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How to get a fake mobile number on iPhone

If you are looking for fake mobile numbers to hide your real identity on your iPhone, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of the best apps to get a fake number on the iPhone whenever you want.

How to get a virtual number on the iPhone

Any of us would like to have as much privacy as possible. But in order to achieve this, you will find many obstacles and obstacles that you may encounter along the way.

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Compare this with apps, platforms and websites that require you to log in and create a new online account using your phone number in order to use the service. Once this happens, you will find a flood of spam messages and unwanted calls from time to time.

Of course, you can turn off your phone for several hours as a recovery period, even if it's only temporarily. But it is not a convenient method especially if you are waiting for some important phone calls or messages.

Perhaps this may prompt you to think about using a fake phone number that helps you hide your real identity and go about your activities and your normal day without any of your friends or family members being able to identify your identity.

Fortunately, there are many free apps on the App Store that give you secret numbers as an additional number to use on your iPhone.

These fake or fake numbers are temporary virtual numbers that give you the ability to make phone and text calls through them. Once you have it and get the desired benefit, you can immediately delete it and start using another fake number and so on.

This is a great way to deal with online stores, activate accounts on social networking sites, and many other web applications and services. These virtual numbers allow you to benefit from many services on an ongoing basis without having to pay anything in return.

It is worth noting that all virtual numbers are fictitious numbers that have no basis in truth. In other words, it is not registered with any telecom company, which gives you a secret identity.

However, if you notice that some contacts have started tracking your new phone number, you can simply get rid of it and consider using a new fake phone number. They are numerous, endless, and usable whenever you want, wherever you are.

Don't worry, to use a virtual number you don't have to use an extra SIM or anything like that. However, you will enjoy all the advantages that a real SIM number or SIM gives you, and in some cases, even more. In this guide, you will find a list of the best virtual number applications on the App Store, most of which come for free.

1- Second SMS

We always open our articles with the best applications ever. But that doesn't mean that the first apps will always be better than the next in the same list. You have to try more than one application to reach your goal.

Second SMS is one of the best fake phone number apps. The reason is clear: you can get free fake numbers whenever you want.

The application has a huge list of virtual numbers that you can use. Once you are done with them, you can delete them and start using their alternatives.

Meaning, once you feel that a contact has started tracking your number, you can consider getting rid of it and start using a replacement. It's that simple.

Second SMS gives you hundreds - if not thousands - of virtual numbers from all over the world that you can use for texting and phone calls.

One of the great features of the app is that it displays a preview of your call history and all text messages associated with the same number used within a single interface. You can also rely on it to activate accounts on various social networking sites.

Second SMS features:

  • Free app to get fake numbers.
  • The numbers are easy to throw out and replace.
  • It allows you to make phone calls and send text messages globally.
  • Unified interface for call history and text messages.
  • Fake numbers for activating social media accounts and profiles.
  • Grant access to social media platforms from one place.

Download the Second SMS app

2- Fake Call

Fake Call app gives you the possibility to get a fake phone number to make your phone calls and send text messages in a secret way. This application can be used on iPhone or iPad.

Through it, you can create a fake or fake ID, regardless of the place or time that you will choose. In other words, you will only need to enter the fake number and fake name in order to make a prank phone call.

The Fake Call app also allows you to record calls so that you can listen to them clearly later if needed. The app gives you the ability to choose more than one voice for your voicemail.

Fake Call features:

  • It gives you fake numbers to use as a second phone number.
  • Create fake numbers and names in dumps.
  • The phone identifier that makes the victim believe that you are trying to contact them through a real number.
  • Record conversations.
  • Multiple voice templates for voicemail service.

Download the Fake Call application

3- Senu – secret phone numbers

Focusing on privacy and protecting people's secret identity is one of Senu's top priorities. It's a simple app, but it does its job perfectly and exactly as required.

In fact, this is one of the best fake phone number apps that you can test on your iPhone. Senu is supposed to provide you with fake numbers which are easy to get rid of if needed.

This gives you two main advantages: The first feature is to protect your privacy while making phone calls or sending text messages through the virtual number. The other advantage is that you will be able to use it to activate and deactivate profiles for your social media accounts.

Thus, you will completely get rid of the clutter of spam and spam calls from Internet marketers, online sellers and spam callers.

Features of Senu - secret phone numbers:

  • The app gives you a virtual phone number for phone calls and text messages.
  • Protects your privacy by keeping your original number secret.
  • It allows you to use a fake number in order to activate your social media accounts.
  • It does not require your email account in order to start using it.
  • It is difficult to track down the fictitious numbers it provides.
  • It's easy to throw out the number and use a replacement if needed.

Download Senu - Secret Phone Numbers app

4- Movius MultiLine

As we told you a little while ago, premium apps not only come to the fore, but also extend to the end. Movius MultiLine is one of the popular apps on the App Store that is trusted to give you fake numbers whenever you need them.

This app allows you to use a virtual phone number on your iPad or iPhone without any additional hassles. Irrespective of which carrier you depend on, this app will enable you to use a second phone number very easily.

We've noticed from our member reviews that the app works perfectly whether during phone calls, text messages, or when voicemail is activated.

At the same time, the application is unique in activating profiles for social networking accounts. Not only is the app privacy-protective, but it includes some nice extras like call recording, scheduling, checking call history, managing text messages and calls, and much more.

Movius MultiLine features:

  • Unlimited virtual phone numbers.
  • All default numbers seem to be drawn from the numbers of institutions and companies.
  • Make phone calls and text messages, as well as voice mail.
  • Contacts tracking, call recording and option to manage call history.
  • Schedule phone calls.

Download the Movius MuliLine app

5- Phoner: Second Phone Number

There is a good reason why this app is one of the best and most popular and well-reviewed virtual number apps on the App Store.

Like many other applications on this list that gives you the feature that you desperately need, which is to get virtual numbers that you can get rid of whenever you want just in order to protect the confidentiality of your activity and your privacy while using your iPhone.

This application is considered one of the cheapest applications in terms of the price of calls, whether local or international, and the price of text messages on the application is very low.

If you are not convinced of these main features, you should know that this application provides you with the ability to add a code or code for more than 60 countries to your local number in order to make phone calls.

Most importantly, it includes many facilities for new users for fax requests as well as many customizable features according to each user's preference. All these features make it one of the best applications that we stumbled upon during our search for the best fake number applications on the App Store.

Features Phoner: Second Phone Number:

  • Virtual numbers for virtual connections.
  • After you are done using the number, you can delete it very easily and start using another one.
  • Supports more than 60 countries according to the country code and code.
  • Scanning of messages for documents and faxes.
  • Call recording and transfer.

Download Phoner: Second Phone Number

6- Tossable Digits Phone Numbers

Imagine your main purpose of a virtual number app is to get a virtual phone number and then you find yourself surrounded by more than 50 additional features! This is a fact, with its plethora of features including the ability to use a fake phone number, the app gives you the ability to use fake numbers for many different uses.

The main purpose of the app is to give iPhone and iPad users more privacy and get rid of the clutter of calls and annoying messages from Internet marketers and sellers.

The application supports number synchronization and exchange to give the user the ability to switch calls very easily. The app includes virtual numbers for phone calls and text messages.

Most importantly, the app is able to track the contacts of internet marketers and all parties responsible for spam messages.

Of course, the application includes an option to record calls and voicemail service, as well as many other nice features that you may need while using it for free.

Features of Tossable Digits Phone Numbers:

  • Provides fake numbers for calls and text messages.
  • Unlimited Privacy & SMS Text Messaging.
  • Unlimited voicemails and multiple call recording capabilities.
  • Relay phone number for international calls.
  • Forward the call to any other numbers.

Download Tossable Digits Phone Numbers app

7- Second Phone Number – 2Number

If you want to use a second phone number on your iPhone without having to purchase an extra fact line, this app will be your ideal choice.

2Number app lives up to its name as it gives you the freedom to use a virtual number for phone calls and text messages with many additional options and features beyond that.

However, inside the app you will find the possibility to use local numbers based on where you live. Do not worry, the application supports many European and Arab countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries.

In addition to the advantages of phone calls and text messages via fake numbers, it is possible to use the numbers to activate social media accounts, record calls and transfer them effortlessly.

Features of Second Phone Number - 2Number:

  • Fake numbers for more than 25 countries.
  • Call recording and transfer feature.
  • SMS and multimedia messages.
  • Divide the calling process for work or home into different lists from each other to organize your history.
  • Manage records separately for both calls and text messages.
  • Make international calls to easily deleteable virtual phone numbers.

Download the Second Phone Number - 2Number app

8- Change Phone Number by Numbr

To maintain the secret and privacy of your real number, you will have to use any of the fake number apps. Change Phone Number By Number is exactly what you need to enable profiles on social media or any other web platforms, online trading, bill payments and much more.

This application gives you many required features through an easy and intuitive user interface and it is easy for any user to deal with it to get an additional number for phone calls and text messages and delete it if necessary.

All these useful features make it one of the best virtual number apps on the App Store. As long as you need a virtual number on the iPhone, all you have to do is use this app.

It is very simple to use, with the ability to switch numbers whenever you want very easily. The program's interface is solid, consistent, and free from any bugs that might hinder the way you communicate with others.

The process of making phone calls through virtual numbers through this application is very intuitive and easy and text messaging is also possible using this application.

Features of Change Phone Number by Number:

  • Easy to use in order to get fake numbers for phone calls and text messages.
  • Intuitive user interface to choose the number you want.
  • Getting rid of the number and using a replacement is very easy.
  • Simple interface to make calls and send text messages without any additional complications.
  • Unified interface to manage call history and text messages.

Download Change Phone Number By Number app

9- Side Number (New Phone Number)

As long as you are looking for a second phone number on your iPhone, the Side Number app is a great option to protect your privacy. It is one of the few applications that work over a Wi-Fi connection.

The app gives you a unique and complete fake caller ID. In fact, it includes several privacy protection features while sending text messages or making phone calls.

Before your phone number is shown to the other party, Side Number will be able to instantly display the fake number on the receiver's screen to protect your original number.

The app allows you to send unlimited text messages but to a limited number of phone numbers. So, you will have to use this feature with some wisdom.

Side Number (New Phone Number) features:

  • An additional virtual number for texting and calling.
  • Integrated and unique caller ID.
  • He tries to secure the real original number of the phone so that you will not be exposed during the call.
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS text messages to limited numbers.
  • It also works over a Wi-Fi connection.

Download Side Number (New Phone Number) application

10- Burner: Second Phone Number

We always save the best apps for last. If you have completed the article with us so far, you are among the lucky ones. Not only is Burner one of the best virtual number apps out there, but it's also one of the oldest.

It has always been known as a safe and reliable app with a huge amount of positive reviews on the App Store and you can use it to get a fake number for various purposes.

What is remarkable is that the developers of the application have recently updated it and it has an excellent user interface with the addition of many interesting features and more usable flexible functions.

This application allows you to send multimedia messages to anywhere in the world without limits or restrictions, in addition to the ability to make phone calls and text messages using virtual numbers.

The application allows you to choose a fake number based on your place of residence in order to play funny pranks on your friends and family members who live in the same country. Also, you can make international calls easily.

More is on the way as the app allows you to block spam messages and unwanted calls very easily. You can even block nuisance calls, forward calls, delete and switch out-of-date numbers, as well as voicemail.

Features of Burner: Second Phone Number:

  • Provides special numbers for regional and international calls.
  • Contains thousands of numbers to choose from.
  • It is easy to delete numbers, get rid of them and replace them with another number.
  • Manage call logs and text messages very easily.
  • Call recording and call forwarding.
  • Block spam, unwanted calls, and hot swap numbers.

Download Burner: Second Phone Number

11- Unlisted: Private 2nd Line

If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible while communicating with others, Unlisted makes sure you get there easily, even while making calls over the Internet.

This application protects your original real number and does not compromise it in any way, instead it will give you a second phone number in order to make phone calls and send text messages under a fake identity.

Sure, you can send texts and make phone calls with Unlisted at very minimal rates even while making international calls.

Most importantly, there is no limit on the calls or messages you can make in a day. If you want to get rid of the number or try to use a new number, the old number will be deleted directly.

Of course, Unlisted will give you the ability to record calls to check them later if needed, as well as call forwarding.

One of the impressive features of this application is that it provides you with a voicemail feature or service with several different voices, set a caller ID to protect your identity, create fake profiles for social media accounts, and more cool features.

Unlisted: Private 2nd Line features:

  • It gives you the freedom to choose virtual numbers for making phone calls and text messages.
  • Set a fake phone call ID in order to protect the privacy of your original number as much as possible.
  • It's easy to throw out or swap numbers.
  • Keep your real name safe.
  • Dedicated voicemail and effortless call recording.

Download Second Texting Number: Unlisted

12- PhoneLine – 2nd Phone Number

It is not difficult to find apps that are able to give you fake numbers on your iPhone. But what is not easy is to find applications that are able to provide distinct features for managing and assigning virtual numbers in a simple and easy way.

Once you use PhoneLine, you will notice that using a fake phone number, making phone calls and sending text messages is very easy. This, of course, while securing and protecting your original number very skillfully.

This app works great in certain regions including the United States. So, you will have no problem using fake numbers which are very similar to the local numbers in the states.

All text messages and phone calls made on PhoneLine are fully secured and encrypted to protect your true identity. This application gives you an unlimited number of phone calls that you can make. In addition, the process of deleting numbers and switching to a new number is very simple.

Features of PhoneLine - 2nd Phone Number:

  • Fake numbers in order to make phone calls and text messages to all parts of the world.
  • The price of phone calls is very cheap compared to competing applications.
  • Smart user interface to manage calls and text messages.
  • Keep your original caller ID and number completely secure.
  • Calls and messages are encrypted between the two parties.
  • It gives you fake numbers in order to activate and activate social media accounts.

Download PhoneLine - 2nd Phone Number

13- Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers

Flyp is an app that is really good at hiding your iPhone number and protecting your privacy in an amazing way. We've tried to keep one of the best apps on this list for last.

Don't mind the negative reviews on the App Store, it's still a great app that gives you countless virtual numbers to make phone calls and text messages without any limits or conditions with excellent call rates.

It may not be the same as competing apps in terms of the amount of features, but it has enough of them to give users peace of mind while communicating with others from all over the world anonymously and protecting their privacy.

With a clean and intuitive unified user interface, phone calls and text messages can be comfortably handled without any extra fuss.

The application allows sending multimedia messages and GIFs, as well as the feature of organizing and arranging numbers and scheduling calls. One of the surprising features is the feature of distinguishing numbers through colors to separate the blocked numbers from the important numbers.

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All phone calls come with a clear, crisp sound and integrate with all other functions of the phone naturally. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best virtual number apps on iOS at the moment.

Features of Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers:

  • It gives you many facilities to make phone calls and text messages with fake numbers.
  • Unified interface to keep call logs and text messages.
  • Besides smooth, high-quality calls, you can send SMS, MMS, and even GIFs.
  • It has smart connection function.
  • Supports free calls to a large number of countries.

Download Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers


 We have come to the conclusion of this guide, through which we have covered with you a group of the best fake number applications on the App Store. Usually, many users need to keep their primary number private when trying to confirm a particular contact. In this case, a virtual number application is an ideal way to protect and secure your primary number from falling into the wrong hands.

However, we recommend that you do not use these applications for illegal activities, and their use for pranks and pranks should be within certain limits.

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