iPhone 15 VS iPhone 15 Plus VS iPhone 15 Pro VS 15 Pro Max

In this guide, we will show you a quick comparison between all iPhone 15 phones to help you make the right decision in the next upgrade for you and to know the difference between the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max by comparing prices and specifications and displaying the features of each.

Comparison between iPhone 15, 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max

Apple announced the new iPhone 15 lineup last Tuesday, September 12, and pre-orders were opened on Friday, September 15. The phones are scheduled to reach the hands of the first buyers on September 22.

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The new iPhone lineup included four phones: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Just like last year, it is clear that Apple no longer has interest in the Mini model due to its low sales in recent years.

Naturally, Apple has no interest in economy class users except through the SE model, which we do not expect to arrive soon.

Therefore, you will not have many options other than the iPhone 15, whose price starts at $799 USD, up to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, whose price starts at $1,199 USD.

The iPhone 15 phones have not reached the hands of reviewers yet, or at least, they are not allowed to offer reviews at the present time. Therefore, we cannot give a final rating for any iPhone from the new iPhone 15 series.

However, we can help you if you are a little hesitant about which iPhone model suits your uses and ambitions.

If you are looking to upgrade to a new iPhone model, this article will definitely help you because we will provide an explanation of the most important features that distinguish each model from others and when these features are useful to the user.

It is best to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the following cases

First, you want the best camera setup ever

He got a phone iPhone 15 Pro Max, For the first time in its history, it has a new periscope lens with an optical zoom rate of up to 5x. This feature is exclusive to the phone and you cannot get it on any other iPhone 15 model.

While the iPhone 15 Pro model also contains a Telephoto lens, but it is limited to a 2x optical zoom rate, and this is a huge difference between it and the periscope lens on the Pro Max model, with a difference of 2x.

A periscope lens may not be important in all use cases, but it is extremely important for photographers who take a lot of images from long distances because this lens will give you high-quality close-up images with extremely fine and sharp details without any darkening, blurring or distortion of the original image quality.

It is an exceptional feature, but as we mentioned a moment ago, do you really need it on a daily basis due to the nature of your work as a photographer, or will it be just an aesthetic or entertainment feature to capture many things far away from you to see what they look like in the end?

Second: You want to enjoy media on the larger screen

The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a 6.7-inch screen. It is an LTPO Super Retina

By the way, this is the same screen that you will get with the “iPhone 15 Plus” model, but there are minor technical differences in the display panel, such as the LTPO technology for dynamic refresh rates that is exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The larger screen will give you an enjoyable experience while watching content be it short YouTube videos or some of your favorite movies on the go.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also the largest in terms of battery capacity. Although Apple did not go into details about the battery capacity clearly during the announcement, but from the list of specifications shown on the official websites, it is clear that it is the phone with the longest battery life and operating times.

However, it must be taken into account that the larger size of the battery causes an increase in the weight of the phone, so the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs 221 grams. But it is much lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which weighs 240 grams. This is thanks to the new titanium frames that are lighter and more durable.

It is best to buy the iPhone 15 Pro in the following cases

First: You want the professional features but in a smaller size

The feature that makes the iPhone 15 Pro more suitable, especially for those with small hands, is the screen that measures only 6.1 inches. The smaller screen seems more convenient and very comfortable to use with one hand than the larger screens.

There are many commonalities between the Pro model and the Pro Max model, the most important of which is the new A17 Pro processor from Apple, which is the first processor in the world manufactured with a precision of 3 nm.

Besides that, you will also get the customizable Action Button on the Pro model, which has been replaced by the old alert button. The action button is still able to switch between ringing and silent mode with a long tap. But it will help you perform many other tasks and access a large number of functions without manually opening related applications or services, including translating to and from multiple languages, turning the flashlight on and off, launching voice memos or magnifying glass, accessing shortcuts, and many other functions.

As for the camera setup, you will also get a new 48-Megapixel main camera sensor, which is larger than the previous sensor, and therefore will be able to absorb more light and improve the quality of photography in low-light conditions.

Second: You can't afford the Pro Max model

Because of the Pro Max's new camera sensor, larger battery, periscope lens, and larger screen, it's $200 more expensive than the Pro model. This material difference is very large, especially when we take into account customs taxes and local pricing in many countries.

The price difference can be saved to purchase many other collectibles and accessories including a new USB-C charger, AirPods Pro headphones, or other things that you find more important to you.

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It is better to buy the iPhone 15 Plus in the following cases

First: You want the bigger screen at a cheaper price

If you want to enjoy the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen but are unable to save on its price, you can still get the iPhone 15 Pro Plus, which starts at $899.

Unfortunately the price is still very high, but these are iPhones by nature. A larger screen gives you the ability to enjoy visual content in a better way than small screens and makes the experience of watching videos and movies more enjoyable.

However, the iPhone 15 Plus screen still has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz, which has caused discontent and resentment among many fans of the American apple. Despite this, there are many users who do not care about faster refresh rates because they do not feel much difference between them and standard refresh rates.

Also, the speakers are not as powerful as the sound produced by the iPhone 15 Pro Max headphones. But as long as your media use and consumption will be done through the wireless earphones, you will not be greatly affected by the speakers of the phone itself.

Another feature that affected all iPhone 15 models, including the cheaper iPhone models, is the dynamic island feature that was unique to the iPhone 14 Pro phones last year. With this feature, the iPhone 15 screens are much better than the poor notch that plagued all previous iPhones.

It is best to buy an iPhone 15 in the following cases

First: You want to own the latest iPhone at the cheapest possible price

No one can deny that the iPhone 15 lacks many of the professional features that Apple endowed the more expensive iPhone 15 models. From the larger battery to the larger display, faster and more accurate refresh rates, to the amazing camera setup and A17 Pro processor.

But we must remember that the iPhone 15 got the A16 Bionic processor from the iPhone 14 Pro, which is still more powerful than any Android processor on the market to this day.

This means that the user experience will be extremely smooth no matter what type of tasks you are trying to accomplish on the phone, and the phone will remain that way for years to come. Therefore, there is no need to worry about performance in the near future, even considering the type of resource-hungry tasks.

At the same time, the phone's starting price of $799 makes it a more suitable option for those who have difficulty saving a large budget for a $1,000 phone.

Second: It comes in a new and luxurious range of pastel colors

Color may not be a decisive factor in choosing a phone, but the matter is completely different with iPhone users since the majority of them usually prefer to use the phone without a case.

Therefore, you will find many new pastel color options that Apple has given to all iPhone 15 models, including the affordable basic version.

You will have yellow, blue, pink, Black and white to choose from however you may have difficulty finding all colors in retail stores in your country.

The iPhone 15 still has a USB-C port with the USB 2.0 standard, which means that - unfortunately - it will be slower at transferring data than the Pro models, but you will get a more convenient charging experience by using a unified cable for all your other devices.

The basic version also gets the dynamic island feature, a 48-Megapixel sensor from last year's Pro models, and a 12-Megapixel ultra-wide lens.

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Now, after we showed you the difference between the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, do you know what I am thinking now? To be honest with you, I personally am thinking about the iPhone 14 or even the iPhone 13. This is a great thing about iPhones by nature, as they do not lose their value quickly, unlike Android phones.

But now, iPhone 14 phones have become clearly cheaper with the launch of the new generation of iPhone. You can enjoy the new iOS 17 system and its features on the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or even iPhone 12.

But if you want the latest piece of technology from the tech giant, the idea of ​​owning one of the iPhone 15 models is still interesting. You will get a new processor, a new camera, and most importantly a USB-C port.

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