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Top 25 smartphone games that run at a high refresh rate of 90/120 Hz

Here is a list that includes the best games that run at a high refresh rate of 90/120/144 Hz in 2023. Moving on from the notch and the triple, quad, and pentagram cameras, the latest trend for smartphones is the highest screen refresh rates, which start from 90 frames per second and reach up to 144 frames per second.

There are already quite a few gaming smartphones that support the refresh rate, including Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro Which includes an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, as well as a phone Asus ROG Phone 6 Which features a screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz, in addition to other gaming phones such as nubia Red Magic 6 Pro Also ZTE nubia Red Magic 7 and the list goes on.

Now, support for higher refresh rates is expanding beyond gaming phones to flagship phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20, some mid-range phones like Huawei Nova 8 Pro, the Reno 5 series, and the list goes on, but! nothing iPhone Mobiles It comes with a higher refresh rate than the standard rate, even the iPhone 12 series, which was launched in 2020.

If you are someone who has opted for the OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro or you are looking forward to getting a OnePlus phone, we guarantee that you will enjoy a very smooth gaming experience. However, not many Android games support higher refresh rates, so we have compiled a list of games that support 90Hz and 120Hz on Play Store in 2020.

The best games games that support 120 frames per second

We show you a list of the best game collection in 2022 that supports high refresh rates from 90 to 120 frames per second.

Note: We will be looking for more games that support higher refresh rates, and we will continue to update this article frequently.

1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: It is a free-to-play role-playing game, the first for global players on mobile from the developer Final Fantasy, to succeed in this game you must combine magical abilities with tactical expertise to defeat enemies.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions: If you are a fan of Marvel games or have become one of them after following the Infinity series, then this unique fighting game will be the perfect choice for you.

You simply have to assemble your squad of Avengers to fight against other superheroes and enemies.

3. Vainglory: One of the most popular MOBAs on mobile, Vainglory brings you a high refresh rate, stunning graphics, and responsive control just like you'd expect from a PC game.

The best thing about this game is that you can enjoy the game with everyone who plays it on mobile phones and computers.

4. Modern Combat VersusAmong all the well-known battle royale games, Modern Combat Versus stands out strongly, especially the four-on-four match mode, which is very similar to Overwatch and its different game modes.

5. Warfair: This is a competitive real-time strategy game set in a war-torn near future that lets you strategize and defeat enemies, while also engaging them in 1v1 battles.

6. pokemon go: I bet you are familiar with the name of this game, whose hype fades when compared to the popular cartoon series.

In Pokemon Go you'll need to get out of your house, catch Pokemon, and battle other players in this augmented reality game from Niantic.

Support for the 90Hz refresh rate will make interacting with the real world and tapping the Pokemon ball smoother and more exciting.

7. FZ9 Timeshift: It is the typical shooting game, where you are on a mission to kill the terrorist organization AS in the story mode.

You can also take on other players, collect resources in Cycle Missions, or check out the Weekly Challenges.

8. CATS: Crash Arena: This is one of my favorite mobile games and it will be yours too if you are a fan of robot battles (or robot wars).

You can design and craft a fighter bot and face off against other players in real time which is a lot of fun.

9. Flippy knife: the name says it all. You have a chance to become a knife flipping expert, and you will have the chance to throw everything from knives and axes to famous swords.

10. Ballz: The game developed by Ketchapp, the famous studio known for games like Stack or 2 Cars. Ballz is a puzzle game that requires you to break the bricks before they touch the bottom of the screen.

11. Groove Coaster 2: This is a unique game that requires players to steer a roller coaster through a galaxy full of lights and sound, but you need to tap in sync with the music to control the coaster with precision.

12. Dub DashAre you a fan of harmony and action games? If the answer is yes, then Dub Dash is the perfect game to kill time because it requires you to drive a wheel to pass obstacles and avoid obstacles.

13. Alto’s Adventure: This game needs no introduction. Alto's Adventure is probably one of the best endless runner games that sees you snowboarding through beautiful snow covered hills.

14. Gear.Club: In addition to the extensive list of racing games, Gear.Club features a realistic racing experience, with a completely realistic simulation experience, transmission gear set, suspension, and aerodynamics, all with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate.

15. Hill Climb Racing 2: Another popular game that I bet many of you will love if you give it a try, in Hill Climb Racing 2 you will be racing against opponents in various environments. You can customize both the car and the character to have fun in the game.

16. Card Thief: This is a card-based game where you navigate through a solitaire-like interface, make your way through the shadows, using the equipment in your hideout, and steal valuable treasures.

17. Golf Clash: As the name suggests, Golf Crash is an arena for players to test their golf skills against other players in real time on beautiful courses with their shot system running smoother at 90Hz refresh rates.

18. Pac-Man / Pac-Man Pop: A very classic game that needs no introduction. You are the little yellow Pac-Man who has to pass through a maze of dots and fruits, avoiding all the ghosts that are chasing you in an exciting and exciting atmosphere that finally brings you to the most addictive bubble shooter game.

19. Boggle With Friends: Oh, this word game will bring many back to their childhood days. The motive of this game is to find as many words as possible in a grid of jumbled letters and to win against the opponent who is also working hard to do the same.

20. Dragalia Lost: It is a very new but popular swipe-controlled RPG that explores the common bond between humans and dragons by fighting enemies with a combination of attacks and transforming into a dragon when forced.

21. Alto’s OdysseySimilar to Alto's Adventure, Odyssey is a sand boarding game that takes you through the vast and unexplored desert. The game supports up to 120 FPS and I am sure you will enjoy this amazing game.

22. GrimvalorIf you want to play a visually stunning game on a high refresh rate monitor, Grimvalor is the perfect choice. First launched on iOS, this is an adventure RPG where you have to defeat fearsome enemies. You can play the game at 120fps.

23. Minecraft Minecraft certainly needs no introduction, but you should know that you can now play this amazing sandbox company game on Android phones at 120 FPS. Isn't that cool? In case you weren't aware, Minecraft allows you to build houses and castles and you can also craft weapons to survive.

24. Mikorama: If you like puzzle games, then you will definitely like Mikurama. You have to help the little robot get to his home by solving the puzzles of the mechanical structures. This exciting game supports up to 120 FPS.

25. Oddmar Odmar is a beautiful adventure game and you can play this game at 120 FPS. It's an epic Viking story where you have to prove yourself worthy of living in a place called Valhalla. Just go ahead and immerse yourself in this amazing game.

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If you are a gamer and prefer any of the games that run at a refresh rate of 90Hz or higher and are not mentioned in the list, then share them with us! Through the comments below the article.

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