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The best strategy games for Android phones 2023

Are you always looking for powerful games that you download on a phone and are always looking for what are the strategic games for Android phones? Today in this article we present to you the strongest and best group of war strategy games for Android phones and devices, which is the best group that you can access as it is a wonderful package of the best values ​​on the store Google Play and the most downloaded games.

Download the best strategy games for Android devices and phones

Strategy games are a type of game that requires players to think strategically, develop a plan, and analyze to do the right actions in the game. This differs from other games that rely on helplessness, luck, or random actions.

There are many types of strategy games, including those that require playing against the computer and games that require playing with others (such as chess) that require players to think strategically, analyze, and intelligently deliver appropriate actions.

There are many, many different strategy games in today's era and each one has its own characteristics, so it is difficult to identify the best strategy games. Nevertheless, here are some popular strategy games that might be perfect to get you started.

The first strategy game Clash of Clans

We start with the best first war strategy game for young people, Clash of Clans, known as Clash of Clans, which is the most downloaded game on the Google Play Store.

It enables you to build your favorite army and work to strengthen it and add the best defensive elements and always update them to counter the attacks of your enemies in order to preserve your village and its savings that you save to strengthen the army and defensive elements. Download the Clash of Clans game from Store directly.

Clash of Clans is constantly being updated and the company is now adding Town Hall 14 with huge updates.

Here is a short promotional video for the game from the company that produces it, telling you what it looks like and an introductory overview of Clash, Clans, or Clash of Clans.

The second strategy game is Clash Royale

The second best game for me is Clash Royale, and it was recently designed and launched in smart phone stores, and it is considered one of the first war strategy games that boys and girls play because it is easy, smooth, and wonderful, and it makes you spend a lot of time in front of it.

A short video to learn more about Clash Royale and take a closer look

The best thing about it over the previous game is that you do not need to wait for a long time until the army is built and the attack begins, the challenges are all online with other opponents.

You can download Clash Royale on Android devices and phones from here.

Third: Fortnite

It was able to outperform a large number of other games, and even generated revenues that powerful games on the iPhone store have not achieved for a long time.

After it succeeded on other platforms such as PlayStation, Windows, and some other platforms, the company began expanding the operating systems that it supports to acquire new players, and has already issued a version for iPhone owners.

Fortnite Battle Royale
Image from Fortnite Battle Royale

The Fortnite game achieved another success on the App Store dedicated to iPhones and Apple devices in general, so I decided to expand more and launch another version to reach more users, and now it is available for Android phones.


It is also expected to achieve similar gains on Android phones and devices, but the results will differ greatly as it will not be available on the Google Play Store, but rather because epicgames, the developer of fortnite, believes that it does not need to pay a commission to Google, as Google gets 30% of The profits of the games are on its store, and epicgames believes that it already owns its fame and does not need to pay these amounts of sales that it will achieve, so you will not be able to download Fortnite from the Play Store?

Download fortnite game on Android phones.

Fourth: Dawn of Titans is one of the best strategy games

Dawn of Titans – an epic war strategy game developed by NaturalMotionGames

Dawn of Titans
Image from Dawn of Titans - one of the most powerful strategy games

When you see the game for the first time, you will find that it has high graphics and graphics with distinctive sounds. The game takes you to a world full of giants and legendary monsters and a large number of impressive battles between human armies, giant monsters and some other mythical beings.

Your task is to build an army, seize territory, and collect giants in a fun cooperative gameplay. Play now with your friends in a new and unique experience, with different styles of diverse monsters and new weapons.

V. March of Empires

Among the best Android games with a large number of downloads, March of Empires is also known as War of Sultans: The Arabian Dynasty.

The events revolve around you being on a mission and you have to take control of the world by leading wars from the Middle Ages and you have to fight your opponents or enemies and defeat them during your mission to control the world.

You have a big castle to protect, form a strong army and start playing online.

Download the game War of Sultans for Android phones from here.

Sixth: Into the Breach

Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a roguelike puzzle game that puts you in command of three mechs to save humanity. You'll battle the Vek, giant alien monsters that are set to destroy you and the human cities you protect.

Battles consist of five turns, and you'll only have one chance to restart if you make a mistake. Smart positioning will trap Veks attacking each other, while mistakes can have catastrophic consequences for your battle.

Into the Breach is one of the best turn-based strategy games available for mobile in 2023.

You can download the strategy game Into the Breach For Android phones from the previous link.

And this was a variety of the best strategy games for Android phones, we will try to update the list constantly, God willing.

Muhammad Hamed

A BA in English Literature and a Diploma in Translation from AUC University, I have been working as a smartphone reviewer since 2018 until now, specializing in mobile testing and reviewing, and I am currently working on (Pro Specifications) and (Review Plus).
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