظاهرة. شكرا

Mohamed Hassan
10 months ago

عندما أقوم بنقل الملفات الخاصة بي من الخزنة الخاصة الى العام يظهر لي رساله عدم فك التشفير نوع الهاتف oppoA15

11 months ago

عندي هاتف oppo f3 كلشي فيه تمام
لكن لما اشغل الانترنيت فيه مستشعر البصمة يوقف عن العمل والباسورد أيضا
يعني اذا قفلت الشاشة وفتحتها مرة ثانية ما يفتح الهاتف الا اعمل إعادة تشغيل
وأيضا بعض التطبيقات توقف عن العمل بالإضافة الى مستشعر البصمة والباسورد
فيه حل للمشكلة ؟
واتمنى يكون الحل بدون اعادة ضبط المصنع

11 months ago

لو سمحت كل ماجي افتح أي تطبيق ف تلفون اوبو a76
يحصل اهتزاز ف زرار الباور
كيف احل المشكلة دي لو سمحت

1 year ago

تصليح رمز MMi

حسام احمد
Reply to  Anonymous
1 year ago

لو سمحت الفون بتاعي بقالو شهر او اكتر مكان الخطوط مش راضيه تشتغل و كتبلي لا تتوفر تغطيه للشبكة اعمل أي

Reply to  حسام احمد
10 months ago

لو سمحت انا معايا oppo A15 وكل ما افتح الصور يخرج من الصور لوحده مبيكملش اكتر من 10 ثواني ويخرج

احمد الطحاوى
Reply to  Anonymous
10 months ago

لو سمحت هوية المتصل مش موجود في موبايل اوبو رينو 8T 5G

Reply to  Anonymous
7 months ago

التلفون بتاعي حدثته إلى اندرويد 13 اجي لما احط التلفون في جيبي بيظهرلي في جناب الفون بتاع ابيض وبيروح لوحده ما ظهر قبل كده غير لما حدثت الفون
ايه الحل نوع الفون oppoA55

Reply to  حسام احمد
10 months ago

انا عملت حاجه في البيانات بتاعة الداتا بتاعة النت ممكن تعرفني ارجعها

علاء شاهين
Reply to  Anonymous
1 year ago

تليفون اوبو a3s لما بعمل اللغة العربية يختفي ازرار التنقل وتتوقف الستارة
ولازم ضبط مصنع ويفضل باللغة الإنجليزية عشان يستمر بالعمل بشكل طبيعي ممكن خل للمشكلة دي

Reply to  علاء شاهين
11 months ago

فوني نفس فونك وعادي بتبقي زي مهي لما بغير اللغه ادخل الاعدادات ودوس علي مفاتيح التنقل واقفلها وافتحها واحتمال تطلع

زر الذهاب إلى الأعلى