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The best Fitbit sports bracelet in 2023/2024

It has not been long since Fitbit was one of the few top companies in the field of developing wearable fitness trackers. Therefore, we show you the best Fitbit sports bracelet in 2023/2024.

The best Fitbit sports bracelet

Although the company still offers very great products even after it was acquired by Google, but the market witnessed intense competition after the entry of many Chinese companies into the manufacturing sector, headed by Huawei, Honor, Oppo and many companies whose names you may not have heard before.

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There are many professional sports bracelets that do their job perfectly, even though we have not yet seen a sports bracelet that is fully supported by the WearOS system like it is on smartwatches.

Google has decided to take a few steps back on Fitbit watches and sacrifice some of the features that we used to like. For example, now it is no longer possible to listen to music without a stable internet connection. Also for some unknown reason the open community platform “Open Group”completely disappeared.

But despite these sacrifices, Google has not given up on the basics that make the Fitbit watch the perfect sports wall for fitness enthusiasts and people coming to practice some new physical sports.

From monitoring the oxygen level in the blood to analyzing sleep rates to looking at heartbeat data and getting many necessary information and tips to enjoy strong health and a good psychological state, the Fitbit bracelet is trying to be your favorite companion.

Thanks to the amazing features in the Fitbit bracelet, Google has tried to clone some of these features in its new Watch “Google Pixel Watch”, which was announced earlier this year. Despite being the first watch of the American company, it acquires many features that are required for all users in general and for sports people in particular. Maybe that's what made us include her on this list.

If you are going on a long sports trip and are striving to have a strong muscular physique, a healthy heart and get rid of stress and psychological fatigue problems, then you need to start using a Fitbit sports bracelet.

It's usually cheaper than smartwatches, but it provides you with accurate data about your fitness metrics that are easy to understand and act on even if you don't have a previous sports background. We have collected for you in this guide a bouquet of the best sports bracelets that are worth buying, so let's get to know them.

1. Fitbit Charge 5

One of the best modern sports bracelets for 2023 is the Fitbit Charge 5 bracelet, which brings with it several significant upgrades on last year's model.

The Charge 5 bracelet has a bright and vibrant AMOLED display that ensures clear and precise details during daytime use, making it a comfortable sports bracelet for outdoor runners.

Thanks to the comfortable strap you will feel comfortable and always want to wear it all the time with the aluminum body cover that gives the bracelet a more elegant look compared to the resin body used in last year's model.

As for swimmers, this bracelet is able to withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 meters without being damaged or providing incorrect data.

The Watch provides accurate data and information on a permanent basis, whether in order to track your sleep status or calculate the pedometer and get all the necessary data to monitor your health status continuously.

With positive reviews, which usually get more than 4 stars, the Charge 5 bracelet provides detailed data on the state of the heart and accurate heart rate.

This does not mean that it is a permanently perfect bracelet, as it turns out that the geolocation system is often slow to respond and takes a little time in order to accurately determine your location.

But when looking at the positive side, it guarantees that you do not need to recharge it thanks to the long battery life, which extends to more than a week with one charge cycle.

Fitbit Charge 5 bracelet features:

  • A bright and lively screen that always offers clear details.
  • The strap is very comfortable during wearing for long periods of time.
  • The ECG sensor serves as a much-needed upgrade.

Disadvantages of Fitbit Charge 5 bracelet:

  • Sometimes the screen lags in response.
  • The accuracy of the GPS geolocation system is not the best.

2. Fitbit Sense 2

If you want a sports bracelet that offers more than what is by default in a regular sports bracelet and get accurate information regarding fitness tracking, it is better to consider the Fitbit Sense 2 bracelet.

The bracelet has a slim, lightweight body, a colorful and attractive-looking AMOLED display panel, displays vivid, clear and tactile details, it is easy to use in bright and sunny gyms or in daylight and for sure you will have a side button to control the speed elements.

Unfortunately, we were not very happy with the interactive experience of using the sports bracelet after reviewing all the reviews due to the lack of support for a large number of major applications such as Google Wallet or MAPS application. However, you can download these applications separately.

Also, because it contains a weak processing chip, the performance of the watch was mostly modest, but despite all this, we have to recognize the positive side, which is the huge amount of features of tracking and fitness monitoring tools.

The ECG sensor, geolocation system, tracking skin temperature and blood oxygen levels are among the most important features that we were glad to see in the Fitbit Sense 2 bracelet, especially since the results and all the data are often accurate and clear.

It is these basic features that make the Sense 2 bracelet suitable for those athletic people in order to get a comprehensive overview of their state of Health.

You can even monitor your sleep status through the stress ratio measurement sensor. Despite all this, it is certainly not the perfect choice for professional and experienced athletes, but it is a great choice for new and novice athletes who want to find a bracelet at a reasonable price.

The long battery life guarantees you the ability to use the bracelet for about a week without having to charge it a second time, but it should be borne in mind that the permanent AOD screen mode may cause more power consumption to the point that you may find yourself needing to charge it after only 3 days of continuous use.

Features of Fitbit Sense 2 bracelet:

  • The return of the physical button again serves as a wise decision of the company.
  • Heart rate data is always accurate even during periods of relaxation.
  • Great tools for monitoring sleep status.

Disadvantages of Fitbit Sense 2 bracelet:

  • Software is usually slow.
  • The absence of many features of traditional smart watches.
  • Many modern features are still missing.

3. Fitbit Versa 4

The Versa 4 is the latest model in the Versa lineup but if you want my personal opinion I honestly prefer last year's version over the 2023 version and for good reason.

Firstly, the set of features that you will get from the New Year's version is not much different from the features of last year's model. But do you know what's the worst The worst thing is that there are even some features that are missing from the current year's release.

For example, on this model, the company got rid of the Wi-Fi connection and the application for playing music, although both features were present on last year's model. Certainly they were discarded in order to save on more expensive models and are a purely material strategy.

But not everything is bad in the Versa 4 watch. In fact, these features have been abandoned in order to keep the price stay low. And looking at the price of the bracelet, we will find it very convenient compared to the set of features that it offers to new athletes.

You will definitely get a heart rate, geolocation system and pedometer. From the reviews it turns out that the heart rate is not as accurate as with other options and sometimes the pedometer reads incorrect data.

Therefore, while we do not recommend this bracelet to enthusiastic athletes, but thanks to its low price, we can distinguish it and recommend it to people who do physical exercise only a few days a week.

Fitbit Versa 4 bracelet features:

  • The sleep status tracking sensor is super cool.
  • It's great that there is a physical button on the bracelet.
  • A smooth and always responsive user interface.

Disadvantages of Fitbit Versa 4 bracelet:

  • It does not support third-party applications.
  • Inaccurate heart rate data during rest or exercise.
  • Stress tracking features are still under development.

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4. Fitbit Luxe

If you are looking for a professional sports bracelet that is attractive, stylish in appearance and so lightweight that it may not make you feel like there is anything on your wrist, not to mention the terrible amount of features that are so much needed for enthusiastic and professional sports people, the Fitbit Luxe bracelet is definitely the best fantasy.

Unlike all fitness trackers and smart watches, the Luxe bracelet will always make you feel like wearing it, which has a bright and vibrant display that provides a sharp and clear image, which, by the way, is touch-screen without any physical buttons.

Although it doesn't have many additional exercise tracking modes, you will get very accurate heart rate data, more accurate data to monitor your sleep status, as well as many additional tools to monitor your overall health status.

According to reviews, it turns out that it is safe to use it for up to 5 days without having to charge it thanks to the large battery, despite the very light weight of the bracelet. But the only downside in the battery is that it takes a very long time to recharge it again.

Certainly the battery life is not the best in the presence of other options capable of exceeding a week with great comfort and therefore may not be a great option for extreme sports trips.

In aggregate it is a beautiful sports bracelet and it is great to wear it all the time but it is not an ideal option for recording extreme Aerobics at the same time and it is difficult to recommend it to enthusiastic athletes or mountain climbers, for example.

Fitbit Luxe bracelet features:

  • It may be the best AMOLED display on any sports bracelet.
  • Very accurate heart rate data during breaks.
  • Many cute belts are available for the bracelet.
  • It offers very good results in monitoring and tracking the state of sleep.

Disadvantages of Fitbit Luxe bracelet:

  • Notifications look strange.
  • The geolocation feature does not work perfectly.
  • Many of the impressive features are not free.

5. Google Pixel Watch

Definitely Google Pixel Watch is not a sports bracelet but rather a smart watch. It is the first smart watch from Google, but the special thing about it is that Google has integrated all the tools and features of the sports bracelet into this watch, making it the best sports smart watch.

This way you get more than just a sports bracelet and a great user interface that will make you feel like you have already succeeded in owning the best sports bracelet ever.

It guarantees you excellence and style, a compact body, a touch screen, as well as a side crown button that allows you to control all the elements and features of the watch.

Although we were not a big fan of the round frame around the screen, but this small screen provides you with a sharp and bright picture all the time.

We have noticed that the user interface is sometimes slow to respond while moving from place to place, and sometimes the lag period can become very noticeable during loading.

But the watch's software is very feature-rich and thanks to the integration of Fitbit features, you won't need any additional wearable devices. Yes, you will be able to track your sleep status, monitor your steps, track fitness exercises, measure blood oxygen level, monitor heart rates and much more.

The best thing about the Google Pixel Watch is the metrics and data it provides, which are always very accurate, especially with regard to the electrocardiogram, heart rate and sleep status.

But in terms of observing outdoor aerobics, you will get a mixed experience. This is due to inaccurate geolocation system data.

It has become clear to us from the opinions of users that monitoring swimming is useless. But the worst aspect of this watch is the battery life. It's simply not that sports bracelet that can give you several days without a single charge.

You may get a whole day of uninterrupted work, provided that you do not activate geolocation data. However, it is unfortunately a very short battery life on a watch in this price range.

Features of Google Pixel Watch:

  • A clean user interface and a software rich in the original WearOS touch.
  • Bright and lively screen.
  • Many features of Fitbit are on board.

Disadvantages of Google Pixel Watch:

  • The battery life is very bad.
  • The process of replacing the watch strap is inconvenient.
  • Not the best option for tracking aerobics.

6. Fitbit Inspire 3

If this is the first sports bracelet for you, we strongly recommend that you own a Fitbit Inspire 3 bracelet. It simply provides you with all the features you need at the beginning of your Sports journey.

Despite the fact that it is a sports bracelet, BUT you will be lucky to have some of the features of a smart watch on board. Despite the absence of a smart assistant, applications or a payment system using it, but it is one of the best wearable devices in tracking fitness and overall health.

Whether you want to get clear real-time heart rate data, monitor your sleep status very accurately, or some sensors that have the ability to measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood, the infrared sensors on the Inspire 3 bracelet perform their tasks perfectly.

Also you will notice that the pedometer on the bracelet is very identical to other wearable devices, which gives it an additional positive point over many fitness devices that offer unrealistic data.

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The bracelet also gives you notifications and reminders to reach your target goals from daily steps. All these features in a simple and lightweight bracelet that is able to last for a full 10 days thanks to its epic battery life.

Despite its slightly high price, but it is simply one of the best, more valuable and quality wearable devices. It is simply one of the best options on this list for the current year and its professional features cannot be denied.

Fitbit Inspire 3 bracelet features:

  • The color screen serves as a smart resolution.
  • Slim design makes you want to wear them throughout the day.
  • Many of the best value professional features.

Disadvantages of Fitbit Inspire 3 bracelet:

  • The screen is relatively small.
  • The experience of reading notifications is not entirely comfortable.
  • The Fitbit Premium service needs a little more work.


In this guide we have presented you several options for wearable devices running Fitbit OS at varying prices. They are the best options for 2023 that ensure you keep up with all your requirements for your sports activities and health condition.

If you are new to the world of physical sports, we recommend having an inexpensive bracelet so that you can determine what your priorities and requirements are most important in accordance with your type of sports activities.

If you want more than a sports bracelet, a responsive user interface and a touch of Wear OS, you can think about the Google Pixel Watch, however, the need to charge the battery every day will be inevitable, which is not preferred by sports people.

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