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The best mid-range laptop 2023, with cons and pros of each

If you are looking for the best mid-range laptop for study or work at a reasonable cost in the middle class, you will find in this article a bunch of the best options that you can use, and make sure that your choice of any of them will be a smart and wise choice.

Every laptop on this list ensures that you get the latest technology along with solid and powerful hardware to help you boost your productivity and work properly.

Best mid-range laptop

Laptops have come a long way over the years, becoming thinner, more powerful, endowed with advanced screens, innovative display panels with blazing fast refresh rates, and starting to have all the essential ingredients needed for a variety of uses.

However, the process of choosing the best laptop remains very complex and difficult due to the many options in the market at varying prices.

Here comes our role in Review Plus, where we look at the reviews of third-party websites and check on your behalf the advantages and disadvantages of each device and start sorting out all the recently launched devices to find out their secrets.

In fact, we have found many mid-range laptops that are more than impressive and we had some difficulties in determining the preference among them due to the similarity in specifications and features.

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But to make it easier for you, we tried to narrow the screws more and more, indexing each laptop separately, making sure of its advantages and disadvantages, and comparing them with its price.

We've found this range to be the best value-for-price laptop out there right now.

Whether you are still a middle school, high school, or university student, whether you need a device capable of meeting your engineering and graphic design needs, whether you need a laptop for montage and video editing, this package is the best you can get in the mid-price range. the cost.

You will probably be surprised that this article does not contain Asus, HP or DELL laptops but remember that we just mentioned that we have tried to find the best laptops that offer the best value for money.

In other words, no matter how popular the brand is in the industry, it does not affect the final selling price. We found that there are very valuable computers from Microsoft, Acer, and Lenovo, and we confirmed through their reviews on third-party websites that they are the best available options in their same price category.

In order not to prolong you, let us start quickly and get to know the best mid-range laptop for 2023.

1- Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

The Surface Laptop Go 2 has been the perfect upgrade for office business owners and students alike.

Surface Laptop Go 2 does not come with real upgrades over the previous version, but it has a new model of Intel processor that ensures that you are able to perform your work more than decently.

Surface Laptop Go 2 has a 12.4-inch screen that supports touch, which enhances your experience and the way you interact with your computer, whether for drawing or writing on the screen.

It is one of the smallest portable computers, and at the same time one of the best portable computers. The size of the laptop is very small and will help you move with it whenever you want and wherever you want without burdening you with a very heavy weight.

Some may see that its screen is very small, and the display resolution is low, but given the size of the screen, the resolution is very appropriate and will make the viewing experience enjoyable and flawless.

If the screen size is not enough for you, you should look at other options, but if you want a small laptop that is easy to move around even when you are indoors, then this is the device that is worth buying.

In addition, since it is a laptop from Microsoft, this means that you will get a raw Windows 11 system free of any bloatware programs or advertising clutter that is of no importance.

Through the reviews, we also confirmed that Microsoft did a good job in making the laptop able to continue for long periods of time throughout the day, and perhaps the credit for the long battery life is due to the presence of the new highly efficient Intel processor.

Laptop features:

  • Great value for the price.
  • Slim design and always easy to carry around.
  • Solid and powerful performance for all essential office and productivity tasks.
  • Better battery life than the previous version.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The screen resolution is relatively low.
  • The keyboard lacks a backlight feature.
  • It does not have a fingerprint scanner.

2- Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a convertible laptop or also known as a 2-in-1 hybrid that ensures you enjoy both worlds in one device, and it is the best mid-range laptop of 2023.

On the one hand, you can use it as a regular laptop, or it is possible to separate the keyboard from the device and become like a tablet.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet laptop includes an eight-core MediaTek central processor. It may be a very modest processor but it is more than enough for basic tasks on Chrome OS.

Surely you are fully aware of what Chrome OS means, as all your tasks and work will be based on the cloud and you will be able to access all functions through the Google Chrome browser.

This device is very suitable in many cases, especially light office work or study work and writing scientific research.

Thanks to its light weight, which does not exceed half a kilogram, it will be easy for you to take it with you wherever you go without the feeling that you are carrying something on your shoulders.

It is one of the most portable lightweight laptops so you can take it to the club, internet cafe or university and take it outside whenever you want without even noticing its presence.

At the same time, it is still a very good option for children of all ages and schools, because they will be able to browse the web normally and access some cloud games to enjoy in their free time and have a wonderful and flawless user experience.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet features a small 10inch screen yet has bright and vibrant colors that will ensure you enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience.

Most important of all is the battery life, as it became clear to us through the reviews that the device contains a suitable battery that is able to last for a long period of time exceeding 13 hours of web browsing and video playback.

This is a good amount of time at all, especially since we are talking about Chrome OS, and it is probably much better than competing devices that come at the same price or even more expensive.

Laptop features:

  • Very reasonable price considering the specifications.
  • Comes with a versatile keyboard.
  • An amazing screen for all kinds of media and video.
  • Epic battery life.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Does not include a headphone jack.
  • The sound of the headphones is very weak and not pure.
  • The keyboard is very small and uncomfortable to use.

3- Acer Chromebook Spin 513

Acer Chromebook Spin 513

It turns out that the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 is one of the best Chrome OS laptops in 2023 and comes as one of the best mid-range laptops in 2023.

This time the device comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c processor based on ARM architecture, which means that it will be better in energy consumption and does not require a lot of cooling resources.

The device includes a screen measuring 13 inches with FHD resolution, which was more than great during the tests in order to watch high-quality content.

Also, the screen supports a brightness rate of 318 lumens, which are relatively good rates that make you able to see the content easily, however, it will not be excellent during outdoor use.

Through the set of standard tests that this device was able to perform, we can assure you that it is a better than great device. The Spin 513 can open any number of browser tabs and write in Google Docs without experiencing any slowdowns or lags in the overall performance of the device.

Also remember that the device has a SIM tray so you can insert a 4G SIM in case you need it. Perhaps the weight of the device is relatively heavy compared to the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, as the device weighs 1.2 kilograms, and thus it becomes one of the heaviest Chrome OS computers in 2023.

In the end, this weight is not very heavy while carrying it on your shoulder, which makes it distinguished in terms of weight, in addition to providing excellent specifications and good performance, which makes it one of the best mid-range laptops in 2023.

Better yet, despite its extremely thin bezels, it has an abundance of ports that have been chosen very wisely.

One of the most important reasons that made us choose the Chromebook Spin 513 laptop is its battery life, which exceeded 13 hours of continuous operation time with ease.

This is a very long period of time for use throughout the day on a single charge and makes it necessary for you to recharge the device while you are still in the middle of your work day.

In fact, this amount of time is sometimes more than enough for two days of use if your uses of the device are somewhat limited to web browsing and writing.

Laptop features:

  • Innovative design and very light weight.
  • Sharp display with pinpoint details and vibrant colours.
  • Exceptional battery life.
  • A quiet voice no matter what kind of tasks he's doing.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Speaker volume is low.
  • The performance is average.
  • The keyboard does not have a backlight.

4- Acer Chromebook 314

Acer Chromebook 314

We are aware that there is an increased demand for Chromebooks by students and business owners who want to take advantage of the capabilities of Chrome OS and conduct their business online, so we tried to focus in our article on the best computers running Chrome OS for the year 2023.

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One of the best options that definitely cannot be ignored is the Chromebook 314 which is the second device on this list from Acer. The Taiwanese company has been able to carve its name in gold in the world of laptop computers in recent years, and annually the company produces many different models that run on Chrome OS.

The Chromebook 314 laptop is no exception to the best laptops for 2023, even after we knew that it contains a dual-core Celeron processor.

The CPU may be very modest, but rest assured that you do not need any other processor because it is able to give you a solid and reliable user experience on all Chrome OS applications and perhaps the 4 GB of RAM is more than enough to open many tabs at once without the slightest problem.

These specifications make you able to open any number of browser tabs and complete your study and writing work on Google Docs without the slightest problem.

If you want to know the only negatives about this device is the storage capacity only. The Chromebook 314 uses only 32GB of eMMC flash storage which is very poor and very small.

Naturally, it is assumed that all your work will be based in the cloud, but we still crave more storage for media storage.

As for the battery life, the laptop was able to reach 13 hours and 30 minutes during continuous video playback. The amount of time is definitely impressive and should be enough for a couple of days of use even with heavy usage and 24/7 browsing.

The Acer Chromebook 314's screen has a very good brightness, but if you want a little extra battery life, it might be best to lower the screen brightness a bit to get more hours of playtime.

Perhaps some people may not like the idea of ​​equipping the screen with an HD + display panel whose dimensions are 1366 x 768, which will not be very pleasant while watching a video.

Also, the Acer Chromebook 314 laptop does not support touch, perhaps these are the only compromises that Acer was forced to sacrifice in order to keep the price of the laptop in the safe range.

Laptop features:

  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Sturdy design and solid construction.
  • Wise choice of outlets.
  • Exceptional battery life.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The screen is not bright and the colors are not good.
  • The screen does not support touch.

5- MSI Modern 15

MSI Modern 15

We weren't too happy with the battery life, which barely extends to 6 hours of continuous playback, nor were we surprised by the 270 nits brightness, which won't let you see the content clearly on the screen while using the device outdoors.

But there are many reasons why we prefer this device in particular and want to own it at the expense of many other devices.

First, the MSI Modern 15 laptop is very powerful in terms of specifications and comes at an affordable price for all users.

I think you won't need more than a Core I7-1255U processor to do all your school or office work. Most importantly, the processor is U-class, which means that it is very energy efficient.

But for some reason MSI couldn't make the laptop last for a long period of time and maybe the reason for that is the faster internal cooling and storage systems.

Since we are talking about the specifications, let us draw attention to the type of storage unit used, which is a high-speed SSD model with a capacity of 512 GB, accompanied by a random memory capacity of 8 GB RAM.

This amazing hardware makes you fully prepared to manage all your business requirements with ease, especially since the device is very cheap.

You may notice that the sound of the fans is very annoying while pressing the laptop in serious work, but remember that we are talking about a laptop from MSI, which means that you will get a program to manage your fans professionally and control their speeds accurately to avoid the problem of disturbance and noise from the fans at intervals lethargy.

MSI Modern 15 may be the best mid-range laptop in 2023, as it is a more than excellent choice for low-income people who want to find a device capable of handling all kinds of tasks and office work, but the battery life makes the deal incomplete.

In fact, there is no perfect laptop, and it is no exception for the Modern 15 offered by MSI.

If you plan to use it inside the office or inside the house, you will not notice any of the negative aspects that we referred to a short while ago. But if you plan to go out and about here and there, you will find some limitations that limit your productivity on this device.

Laptop features:

  • accessible to all users.
  • Great performance considering the price of the device.
  • Stylish design despite the plastic body.
  • An abundance of ports and an excellent choice of the type of ports available.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The screen is good, but the color accuracy and details are quite modest.
  • A modest battery life of barely 6 hours.

6- Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

Are you still looking for a Chrome OS device, but it is stronger in terms of performance than previous computers? Well, finally, here's the IdeaPad Flex 5 that has the 10th Gen Core I5-12210U processor. This processor is capable of handling all kinds of tasks with ease. We cannot make promises to you regarding the operation of the games.

But if you're looking for a device for serious work, productivity, and clerical work with multiple browser tabs and a variety of programs running at once, the IdeaPad Flex 5 is a good fit for those tasks.

The device comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is why we welcome this device, along with the central processor. Most importantly, the laptop is capable of continuous work for about 13 hours, and we believe that this is the best period of time that can be obtained currently in any laptop that falls under the same price bracket.

This means that the device is able to serve you throughout the day heroically without you finding yourself having to refill the battery every now and then.

One of the main factors that made us prefer the laptop besides its internal specifications is its main screen, which played a major role in improving the user experience. The device has a sharp 13.3-inch FHD screen and we certainly welcome the fact that it is a touch screen. So you get a versatile Chromebook.

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We have one reservation about this device due to the plastic touchpad and the low volume of the speakers, but since you are still looking for the best Chrome OS device in terms of specifications and price, the IdeaPad Flex 5 should be the next upgrade for you.

Laptop features:

  • A screen that cannot be described in words given the price of the device.
  • Very comfortable and functional keyboard.
  • Long lasting battery life.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Some laptops in the same price range are a little better.
  • The plastic touchpad is not a good option.
  • Very weak speakers.


There are many cheap laptops out there that are aimed at those with limited budgets. Therefore, in order to be able to choose the most suitable one, you must determine your requirements in the first place. Do you want to run on Windows or Chrome OS?

Do you want a productivity device or a professional device? Do you want a device for indoor or outdoor use?

All these questions must be answered by the user himself. In all cases, we have managed to cover all the users through this article and make sure that the only difference between them is related to the price only.

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