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Best sites for knowing the weather conditions accurately

We show you a list of the best sites for accurate weather forecasting, weather forecasts, weather phenomena, rain and storm forecasts, and more.

Let's admit it, some of us are curious to check the weather daily. It is one of the most important positive habits that can be very useful in many situations. Therefore, we show you the best sites specialized in displaying weather conditions and a lot of information about the weather conditions around the world, with the ability to know the weather in your location directly.

The best weather sites to know the weather condition

Checking the weather and knowing the weather conditions helps you plan your travel correctly. By knowing the weather conditions, you can decide whether it is necessary to wear heavy clothes or a raincoat, or even cancel and postpone your trips until the weather conditions improve.

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While there are many newspapers and news bulletins that already present weather forecasts at specific times every day on television, sometimes you may not find the appropriate time to follow weather forecasts on small screens.

In such a scenario, weather apps and websites play a very important role to help you check the weather condition throughout the week. This means that you will be able to decide what clothes to wear during your time away from home, what tools to take with you, etc.

The problem is that most weather apps and websites are unfortunately paid sites. It may provide you with some basic information, but to see all the weather conditions and check accurate weather information such as wind direction, speed, and rainfall periods for the following days in detail, you will have to subscribe to the paid service.

It really is a great service, but unfortunately, many of us have many financial obligations, and some of us feel that the idea of ​​paying for weather information is not serious or worth it. For this reason, we looked for free sites for you.

 Although we always recommend investing in paid weather apps and websites to get live and accurate information around the clock, there are still many free sites that provide detailed information without any noticeable delay on the current conditions.

It is essential to use sites that provide their information with as little delay as possible. This is because some sites that are late in predicting weather conditions and sandstorms in the summer, or those that are late in predicting rainfall and winter storms, may expose you to many risks. Therefore, the more a site is able to provide its predictions with minimal delay, the better it is for the user.

Therefore, we tried to search for you for the best weather sites that provide distinctive services and completely free of charge, and you can access them using any device as long as you have an Internet connection.

1- National Weather Service

After reviewing many sites, we found it difficult to start this list without mentioning the National Weather Service.

The site is relatively easy to use, and has received a valuable set of updates recently that have made it even easier to use.

Through the main user interface, you can zoom in and out of the map very easily, and it is easy to know the weather in your location now live online using your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Through animation, you can check the weather, weather conditions, and accurate meteorological status of the weather condition in great detail. 24-hour charts and vital radar data provide you with the exact information you might need, such as wind speed and direction, rainfall dates, chances of thunderstorms in the summer or tornadoes, winter storms in cold seasons, and much more.

A great feature of this site is that it tries to alert users by placing alert boxes over areas that are likely to experience thunderstorms or winter storms during nearby time periods.

Although it is a very wonderful site, unfortunately we have noticed some negative aspects while using it. For example, radar data is a bit grainy and its details are not updated as quickly as premium weather apps.

Unfortunately, the National Weather Service website does not yet provide a standalone application, so you will not receive valuable weather notifications on your phone, which means you will have to visit the website on a daily basis.

To visit the site click here

2- The Weather Channel

In fact, if you are looking for the best weather app ever, The Weather Channel is the only app worth having on your mobile phone.

It's the only app recommended by Forecast Advisor to check weather conditions very accurately. Through the site, you can use the radar feature based on a satellite map, which may take you to different streets and squares. It is a great site for knowing the weather conditions in a large number of Arab and European countries and even remote islands in the last corners of the earth.

One of the great features of these sites is that it allows you to zoom in and out of the image, know the weather conditions accurately, and obtain detailed information about the weather condition, from the speed and direction of the wind to the speed and direction of rainfall, the expected time periods for thunderstorms to continue, and much more.

Through the application, you can know the weather forecasts for the next six hours, which makes it an ideal application for travelers and people who plan to travel for long hours during the day and night.

The only downside to this site is the pretty picture of radar data it tries to present. This picture is the reason why some data is distorted and inaccurate. While trying to enlarge the image, the data is processed by the smoothing feature of the premium radar which provides a high-resolution image.

To visit the site click here

3- Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a well-known global weather website that provides you with accurate information about weather conditions in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and many countries of the world.

The site includes a huge collection of meteorological stations to diagnose weather conditions in local and international cities. Weather information is placed in a wonderful way on the radar map, which gives you the ability to check the weather conditions in detail based on the area in which you live or to which you plan to travel in the coming hours.

However, you should note that the information provided by Weather Underground is not much different from the information provided by The Weather Channel since they are both affiliated with the same weather station.

To visit the site click here

4- Windy

Windy is one of the best weather websites out there and should be the only choice for those people looking to know the outdoor weather conditions.

For example, Windy is the suitable choice for marine sports enthusiasts, boaters, and aviation enthusiasts. It provides more comprehensive data through its comprehensive map of the world.

Better yet, all the required information appears through a convenient, simple and highly organized interface. The sitemap is a stunning visual experience, smooth and very user-friendly. Through the world map, you can find out accurate information about the weather, from rainfall dates, wind direction speeds, solar and dust storm dates, cloud covers, and more.

The only downside is that Windy's weather forecast data is usually about 5 minutes behind. It is not a big problem, but for some people this delay represents a great danger, especially for those people who plan to travel within a few minutes without being aware of the rapid changes and fluctuations that may occur in the weather condition in the following hours.

At the same time, sometimes you feel that obtaining accurate weather data on the Windy website is a bit complicated, and may be difficult for the average user to understand, which may force him to resort to more accessible weather applications and websites.

To visit the site click here

5- Weather.Com

Weather.Com is one of the best weather sites you can rely on, especially thanks to its simple user interface.

The GUI is clean, simple and nicely organized but of course most important of all the predictions it provides are wildly accurate.

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On the site you will find many options and information that you can use to plan your next trips and travels.

Weather Position can provide you with accurate weather forecasts 24 hours a day, up to 10 days ahead, monthly or weekly holidays.

Most important of all, the site is very accurate in its ability to predict weather disasters such as thunderstorms, high winds, solar storms, and much more. This is a really great site to check the weather using your computer or phone.

To visit the site click here

6- Weather Bug

For a decade, Weather Bug has had a very good reputation for forecasting weather conditions. But after that, the site began to be interested in making profits by displaying ads on its main interface.

Since then, Weather Bug's reputation has largely disappeared. However, it is still one of the best weather sites in the world and provides you with many weather forecasting tools in all capitals of the world. It is also an ideal choice for those looking to know the weather conditions in their location directly through services. The site can be found on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Weather Bug uses its weather stations available in a large number of schools, TV stations, homes and many other locations around the world, making it one of the best global weather sites.

The only downside to Weather Bug is that it optimizes the radar image, which means it may provide inaccurate results, especially when trying to zoom in on the image.

Weather Bug has a free app and a paid version, but we recommend using the free version as it will often be more than enough.

To visit the site click here

7- TimeandDate

This is another example of the best weather sites that provide accurate weather forecasts in all cities and capitals of the world. The feature that no other site provides is that TimeandDate is the only site that allows you to check the accurate weather conditions of the country through the code or secret code of the city, its name or its place.

The GUI is nice and simple and doesn't confuse or distract you. Everything is clear and organized within drawings and graphs, and you can navigate between countries through the tabs at the top, and everything is clear and simple through the icons and graphics available above the weather condition and temperatures for each city.

Through the TimeandDate website, you can know the weather condition on the Now website directly, or know the weather condition during the current hour or throughout the day, or even know the weather in the coming days over the next two weeks.

You can even benefit from reports of climate changes that have occurred in specific regions over recent years.

The overview provided by the site includes the name of the country, temperature, wind direction, rainfall dates, humidity levels, and sunrise and sunset times.

To visit the site click here

8- AccuWeather

If it were up to me personally, I would prefer AcuuWeather over any other site. It is indeed the best site on this list that provides very accurate data about the weather and weather conditions in all global cities.

In fact, no other website can beat AcuuWeather for the ease of use and accurate results it provides, as well as the service's great mobile app.

Once you open the site, it will show you the exact weather condition in your area. Alternatively, you can also search for the city or country through the bar at the top.

You will get many accurate data about wind speed and direction, air condition, temperatures, felt temperatures, humidity percentages and much more.

Besides detailed data about your weather conditions, videos, guides, and forecasts of upcoming record weather conditions are one of the best features of this site.

To visit the site click here

9- Weathercrave

WeatherCrave is a relatively new weather forecasting site. It mainly focuses on the weather condition in the United States and all local states and cities.

However, through the world map, you can get accurate information about the weather and temperatures over the next 15 days. It is one of the reliable sites that you can rely on to know the weather conditions in your area accurately.

The great feature of the site is that it gives you the ability to check the weather conditions today, yesterday, tomorrow, or of course over the coming days.

Weather forecasts from the site extend over the next two weeks. However, weather data is constantly updated, taking into account all the fluctuations in the country's climatic condition.

To visit the site click here

10- WeatherAvenue

Although it is a new website, it provides very detailed and accurate information about weather conditions in all countries of the world and provides you with meteorological information for the coming days or next week.

The world map that WeatherAvenue offers through a simple and clean GUI is the biggest feature of this website.

WeatherAvenue provides detailed and accurate weather data in your location or around the clock, which is constantly updated to keep pace with climate changes in all countries.

WeatherAvenue's weather forecasts span two weeks, or exactly 15 days to be exact.

You can just rely on the world map and navigate the top bar to find your own location. However, if your device is supported by GPS through the operating system, the site will be able to automatically determine your location and will show you accurate temperatures and weather data for your location.

To visit the site click here

11- Ventusky

We kept Ventusky's website and decided to conclude our article with it. It is one of the best weather websites in terms of 3D visual experience. You can get very accurate information through the Ventusky website about weather and forecasting weather conditions in all cities of the world.

This site provides a different set of 3D maps. For example, but not limited to, you will have a map that shows you the status, direction and speed of the wind in your city. While there will be other maps to display temperatures, not to mention detailed independent news about rainfall, rain speed and direction, and more.

The user interface may seem a little confusing, but thanks to the animation you will enjoy spending some time getting used to using it. It is very similar to Windy in the way it displays weather conditions, wind movement and speed on a world map.

Once you get used to the user interface, Ventusky will become your best weather site, especially since you're still able to use it on your smartphone through the standalone app.

To visit the site click here


We have tried to collect for you in this article all the sites that provide accurate and comprehensive information about weather conditions and weather forecasts without you having to pay anything in return. From the previous sites you can find out the weather condition in your location or even know the weather in the coming days.

Although weather apps on your phone may be fairly accurate, most of these apps require a small fee. In this case, you can still stay ahead of the live news and weather conditions in your area via the free weather sites in this article.

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