PlayStation Plus prices rise for a year: here are the new prices

Sony announced the worst thing subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service would like to hear, which is raising the prices of the service for subscribers, starting from September 6 of the current year 2023.

Sony has raised the price of all categories of the PlayStation Plus service. The company announced that the new prices will be implemented starting September 6.

The good news is that the subscription prices for a month are the same, and no increase has been applied to it, but the increase in prices is applied to the service prices for a one-year subscription.

Sony announced an increase in the prices of PlayStation Plus

Here is what Sony said about the new increase and its justification for that increase:

We're charging more so we can continue to release "high-quality games and value-added features for your PlayStation Plus subscription service."

The company also stated on its Playstation Blog:-

Building on more than 25 years of gaming innovation experience, this shake-up of our subscription services highlights our ongoing efforts to evolve our network services business to match our customers' preferences. With the all-new PlayStation Plus, we're focused on delivering an engaging gaming subscription service with curated content from our exclusive PlayStation Studios team and our third-party partners. The newly enhanced PlayStation Plus service will enable our fans to discover and engage with more content than ever before, and deepen their connection to the PlayStation community through shared experiences

Playstation Blog

New prices for PlayStation Plus service

The price of the PS Plus Essential class will increase from 59.99 to $80 annually in the United States, while the EXTRA class will increase from 99.99 to $135 annually, and the PlayStation Plus Premium class will increase from 119.99 to $160 annually.

The PlayStation Plus service may come at a slightly lower price in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, given that the current prices for the service are lower than its price in the United States of America, where the price of PS Plus Essential in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is currently (before the increase) $ 49.99, the price of PS Plus EXTRA is $ 82.99, and the price of PS Plus DELUXE It is $95.99.

Sony hasn't revealed whether the prices for PS Plus memberships that are offered for a month or three months will also go up, but the company said the prices will go up over the 12-month period but will still be a discount on a monthly or quarterly purchase.

For existing PlayStation Plus subscribers they will not see a price increase for the service for 12 months until the next renewal date on or after 6 November.

New prices for 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription plans
New prices for 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription plans

It is worth noting that Microsoft announced an increase in the prices of its service as well, and Sony's announcement of the high prices of its service comes shortly after Microsoft raised the price of subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service.

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