Snapdragon X Elite VS Apple M2 Comparison

In this guide, we will review for you the most important differences that distinguish the new Snapdragon X Elite processor from Qualcomm for highly efficient laptops compared to the Apple M2 processor.

Difference between Snapdragon X Elite and Apple M2

It was certainly not a coincidence, but rather the unprecedented success achieved by Apple after using chips manufactured by it in desktop computers and tablets was the spark that lit a fire in the souls of competitors.

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Over the years, Qualcomm has not focused its efforts on developing leading processors for laptops as much as it has focused on the Android platform. But this is already about to change with the arrival of the Snapdragon X Elite processor.

To be honest with you, the Snapdragon Now, it can be said that we have a new competitor in the laptop processor market, and as more competitors enter, manufacturing costs decrease due to reliance on a greater number of suppliers, which ultimately affects the final selling price of the product.

We've already seen Qualcomm processors based on the ARM architecture previously make their way into some mobile devices from Samsung, Lenovo, and others.

But this time, the Snapdragon X Elite processor comes to write new letters in the history of high-performance mobile device processors and new standards in energy efficiency.

Qualcomm began its latest event by promoting the Snapdragon X Elite processor as one of the most powerful central processors in its class with high performance and amazing energy efficiency.

Inside this predator resides an Oryon CPU containing 12 cores with a frequency speed of up to 3.8GHz, with the ability to raise the maximum frequency of single cores and dual cores up to 4.3GHz. We're already looking at amazing success for Qualcomm here, and it's impressive to see an ARM-based processor at such blazing speed.

The Snapdragon All this is in contrast to the processor's AI-based capabilities in more intensive data analysis.

Unfortunately, Qualcomm did not go into details about the devices that will start using the new processor. But it said it will be used with mobile devices starting in mid-2024.

But where does all this come from the Apple M2 processor. Will the Qualcomm processor be able to compete with its competitors from Apple and Intel? However, it is still very early, and it will be difficult for us to decide the competition from now on. We'll have to wait to see and test this processor in the real world to see if it performs in the leading category.

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Snapdragon X Elite processor uses 4nm manufacturing technology

Major technology companies spend billions annually to improve manufacturing accuracy which is usually a good indicator of improving processing technology and creating space for more transistors responsible for boosting performance.

Of course, the more precise the manufacturing technology is the more advanced, and the lower the manufacturing precision the more room there is for the manufacturing process and the addition of more processor transistors. In other words, it cannot be argued that 4nm is better than 5nm, and similarly, 3nm is better than 4nm.

The Snapdragon X Elite processor was manufactured using a 4nm manufacturing precision, as evidence of it being an advanced, highly efficient chip capable of delivering superior performance.

On the other hand, although the Apple M2 processor is based on a 5nm manufacturing precision, it is still one of the most powerful central processors in its class so far. However, Apple is expected to launch new Mac devices this year with the Apple M3 processor, which is based on a 3 nm manufacturing accuracy.

It should be noted that the size of the manufacturing node is not always evidence of higher performance, and we have seen this clearly through the competition launched by Intel for AMD Ryzen processors, which, despite using more advanced manufacturing precision, still come in second place behind Intel processors. Regarding the performance of the single core.

However, the development of the Snapdragon X Elite processor with advanced manufacturing precision means that it is truly an advanced processor, and may be eligible to compete with the big names from Intel and Apple.

Snapdragon X Elite processor includes 12 cores

Qualcomm has surpassed Apple when it comes to the number of cores that can be added inside the processor block, as the company succeeded in launching 12 central processor cores inside the Snapdragon X Elite chip, while the Apple M2 contains only 8 cores of them.

A higher number of cores doesn't have to be conclusive evidence of a processor's superiority either. Frequency speed plays a prominent role in improving things. However, Qualcomm did not disappoint us with its new processor.

The base clock speed on the Snapdragon This is a real achievement considering that the maximum clock speed on the M2 processor is only 3.5GHz.

Knowing that the Apple processor contains two arrays of cores inside the processor, including a matrix containing 4 highly efficient cores with a maximum speed of only 2.4GHz.

This may enhance power efficiency and extend battery life on MacBook and iMac devices, but it will come at the expense of overall performance within CPU-hungry tasks that require maximum CPU power drain.

Therefore, Qualcomm tried to focus on the important side of the equation in order to improve the performance power of the Snapdragon X Elite processor. But it's too early to determine the winner here, however we are very optimistic about the new Qualcomm processor and what it can offer for laptops during 2023.

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Snapdragon X Elite processor supports 64 GB of RAM

Qualcomm stated that the Snapdragon X Elite processor is capable of supporting up to 64 GB of RAM. Of course this is a huge number, and from my personal point of view it is just a number too. No matter how much RAM the processor supports, it is unlikely that it will be able to make the most of it.

As for the new Qualcomm processor, the larger capacity may be an amazing idea for fans and lovers of increasing specifications to their maximum limits, but mobile devices supported by the Snapdragon the future.

On the other hand, the Apple M2 processor offers support for up to 24GB of RAM, which is not even accessible on a few Apple devices like the iMac or MacBook Air 15inch.

It is likely that you will not need this amount of RAM in all cases, but it is still good to see that the Qualcomm processor contains a more advanced memory controller that is able to keep up with users' future business demands, even if the chances of making the most of it are slim.

Snapdragon X Elite processor supports WiFi 7 connectivity

In order to support the latest wireless networking standards, Qualcomm has worked to bring WiFi 7 networking technology to the Snapdragon X Elite processor, which cannot be found on the Apple M2 processor.

The WiFi 7 standard guarantees a data transfer speed of up to 40 Gbps, which is four times the data transfer speed on current WiFi 6 chips.

Speed ​​may not be required in all cases, but through Multi-Link Operation technology, the Snapdragon

To take advantage of the new processor, you'll also need a router that supports WiFi 7, most of which are still insanely expensive. But sooner or later, this will be the standard for routers in the near future. Therefore, it is good to see that the new Qualcomm processor is able to keep up with the latest advanced technologies in the field of wireless communications and the world of the Internet.

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You can only get the M2 processor if you plan to buy a computer from Apple, while you can get the new Snapdragon X Elite processor with a large number of partner laptops from mid-2024.

Apple will not remain silent for a long time, and in my opinion, Qualcomm has chosen the appropriate date to unveil the Snapdragon

The idea of ​​Qualcomm entering the world of high-performance laptops will remain more than wonderful because the increase in companies supplying components means a decrease in demand for factories, and thus a decrease in the selling price to the final consumer.

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