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9 AI Text-to-Video Websites: Create Video With Just Text

In light of the digital era supported by visuals in which we live, video content has become crucial in attracting buyers and delivering the required message to customers, which positively and effectively affects the increase in sales. Therefore, we show you the best sites for converting text to video with artificial intelligence without bothering with software video editing And without much experience in production programs.

Artificial intelligence text-to-video conversion sites

According to many studies, more than 90% of potential buyers would like to see more video content of brands and companies before upgrading and purchasing products.

Despite this, the video content industry is one of the arduous tasks that represents a difficult challenge for business owners and companies, despite it being an effective way to attract and retain customers and gain their satisfaction.

The video industry may require professional and experienced video editors, expensive professional editing software, and a long time before you can produce an appropriate professional video clip that suits your brand, products, and target audience.

This is one of the most important scenarios in which AI text-to-video software plays a very important role. These tools are video generation software that creates professional and high-quality videos, which makes your life look a lot easier.

In this guide, you will find the best AI video generators and how they can support you in creating high-quality videos for your business.

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Benefits of AI text-to-video tools

The goal of text-to-video conversion software is to help you create professional videos based on artificial intelligence techniques without the need to use sophisticated equipment, tools, and software, or to contract with professional video editors, which helps save significant financial expenses.

The way these tools work is very intuitive as they are all web based websites based on models trained on hundreds of thousands of videos.

All that is required of you is only to enter text that includes the written content of your post or topic to convert it into a video clip.

There are many benefits of using artificial intelligence text-to-video conversion sites, including all of the following:

First » save time

Creating videos based on artificial intelligence techniques requires very little time compared to the huge amount of time required by a professional editor in order to create high-quality videos.

If you are in a hurry or your business requires you to create several videos in a day, then these AI text to video conversion sites will be the perfect companion for your business without the need for much experience in production and video editing software.

Secondly, saving money

Making and editing videos is a business that requires many resources, such as expensive photography equipment, hiring a professional editing staff, and many other things that require more financial expenses.

But thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now fully present the video idea by entering a written text that contains the idea of ​​your video content and generate the video according to your own instructions, which means that you will not have to spend a fortune of money just to get high-quality videos.

Third, flexibility

The AI ​​video generating websites support many languages ​​including Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French and many other foreign languages.

This is a very flexible and useful feature if your business is not targeting only regional markets.

Fourth, customizability

AI text to video sites guarantee you visual content according to your preferences. You can customize video duration, format, playback style, content display and much more.

Fifth » Compatibility with multiple platforms

AI video generators help you create videos that fit your specific business type and target platforms.

For example: you can generate custom videos for social media and customize their format compatible with those platforms.

Sixth » High-quality video production

Text to video websites ensure that you create attractive videos with different voices and high quality backgrounds to grab and hold the attention of potential buyers and customers.

The entire process is automated without the need for manual intervention, which makes it not only profitable and time-saving, but also convenient, money-saving and budget-friendly.

1- Synthesia


One of the best and most popular AI video generators is the website Synthesia Which allows you to convert the content of your emails, blog posts, presentations and PDFs into professional, high-quality videos in just a few clicks.

You just need to choose the type of customizable template and AI avatars, copy and paste or type the text and the site will do the rest for you.

Sites allows you to choose from over 400 voices, up to 120 languages, 85 incarnations, and 55 templates. All this means that you do not have to contract with a unique integrated editor in order to produce suitable videos according to your personal preferences.

You can choose from a large number of custom avatars and program them to work within the realistic animations of your text narration.

Best of all, the site allows you to customize and edit the video in many different ways, such as writing on the video, adding images, animations, styles, icons, colors, transitions, and even adjusting your brand assets, such as adding the company logo and the general background color of the brand, and generating videos according to different scenarios and use cases such as presentations and guides How-tos, marketing content, explainer videos, and much more.


If you are looking for an AI text-to-video converter, then this is the site for you It includes one of the best tools for converting speech into sounds in just a few minutes.

All that is required of you is to copy the text or URL of your blog or topic into the interface and the site will professionally summarize the content of the topic, find appropriate relevant images, and narrate the text in a way that exactly mimics human voices. includes more than 900 voices and is able to translate content into more than 70 languages ​​as well as 100 different dialects to choose from.

Among the impressive new features of are the free music library, interactive subtitles, and high-level summarization.

3- I envy

I envy

If there was a very popular AI video generator in this field, it would definitely be it I envy Which can turn texts into professional, high-quality videos in a matter of moments.

Invideo can turn your articles, blogs, topics, and demos into exceptional videos of the highest quality and professionalism in just a few clicks.

One of its most notable features is that it has a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface that works by drag and drop.

The site library includes more than 5,000 templates, many AI-supported themes, multimedia from iStock, filters specifically for YouTube visual content, promotional videos for products and brands, and various advertising videos.

What's more, it gives you the freedom to share your videos on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

4- Hour One

Hour One

Opportunity Hour One It is a smart text-to-video conversion option for creating professional videos presented with human-like voices.

The sites support more than 100 human voices that you can choose for free to present your content and explain its content to the public in a professional manner.

The site provides several pre-made templates that are suitable for different use cases including presentations, how-to guides, tutorials, advertising videos, and even news videos.

The site offers more than 60 languages ​​to choose from and ensures that you generate high-quality videos at a low cost and within a very short period of time.

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But what is unique about Hour One is that it gives you the freedom to try the tool completely free of charge to test the features yourself before you pay for the service and make sure that you are actually investing your money in the right place.

5- Pictory


Pictory It is a very familiar name in the field of AI technologies, and you have certainly heard it at one time, thanks to its many advantages in creating professional videos at the highest level of quality.

It is one of the most important tools most online content marketers, course creators, and YouTube content creators rely on.

One of the main advantages of Pictory is that it does not require any level of prior experience in the video industry and editing business, which guarantees you a comfortable use experience and converts your text into high-quality video in a jiffy.

The site has a huge and generous library of premium resources including over 15,000 music tracks and over 3 million images to choose from in order to ensure that you produce a video that meets your preferences and matches your goals.

This means that you are able to add music to the video or overlay your own audio recordings to the video which is a very rare feature that most other text-to-video tools may lack.

Pictory video generator is definitely cloud-based and compatible with all windows or mac computers that means you don't need to download anything on your computer.


Opportunity It is a great site for converting text to video and creating high-quality videos without the need for expensive imaging equipment, experienced content makers, or even a high-end studio. guarantees you to translate your videos into more than 65 languages ​​in order to improve the standards of impact on viewers and there are a large number of avatars for your brand or of course you can create your own brand logo and customize it manually. is not completely free, however, you can try the AI ​​video generation model for free before making your final decision to invest your money in this site.

The way the site works is very easy and does not require any level of expertise as you just need to enter your text or blog content and will do the rest for you and start creating a high quality video that suits your preferences and in the format according to your instructions.


site depends It has different set of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to create professional and stunning videos in minimum time.

It is one of the fastest and easiest sites that you can use in order to turn your scripts into videos capable of attracting the largest number of audience.

In fact, this is one of the sites that has a huge “endless” library of content that includes over 5000 music tracks, over 150 million high-quality royalty-free images, over 50 human voices, and excellent effects and transitions. .

The video generator has been greatly improved in recent years to optimize videos for target platforms, allowing you to set and customize video size and format before sharing it on social media platforms.

Thanks to its awesome features, is relied on by startups, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and even government agencies. The site includes more than 20 of the world's most popular languages.


Many content creators and YouTube channel owners rely on the site Thanks to its ability to breathe life into still images and turn them into videos with greater impact and effectiveness. videos ensure the ability to engage customers through explainer videos, commentary, presentations and various advertising videos.

The website tool includes over 1,000 fully customized templates for tutorials, guides, tutorials, presentations, commercials, and much more.

You'll find that provides you with over 20 different video modes and use cases including tutorial videos, commercials, corporate video making, and many more text-to-video cases.

If you need a practical, fast, simple and easy to use tool in order to convert your text into high quality videos with the fewest possible clicks, then will fulfill all your demands very easily.

9- Colossyan


Without equipment and without any level of expertise, you are guaranteed a site Colossyan Convert any text content and blog topics into videos in more than 75 different world famous languages.

The site is based on a machine translation algorithm, includes an AI-based text assistant, and allows you to choose from several profile pictures.

In a nutshell, Colossyan tries to provide virtual videos that are just like the visual experience viewers get from real human presenters.

The site gives you the ability to create endless videos without any restrictions on size, space, or type of format. Whether you need videos in the form of tutorials, trainings, marketing videos, product commercials, presentations or demo videos, Colossyan is the right place.

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It is a very fast, convenient and customizable video generator that guarantees you to get professional and high-quality videos within a few minutes and without any impossible conditions.


It is essential that you plan to incorporate promotional videos to better market your brand. It is an ideal strategy to attract the largest number of audience and potential customers and ensure that they maintain and continue to interact with your brand.

However, creating high-quality videos is not easy, and requires more expensive camera equipment, highly trained and experienced content creators, and studios suitable for commercialization.

But thanks to our AI video generators, you don't need all that anymore. It is definitely not completely free. But you might be lucky enough to find one that's budget-friendly and doesn't charge anything to create professional-grade videos.

But to reach an advanced level of expertise, and to elevate your brand and be on par with the competition, you will definitely need to rely on any of the premium video generation sites.

They are the only sites that provide all the required features without having to spend a fortune on video editing equipment and software.

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