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Cheap solutions for upgrading your computer at MyKeysshop in August. Sale: Office 2021 for $15.03, Windows 11 Pro for $9.90!

We show you cheap solutions to upgrade your PC at MyKiesshop's June sale: Office 2021 at $15.03, and Windows 11 Pro at $9.90!

“As part of Mykeysshop products, you can get a Windows 10 Home license for just $7 per PC license, while Office 2021 is only $28.35. This allows remote workers, students, small business owners, and any professionals the opportunity to easily update their devices and always stay efficient. Of all the software, Microsoft Office is probably the most classic and sophisticated office software, whether it is for personal or professional projects.”

55% discounts on Office 2021-coupon code: FAK188

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—1PC—$28.35 

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—2PC—$44.99

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—3PC—$61.65

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus—5PC—$75.15($15.03/PC)  

Microsoft Windows 10 suits-coupon code: FAK188

Windows 10 Home—1PC—$7.00

Windows 10 Home—2PC—$11.55($5.78/PC)

Windows 10 Home—3PC—$19.26($6.42/PC)

Windows 10 Home—5PC—$31.95($6.39/PC)

Windows 10 Pro—1PC—$7.20

Windows 10 Pro—2PC—$11.70($5.85/PC)

Windows 10 Pro—3PC—$19.35($6.45/PC)

Windows 10 Pro—5PC—$32.85($6.57/PC)

Microsoft Windows 11 suits-coupon code: FAK188

Windows 11 Home—1PC—$11.70

Windows 11 Home—2PC—$22.05($11.03/PC)

Windows 11 Home—3PC—$32.71($10.90/PC)

Windows 11 Home—5PC—$47.70($9.54/PC)

Windows 11 Pro—1PC—$12.15 

Windows 11 Pro—2PC—$22.50($11.25/PC)

Windows 11 Pro—3PC—$32.85($10.95/PC)

Windows 11 Pro—5PC—$49.50($9.9/PC)

Microsoft Windows and Office suits-coupon code: FAK188

Windows 10 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$32.85

Windows 10 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$33.75

Windows 11 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$36.00

Windows 11 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$40.50 

Take advantage of these economical solutions to upgrade your computer during the big June sale at MyKiesShop. Don't miss this great opportunity to improve your system performance. Explore our website at and immerse yourself in the world of quality software at attractive prices. Your digital journey starts here and now!

How to use coupon code?

Step 1: Add the desired product to the cart and hover your mouse over the cart icon.

Step 2: Once the cart summary appears, click on “Checkout” to proceed.

Step 3: After clicking on “Payment”, you will enter the following registration interface to fill in the first three blanks for registration, then click on “Continue”.

Step 4: You will enter the payment interface, then you can fill in the coupon code FAK188 and click on “Apply Coupon” and then the discounted price will appear. Finally, select “PayPal” and click “Continue” to complete the payment.

If you have any questions, you can contact our 24/7 after-sales technical support and customer service via email

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