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How to protect your PlayStation 5 account (Recommended actions)

In this guide, we will show you the steps to set a password for your personal accounts on the PlayStation 5 so that no one else can delete your Save Game inside any game or write on it if they want to start the game again.

Imagine that some of your friends come to visit you and then they start your favorite game from the beginning and they accidentally delete all your progress in the game and start from scratch. This miserable situation is experienced by many people every day, which prompts them to search for the best way to protect their accounts on the PlayStation 5.

Protect your PlayStation 5 account from unauthorized access

Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 console gives you the ability to password protect your accounts. This is a great feature to protect your account from your spam friend who always comes to visit you, because in this way you will be able to protect and save game files and the stages of your progress inside them from tampering with others.

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This is also a great feature because it ensures that your game progress is protected, so it will be impossible for anyone else to delete or overwrite your progress by creating a new Save Game. After all, you definitely wouldn't want a friend to come along and delete 100 hours of your playing a game like Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Solus.

Fortunately, it is always easy to protect your personal account on the PlayStation by setting a password for the account, and in fact, the steps are very easy. In this mini-guide, we will show you how to set a password to protect your personal account on the PlayStation 5 with the illustrated and detailed steps, so continue reading to find out the method.

How to set a password for your PlayStation 5 account

In this guide, we only need the PlayStation 5, and the short way to do that can be summarized as follows:

  • First: Go to a button Settings.
  • Second: Go to an option Users and Accounts.
  • Third: Click on an option Login Settings.
  • Fourth: Click on an option Require a PS5 Login Passcode.
  • Fifth and finally: Set your password.

Detailed explanation of protecting your account on PlayStation 5:

Turn on your PlayStation 5 and click on the gear icon at the top

First, turn on the PlayStation 5 and click on the gear icon from the top to enter Settings.

Users and Accounts

After that scroll down and click on the Users and Accounts option.

Login Settings for PS5

Scroll down again until you get to the Login Settings option.

Choose to set up Require a PS5 Login Passcode

Then on the right click on Require a PS5 Login Passcode.

Set up a password for your PS5 account

In the last step a window will appear showing you how to use the DualSense unit buttons in order to set your password numbers. Set your password, and you will be prompted to enter it again to confirm. It is best to keep your password in a safe place on your phone or in a notepad so that you can return to it in case you forget your password.

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This was as easy as how to set a password for your personal account on the PlayStation 5. In this way, you can closely protect and secure your progress in games so that if anyone tries to use the device to run some games from the beginning, it will not cause your Save Game to be deleted or written. above it.

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