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The best newly released PS5 games coming soon

Goodbye 2023, it's been a year filled with many great gaming titles that kept PS5 owners busy all year long. Now, we are preparing for a new era of wonderful games, some of which were launched in 2024 and some of which are coming soon or by 2025.

The best PS5 games coming in the future

With titles like Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy, Spiderman 2, and Diablo 4 we have spent hundreds of hours of enjoyment on the console. The game library continues to increase and expand.

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As 2023 concludes, we are waiting for the arrival of many amazing games, some of which were launched a few days ago, others coming in the near future, while there are still some titles that we do not expect to be released before the end of 2024.

There's no doubt that the PS5 is the best home gaming console right now. It has many advantages over any other gaming platform.

It's also got some exceptional improvements and upgrades over last year's console, from solid-state storage instead of mechanical, faster loading times, and even a Dual Sense controller that makes for more immersive gameplay, although it's more impressive depending on what type of game you're playing.

After completing so many great games this year, video game fans are still excited about what's to come in the future, and we are definitely among them.

In this guide, we have collected for you a list of the best game titles coming to the console during the next stage. The list may not be comprehensive, and may not contain any titles that haven't been confirmed yet, but it's a little rundown of the most popular games that we're most excited to try out sooner rather than later.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Perhaps there is an entire generation that does not know anything about the game Star Ocean: The Second Story, which was released in 1998, and we are certainly talking about the new generation of PS5 game fans.

But just a few days ago, the new part arrived after nearly more than two decades under the title Star Ocean: The Second Story R, ​​which carries many exciting events, heroic characters, and an epic story revolving around an attempt to save the planet Expel and its people by a rookie officer in the Federation and a feisty little girl. .

The game is compatible on all home gaming platforms, including personal computers. It is developed and published by Square Enix and is a role-playing game.

Robocop: Rogue City

We were surprised by the game Robocop: Rogue City, based on the famous Hollywood film series Robocop, where the half-man, half-robot hero wears metal boots to become a deadly killing machine in the form of a state cop.

The hero takes to the streets of Detroit in search of crimes, with the help of his fully armed vehicle, Auto-9, and several deadly, industrial-strength weapons prepared and developed within the factory to deal with crime in all its forms.

Officer Robocop has years of experience fighting armed crime and dealing with the most dangerous and ferocious gangs in a first-person perspective and some mechanics inspired by recent Fallout games.

Her only interest is to bring justice to the city of Detroit, which has suddenly exploded with gangs and dangerous people roaming the streets day and night in an environment filled with greed and corruption.

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Gangs of Sherwood

Robin Hood is the world decorator of Gangs of Sherwood that transports you into a dystopian future to battle the oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham and his power that cannot be easily overcome.

There are some characters available to choose from such as Robin, Marian, Little John, and Friar Tuck, and each of them has a unique set of talents and combat abilities that are customizable and upgradeable over time.

You can fight epic battles in a bloody group experience through cooperative play and form a team of friends who are professional fighters, or go into battle alone and challenge yourself inside the terrifying Sherwood Forest all the way to the Sheriff’s Flying Castle.

Your only goal is to thwart all the tyrant's attempts. Thanks to your individual fighting styles and unique fighting skills, you can accomplish what other heroes before you could not achieve.

You will have to face massive enemies, soldiers with extraordinary combat abilities, equipped with the latest and most powerful types of weapons, as well as war machines and bloody bosses at the end of each stage.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

Similar to Warzone 2, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl has an impressive array of animations and a complete focus on punching, melee, chopping, blasting, and decimating your opponents with any means at your fingertips.

The only goal in the game is to keep enemies away from you with all your might, and use some intellectual strategies to achieve this. It's not in any way similar to a game like Super Smash Bros., but it is one of the most impressive platformers that has won the admiration of millions of melee fans.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Kazuma Kiryu returns again with a new story, and this time the game tries to include you in more bloody events with the story of a human being who lives a pathetic and bitter life in an attempt to get rid of the legendary Yakuza members and sacrifice his true identity in order to save his loved ones and those close to him.

But the story suddenly turns when an opponent forces him to come out of the shadows to confront the painful past and return to the game to protect his future and the future of his loved ones. It is a surprising story with many exciting and suspenseful events inspired by the best revenge films.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

You are certainly ready for the new part of the Call Of Duty game, and this time the Moder Warfare III part will take us to new and more dangerous places.

You will relive the best moments of multiplayer battle royale games inside more than 15 different maps redesigned from scratch. The game features completely new game modes and there are more than 10 maps dedicated to online multiplayer play in the form of 6 players against 6 other players.

You will also enjoy the zombie mode and face hordes of the undead in the cooperative game mode, which has a very interesting story and dramatic plot this time. With a plethora of quests, zombies to take down, and more hidden secrets that we're still very excited to explore, Modern Warfare III should be at the top of your future gaming list.

The Day Before

We have been and still are eagerly awaiting The Day Before and it is almost upon us and is just a few days away. If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic games like TLOU or TWD, then The Day Before is an MMO and the struggle for survival will keep you busy for a while.

We have seen the exciting story of the game before, as all the states of America turn into a state of utter death after the spread and spread of a dangerous epidemic that threatened to wipe out all of humanity and left them only in a state of bloodlust.

The world of humans will become more than just animals, where meat, weapons, and shelter are the most important elements of survival, to the point where some may be forced to kill each other for the smallest handful of resources needed to survive.

The game's story begins with a person waking up in a world where he does not know how he got there or what is required of him, and he does not remember anything about his past. But you will struggle with everyone to get the appropriate answers in a bloody episode of struggle and survival that will make you forget all meanings of humanity through it.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered

It is no secret that Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion was released in 2000 for the Nintendo console and is a first-person fighting game. The game returns again with an improved part in terms of visual experience and graphics for all other gaming platforms.

It's a very classic and traditional shooting game, but extremely bloody. The game's story begins right after the events of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and the game's heroes will have to fight to get rid of the bloody carnivore Oblivion.

Persona 5 Tactics

Everyone's beloved world of Persona 5 returns with Persona 5 Tactica, but this time with more tactical gameplay elements.

The story revolves around a mysterious group of thieves who stumble their way into a strange land ruled by Legionnaires, a tribe that represents the military Iron Fist.

The mysterious deal in this game will only come with the appearance of Erina, who will contribute to transforming and changing their lives in order to help them, but this will not be without compensation.

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Bluey: The Videogame

The wonderful TV show and the fun story are finally making their way to the world of video games, but this time with stunning graphics, multiple modes of cooperative play, and characters inspired by the TV show, and it will be one of the most beautiful games of the season to play with your family members.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you will embark on an extraordinary journey full of difficulties and challenges in order to obtain the right answers and reconcile with the RDA tribe that managed to kidnap you after you were exiled and mold you into one of them.

I spent almost more than a decade locked in captivity. But once your soul is freed, you can unite with other tribes and clans to explore RDA's weaknesses and overcome its forces.

It is a very interesting adventure, but it will not be very easy. There are many epic adventures with the forces of Pandora and you will have an enjoyable playing experience within amazing worlds of the mysterious world.

The game mixes some graphics inspired by the Avatar movies, where strange creatures, vibrant environments, and unique characters all unite and cooperate just to evacuate RDA and end their era and take over the world.

Alone in the Dark

We can't predict much about Alone in the dark as the game is still some time away. But you're sure to experience a frightening reimagining of the incredible classic from nearly two decades ago.

We have seen the story of the game several times before, as you unite with some of the game's characters to search for a missing person inside a mental institution that contains evil spirits and inside many malicious things that roam around and are the cause of the disappearance of humans in an unnatural phenomenon.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

From Prince of Persia, we are always accustomed to having many epic battles, and The Lost Crown will certainly be no exception.

It's an impressive return from Ubisoft after a long absence. In this game you will enjoy fast-paced real-time combat, one of the best features of Metroidvania games that adorns Prince of Persia.

You will experience an exceptional combat experience that has never been seen before in any other game, and there are many surprises that the new part holds for us and leaves us excited to see it.

The mysterious world will certainly be full of secrets, mysteries, secret passages and treasures, as well as the amazing powers of the game hero that can be customized and upgraded over time.

Tekken 8

The family battle between Jin Kazama and his father reaches a state of extreme tension, which may cause an increase in the conflict between Jin and his father's supernatural powers, but in the middle of the game, Jin will turn into a terrifying, invincible demon.

Tekken 8 takes you into more action with redesigned characters and precise, detailed graphics for a fighting experience like never before.

The company is certainly trying to push the boundaries of the game's aesthetics and graphics to take greater advantage of the capabilities of the new generation of consoles, and this is what we have become accustomed to from every new generation of Tekken game over the past few years.

Battles take place in new, redesigned environments that make you enjoy fighting with your friends online, in addition to fully destructible environments.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Fates intertwine between Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, dragging them through the dingy streets of Japan.

It is a role-playing adventure that extends across the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian part, and the crowded streets of Japan, and you engage in epic battles to freely use your weapons and engage in fast-paced, dynamic violent combat.

By winning each stage you will receive many rewards that you can use to upgrade your team and enhance their combat skills to prepare for the most gruesome missions.

It's the combat philosophy we're used to seeing from Like a Dragon games that allows you to dominate and outmaneuver your enemies through some unique fighting moves.

The game is a combination of pleasant events between friends, but also brings them together to engage in fierce combat against enemies in unforgettable battles.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Rocksteady Studios decided to stop the Batman games to focus on the new type of superheroes, and this time it returns with Suicide Squad, which focuses primarily on the cooperative play mode.

In this game, you will be allowed to choose any character from the Suicide Squad, whether you want to play as Harley Quinn, King Shark, or Deadshot.

The story takes place in the crime-filled world of Arkham, and your mission is to travel to Brainiac, the evil leader, and eliminate him. However, it's not as easy as it seems, as Brainiac uses his mind-controlling powers and is able to turn the members of the Suicide Squad against each other or perhaps control Superman, the most dangerous obstacle that will stand in your way.

 Persona 3 Reload

The Dark Hour is when you fight unprecedented battles within Persona 3 Reload, which include a group of mysterious battles fraught with many dangers. The story revolves around a student who is pulled into a hidden world, and there is a mysterious force that tries to awaken an evil spirit to eliminate your lonely world.

Your school is your only playground, and the fate of your classmates and friends is at stake. You have little choice but to fight and defeat the forces of evil. It's a classic RPG but with redesigned elements it borrows some elements from modern world games.

Helldivers II

Are you ready to fight many monsters and bosses in space? It should be so. Helldivers II continues the great legacy of the first part of the sci-fi co-op fighting game.

As one of the Helldivers, your primary mission is to protect the Earth known as Super Earth from threats posed by dangerous aliens.

You will be equipped with the best lethal weapons in the entire galaxy, but aliens will not be easy prey at your fingertips. Your only hope will be to form a team of warriors with professional fighting skills to bring justice and spread peace throughout the universe. Whenever you find yourself in need of support, someone has to support you, it's one of the most important strategies in Helldivers II.

All of your weapons are customizable, and you have more super-powered industrial weapon loadouts, but they won't be enough to remove evil from your path alone.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

No one should forget the wonderful classic action and excitement game that we have enjoyed over many years, and it returns again with a new part that is no less exciting.

This time, the game is designed by the original developers, and you get a new story, different gameplay, and many more impressive levels.

On a long adventure through the green grasslands, you join Cloud and his companions outside Midgar, entering into a new conflict with Zak, the owner of the poisoned cloud.

The entire world will enter into a state of turmoil and conflict, and you may have to face many different tribes and forces from all over the universe, and it will not be limited to that. Jenova, possessing catastrophic powers, sees a good opportunity to awaken mysterious monsters and take over the Earth.

It is a bloody, close battle, and you and your team will be responsible for the fate of the planet and ridding it of the evil forces trying to control it.

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Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

Do you remember Star Wars: Dark Forces, which was released in 1995? Well, it returns with a new, improved version in 2024 that has been optimized specifically for the new generation of consoles.

The story revolves around an alliance of rebels who discover a star in a galaxy ruled by the Dark Empire to extract a planet-destroying weapon. An old soldier will join the alliance to infiltrate the empire and eliminate it.

These are epic, realistic battles with tons of new levels, game modes, and familiar locations for Star Wars fans.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

What the Hollow Knight starts he must finish, and that's what will happen with the upcoming Silksong installment soon. This part is completely new from developer Team Cherry, and it is indeed one of the difficult but extremely interesting games.

The game is largely based on the first game, but with some twists in story and gameplay. For example, in the new part, you will play as Hornet, who was one of the evil bosses in the previous part.

In the Kingdom of Varlum you will try to reach the highest peak of the kingdom, but your path to value will not be as easy as you imagine. There are many monsters and bosses, but you still have some of the best and unique fighting skills. It is your only weapon to eliminate your enemies.

Skull and Bones

We haven't been too happy with the multiple delays Skull and Bones has had. In fact, the game has been postponed more than five times, and we hope this is the last postponement, as the game is expected to be released on November 8.

This part is a mix between open world games and the struggle for survival. It is one of the most anticipated game titles from Ubisoft this year.

It's also inspired by the naval combat of Assassian`s Creed but will there be many gameplay elements inspired by Sea Of Thieves or will there be something else waiting for us?

Death Stranding 2

No specific date has been set for Hideo Kojima's next game, but it's coming. The new part was announced during The Game Awards last year.

The international developer stated that the game project is under development despite the criticism that the first part was subjected to. Kojima may continue to use some international actors to play many of the game's roles.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Unfortunately, we still don't have much information about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf other than that we expect it to arrive sometime during the spring of 2024.

It is a new role-playing game from the famous developer BIOWARE, the development team responsible for all the previous parts, which received very positive reviews everywhere.

The game is said to be being developed in conjunction with the upcoming Mass Effect sequel but unfortunately we have not yet received a specific release date for the game.


If you are a fan of narrative adventures, the game Dustborn, inspired by the American film, takes place in the 1930s and tells the story of a group of misfits who try to deliver a mysterious package through a journey destined to be filled with many difficulties and obstacles.

In this game, you will take on the character of Pax, a hero with superpowers, and then you will find yourself in a world full of misleading information. We don't know much about Dustborn yet, but the mystery surrounding it makes us even more excited for it. It is clearly one of the innovative new games and carries within it many pleasant surprises for fans of action and excitement games.

Gothic 1 Remake

The remake of Gothic 1 is a completely new game remade from the ground up and we've heard more than once that the THQ Nordic studio has reopened just for the eyes of this project, so we can imagine a lot of pleasant surprises on the way.

At the moment, a short trailer for the game is available, but it does not contain many things that are clear to us, leaving us desperate to see more teasers. However, we expect the game to receive a lot of developments including story, gameplay, and graphics.

Indiana Jones

The game, inspired by a wonderful film series full of mystery and adventure, comes from the famous game studio responsible for Wolfenstein games, so we expect a lot of interesting things.

The company released a 30-second teaser for the game, but it didn't contain much information. Therefore, we cannot imagine the game any more than we can tell about it through our experience of the collection of films in the series.

We only hope that the new game will be from a third-person perspective and not a first-person perspective, especially since most MachineGames games usually come from a first-person perspective.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Wolverine has been in development for several years now, and we first learned about it at the 2021 Playstation Shocase event. It's clear that the game is still taking a bit more polishing before it's released to the public, especially since there are high hopes pinned on this particular game.

However, due to the lack of a specific date for the game, it makes us feel a little disappointed. Just to be prepared, the studio responsible for the game is the same studio responsible for Spider Man 2 and we don't know if there are any interconnected ideas between both games or not. But developing two games at once from the same studio is a real accomplishment and shows how much the development team loved the idea of ​​Wolverine.

Although all critics believe that there will be some kind of connection between the two games in one way or another, which is indeed what we hope for, it is also possible that the game will take a completely different form of story and events.

The promotional presentation that the company has presented so far is the only one that does not explain how to play, and therefore we do not know whether this game is from a first-person or third-person developer. All we know about Wolverine is that you'll need a PS5 to play it.

Dragon’s Dogma II

Although Capcom has confirmed that the director of the first part is also responsible for directing the new part, Dragon's Dogma II is still a big mystery to us.

We expect the new part to contain many familiar elements from the first part, including gameplay, combat movements, climbing over bosses, etc.

Capcom has confirmed that the game is based on the same engine used in recent Resident Evil games including RE Village, which is very reassuring news. We've seen some surprising teasers, but at the moment there's no set release date yet.

Amount of Error

The developers have stated that things are going great with Quantum Error, which means that there is still a good chance that it will be released before the end of this year.

It is a first-person shooter and will have some physics elements that have never been seen before in any zombie title.

Mass Effect

It's still too early to talk about the new part of Mass Effect. But hey, it's definitely going to be one of the biggest anticipated headlines next year.

The game was developed by BioWare, as usual, and it was revealed for the first time in 2020, but so far we have not gotten the appropriate answers from the developers, not even whether there is any connection between the previous parts or whether it will be a separate story on its own.

In fact, we were able to see some familiar characters in the teaser, the most important of which is Liara, who is considered one of the most important characters who played the starring roles in the previous three parts.

The player community is still excited to learn more information about this game. We're still hoping to see a specific release date, even if it's late 2024, but it would be good to know.

Project 007

The Hitman IO Interactive team is currently working on a James Bond cop game in a new title called Project 007.

Without any doubt, the game will take a different narrative arc than any game from the studio, but we expect there will be some events inspired by the film series.

Some critics expect that the game will be a three-part series, however the project is still under wraps and we do not know much about it yet.

Project Eve

The new development studio, Shift Up Corporation, is working on a new action title called Project Eve, which appears to be taken from the idea of ​​Bayonetta, focusing on action and excitement more than the story concept.

The game obviously has some impressive gameplay mechanics, as you will have to dodge and make quick decisions during combat to defend yourself and take correct positions before attacking enemies.

The game will reportedly make great use of the controller to provide haptic feedback that will further simulate the immersive experience for players. We believe the game has been in development since 2022, but there is no specific release date yet.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake

If you remember the premiere during the 2021 Playstation event then you must have had a dying desire to see Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

It is one of the most powerful and highly anticipated titles for RPG fans. But it is now taking enough of the development process. The original version of the game was developed by BioWare and released for the Xbox. This is the same development team responsible for Mass Effect as well as Dragon`s Age.

But the remastered part is now being worked on by Aspyr Studio, which has been responsible for developing more than one Star Wars remake. Unfortunately, we don't know a lot about this game, not even its release date, and it has been postponed indefinitely to 2022.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

In the first part of Bloodlines, the streets were full of undead and vampires. It's great to see a new installment coming from the same game to break some bones and blow more heads off.

The teasers we've seen so far suggest that there's a lot of chaos inside the new part, and worlds that are more expansive than the ones we walked through in the previous part. Although this is very exciting news, I am sorry to tell you that the game has been postponed more than once so far and is still unknown.

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There are already many great gaming titles coming in the near future for the PS5 console. Some of them are coming during this year, and others will be released at the beginning of 2024. But it is unfortunate that there are many titles that still have not received a specific release date yet.

There are still many great games that were released just a few days ago, and you can spend dozens of hours inside them waiting for what is next. But hopefully we'll get some answers about the games we're most anticipating. If we obtain more of them, we will update you with everything new.

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