Difference between Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2: Is an upgrade necessary?

We show you a comparison of the specifications, prices and features of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 smart watches. In this guide, we discuss the most important upgrades obtained by the new Apple smart watches and the difference between them to verify whether upgrading to either of them has become necessary or whether it is possible to suffice with the Apple Watch SE. Medium cost.

Comparison between Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple unveiled the new generation of its smart watches during the Wonderlust event a few days ago. At first glance, the new smartwatches appear to be largely identical to the previous generation's watches.

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But although the design doesn't look significantly different from the outside, there are a lot of impressive changes that have occurred in the new watches' hardware, components, and software.

The most important upgrades that we were waiting for, and have already happened, on both the Apple Watch 9th generation and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 are represented by the new S9 SIP processor responsible for operating both watches, which brings to the Apple Watch many new functions that were difficult to find with the S8 SIP processor last year. On Apple Watch 8th generation and Apple Watch Ultra.

By the way, unlike the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which witnessed a noticeable jump in its price by $100, the new Apple smart watches still come with the same usual financial value, which makes the process of thinking about upgrading to either of them a logical idea. However, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 still targets a specific category of users, such as people who practice extreme sports, including mountain climbing, surfing, diving, and these types of extreme sports.

Therefore, the full focus will be on the 8th Generation Apple Watch as the standard watch for most casual users who want more tools for monitoring their health, fitness and sports routines.

As a aside, there are indeed a surprising number of interesting updates in the new generation of Apple smart watches, but they are not many. However, let us review these features in detail to help you make a final decision and determine whether upgrading to either of them has become necessary or whether it is better to avoid the upgrade process and be satisfied with the last generation watch or the mid-priced Apple Watch SE.

S9 SIP Processor: The most important upgrade worth mentioning

The most important upgrade that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have received is an internal upgrade that cannot be seen with the eye, but will be very noticeable during daily use of each of them. We're definitely talking about the new S9 SIP processor.

The S9 SIP processor is an excellent upgrade over the S8 SIP processor that was used in watches last year with the Series 8, Ultra, and SE, as the new processor allows for a large number of capabilities, features, and functions that were difficult to have with the S8 SIP processor.

For example, the S9 SIP processor enables a new feature known as double tap through which you can activate a certain function on the watch using one hand by double tapping with your index finger and thumb on the watch without having to use the fingers of the other hand.

Through this feature, you can answer or end phone calls, and you can play or pause music, as well as many other tasks and functions that you can activate and deactivate according to your needs without having to use your other hand.

The new generation of smart watches also comes with the second generation of Ultra Wide Band wireless communications, which will help in finding and locating your iPhone better than ever before.

Through the Find iPhone feature, the phone finding feature is no longer limited to the phone emitting a beep to reveal its location and location, but your new watch also extends the display of an indicator to determine the actual distance between you and your phone’s location with great accuracy, which can be calculated in feet.

2nd Generation Wireless Broadband will help detect when you're close to your Apple Homepod to get music suggestions to play.

However, there is an impressive feature of the S9 SIP processor via Siri voice assistant that allowed access to health data without the need for cloud processing capabilities.

Design: Looks very familiar

It seems that Apple did not want to change the design and general appearance of the new generation watches. The new generation of Apple smart watches comes with the same familiar design as the previous generation watches.

The ninth generation Apple Watch features a simple and durable case made of aluminum and stainless steel in sizes 41 mm and 45 mm. The Apple Watch SE, which is identical in shape and design, comes in sizes 40 mm and 44 mm.

As for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, it is the largest of all, measuring 49 mm, and titanium was used in the manufacture of its outer case.

The only difference between the Apple Watch Ultra 1st generation and the Apple Watch Ultra 2nd generation is the new set of bands that Apple is providing this year.

It's great to know that all three watches have a professional IP rating for water resistance up to 50 meters. However, if you are planning to engage in some tough sports activities in rough, dusty environments, then the Apple Watch 9th Generation or Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be the perfect choices as they have an IP6X dust resistance rating.

Certainly, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is still the ideal and most preferred choice for extreme sports, as it is classified with a military-grade MIL-STD 810H certification that makes it qualified to dive underwater to a depth of 100 meters and withstand winds and extreme temperatures in the highest mountainous and rocky heights.

Screens: are getting brighter

The new watches feature the same display panel that was used on the last generation watches, which is the Retina panel, which we had no complaints about. However, the brightness rates on the screens have been upgraded by a very noticeable difference.

Now, the ninth generation Apple Watch has brightness rates of up to 2000 nits, which is the same brightness rate as the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra last year.

As for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, it now has a brightness rate of 3000 nits, which gives you the ability to see the content on the screen better in daylight and while using the watch under bright sunlight.

It is a unique and distinctive set of much-needed upgrades for the demands of seasoned athletes and extreme sports professionals in challenging environments.

As for the new Apple Watch SE, it is likely to reach the same brightness levels as the Watch SE last year. This makes it several steps behind the new generation watches - just as the same thing happened last year - and now the gap has widened greatly between it and the ninth generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Health features: Nothing new

The new watches did not come with any features that would irritate us in terms of health and fitness. If there were some of them, Apple would certainly go into detail during the announcement.

However, the three watches: Apple Watch 9th Generation, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and Apple Watch SE still have the ability to monitor heart rate and sense any significant or irregular changes in the heart rhythm.

But thanks to the additional features in both the ninth generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra 2, the user will be able to track the level of oxygen in the blood, conduct a separate electrocardiogram test, and obtain more accurate results, a feature that the Apple Watch SE still lacks. At the same time, both clocks can predict the dates and periods of women's ovulation cycles.

Unfortunately, all of these features were and still are important features that were already available in the eighth generation watch and the Ultra 1 watch last year. It seems that the new generation comes with the same features without any updates or upgrades worth mentioning.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing components

You may have noticed that Apple wasted most of the time during the recent event talking about the environment, and the company's efforts to preserve the environment through increasing efforts to manufacture its products in an environmentally friendly manner.

The new watches appear to be very environmentally friendly, as Apple has used carbon-neutral manufacturing components, including the outer watch case and straps.

For example, you will find Apple's Sport Loop strap made with 82% recycled components, making it carbon neutral, and all ninth generation Apple Watch models will come with the same aluminum loops.

Since the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is made from 85% recycled titanium, it will be carbon neutral, especially when used with an Alpine Loop or Trail Loop.

Likewise, the Apple Watch SE is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. The watch's outer case is made from recycled metals, and when paired with a sports band will be carbon neutral.

There was a rather strange decision from Apple that it decided to stop using leather in any of its products from now on, but instead, it will start using a textile material called FineWood, which resembles leather and is a Swedish-made raw material, and is manufactured from recycled resources. By 68%. Although this material is not carbon neutral, Apple says its carbon footprint is much lower than regular leather.

Of course, carbon is not the only danger among the materials used in product manufacturing processes that threatens the environment. There is cobalt and geomagnets that are used in the manufacture of many consumer electronic devices. The process of mining and processing these materials causes serious harm to the environment.

But it is good to see the interest of international manufacturers - such as Apple - in reducing the carbon footprint of their products to reduce waste and materials that pose harm to the safety of the environment.

Price cost: fortunately unchanged

Of course, price is always the most important factor when purchasing any consumer product. The Watch SE starts at $249 for the GPS model while the cellular model costs $299.

The ninth generation Apple Watch comes at a starting price of $399 USD for the GPS version, while the price of the cellular version reaches $499 USD.

These are the prices for the smaller sizes of the watch, which means that the larger version will cost you an additional $30 over the previously mentioned prices for both models (GPS and cellular).

The $799 Apple Watch Ultra 2 includes both cellular and GPS features, but there is only one size of the watch.

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At the present time, we cannot identify a single winner among the new Apple watches because there is a large price difference between them and it ultimately depends on the value for money factor. If you are looking for something that is expensive and carries many features, you can choose the Apple Watch Ultra 2. If You are looking for a smart watch that has many features but at a lower cost: you should choose the Apple Watch Series 9.

We showed you a comparison that shows the difference between the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It is clear that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 targets a specific category of sports people.

Therefore, you have to think about the price and features. Do you need to spend a lot of money to buy the top model, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, or are the features in the Apple Watch Series 9 sufficient for you and suitable for your budget?

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