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5 features we hope to see in the iPhone 16 next year (2024)

The iPhone 15 series has finally arrived, and here it is before us in all its prestige and new features. But are they really the iPhones we were hoping to see this year, or are there many negative aspects that are difficult to overlook? What do we hope to see in the upcoming iPhone 16 phones?

iPhone 16 Ultra features that we look forward to seeing next year

Well, in this life, not everything one hopes for is achieved. Yes, there are a lot of things that have been updated in the iPhone 15 series that make us very excited to try it and eager to use it.

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The Dynamic Island on all iPhone 15 models, the faster USB-C port for transferring data on the Pro models, and the A16 Bionic processor that pushes the power of mid-cost iPhone models to their limits, while the Pro series features the A17 Pro processor that brings with it some impressive graphics technologies such as Ray tracing and a periscope camera on the Pro Max model, which created the ability to zoom in on objects from long distances without negatively affecting their quality.

We also liked the idea of ​​titanium frames instead of stainless steel on the iPhone 15 Pro series, which gave the phones a sleek feel, stronger durability, and lighter weight. But is this all we were waiting for? of course no.

After checking phone specifications iPhone 15 Pro Max Comparing it with previous models, we found that it still lacks many necessary positives, especially considering the additional price jump of $100 that it came with.

We think it was not a good idea for Apple to raise the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max model. The reason for this is that there are many alternatives that offer similar or even slightly better features at a cheaper price.

I hope you don't understand me wrong. The features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max were more than great, but the price increase made me hungry for more of them, and you should be too. In this article, I will explain to you the reasons and show you some of the reasons why I am not completely convinced with the iPhone 15 Pro Max and why I may be forced to postpone the upgrade until the iPhone 16 Ultra arrives next year.

First: I would still like longer battery life

For some reason, Apple decided not to mention the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 phones. This is normal, as Apple has always been secretive regarding the battery capacity of the iPhone phones. However, the specifications sheet indicates that the iPhone 15 phones still have the same operating times as the iPhone 14 series.

This means that the iPhone 15 Pro phones were not able to achieve the greatest possible benefit from the new A17 Pro processor. I do not mean in terms of performance level, but I mean in terms of battery life and power management.

Instead, Apple focused all its efforts on improving the processor for games and intensive tasks and taking advantage of the capabilities of the built-in graphics processor to provide some important graphic technologies.

The new processor also helped enhance data transfer speed thanks to the USB-C port, which supports the USB 3.0 standard, which means that data transfer speed can reach 20 gigabytes per second. The processor also contributed to improving the photography and video recording experience.

Although these features are more than wonderful and there are hundreds of millions of users who will benefit from them perfectly, what is the point of owning the best iPhone ever if you are not able to operate it. I mean, running out of battery capacity is the worst-case scenario that most of us will encounter while out and about.

Through user experiences with iPhone 14 Pro phones, it has become clear that the battery is able to last for one day with moderate use. But the majority of them faced issues with battery life, especially with media consumption or shooting for long periods.

So, clearly, Apple had to think more positively about battery life since the battery is the cornerstone or backbone of any smartphone. We hoped that the iPhone 15 phones - at least the first Pro models - would come with a larger battery capacity and be able to last for longer periods of time. But this did not happen, which makes us excited to see how things could improve with the iPhone 16 Ultra next year.

Secondly: Fingerprint sensor on the side power button

At least Apple could have brought a fingerprint sensor to the side power button like the fifth generation iPad Air, which is what we hope to see in the iPhone 16.

We're not asking for much, and we don't want an ultrasound scanner like the one under a screen Samsung S23.

At the same time, we cannot do without Face ID, and therefore, it would be great to have both in an iPhone, given that sometimes Face ID may not be an ideal solution, especially while wearing glasses, masks, or face masks, or even when you hold your phone at a sharp angle in which it is difficult to The Face ID sensor must accurately identify your face.

Therefore, the fingerprint sensor seems more convenient and will make the iPhone experience much easier than it is now. At the same time, the fingerprint sensor can help enhance the security of the iPhone. For example, Apple may give us an option that allows us to secure the iPhone using the fingerprint sensor and face ID.

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Third: Periscope lens with 10x optical zoom

The new tetraprism periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max cannot be ignored, which provides 5x optical zoom, equivalent to a focal length of up to 120 mm.

It is a much-needed feature that we have long been waiting for from Apple, and it may have been a good response to Samsung’s Telephoto lens, which the Korean company has relied on since 2020 and has improved since then until it reached its best form on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The only problem for me is that Apple's periscope lens can only reach half the distance that Samsung's periscope lens can reach thanks to the 10x optical zoom, which equates to a focal length of approximately 300 mm. We hope to improve this on the upcoming iPhone 16 in 2024.

We are all excited to try out the new Telephoto lens from Apple, especially since the machine learning algorithms of Apple's amazing camera software will be able to provide amazing, unparalleled results in all situations.

But will this be enough to answer 10x optical zoom? I don't think so because the gap between the focal lengths of both lenses is very large, which makes the Apple lens two times behind the exceptional Samsung lens.

Fourthly: Isn't it time to get a higher charging speed?

Since the iPhone 15 phones did not get a larger battery, it was possible - at least - to get a higher charging speed to give the user the ability to refill the battery faster. It would have been better if the lack of larger battery capacity was compensated for by the higher charging speed.

With the move to the USB-C port, Apple could have regained its full glory, showing everyone that it is possible to improve the charging speed on the iPhone with the move to the new charging port.

Just look around, you will find Android phones starting to support light-speed charging standards thanks to the amazing capabilities and capabilities of the USB-C port. But it is clear that Apple is not yet ready to move to the new port. It is also clear that she would not have wanted to switch had it not been for the constant pressure from the European Union.

Although the exact charging speeds are not clear on the technical specifications pages, it is clear that both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models still feature the standard charging speed of 27 watts like the iPhone 14 Pro phones last year.

The reason we believe this is because the specifications sheet says that you are able to charge the iPhone to 50% within half an hour, while you will be able to fully charge it within an hour and a half. These are the same charging speed rates on the iPhone 14 Pro models whose speed has been verified and confirmed to be 27W.

When comparing this speed with the leading Samsung Galaxy phones, we will find that Samsung offers 25W fast charging for the basic model of the S series. However, the charging speed can reach 45W on the “Plus” and “Ultra” models, which means that a full charge will not take Only 60 minutes maximum. Therefore, we call for an improvement in the battery charging capabilities of the iPhone 16 phones so that they are in line with what competitors offer in terms of very fast charging capabilities.

Fifth: Best quality cases

During the last event, Apple talked about many wonderful things about the environment, which did not receive much welcome from the event's followers.

But it seems that Apple wants to take some additional steps in improving its products and focus on using more environmentally friendly manufacturing materials.

For example, Apple decided to stop using leather in all of its products. Instead, it said that it would start using FineWoven, which is still considered a type of Swiss leather of the best quality for low carbon emissions.

But the strange thing is that some people who attended the Apple conference and were able to carry the new iPhones were disappointed by the FineWoven material that Apple used for the iPhone case.

The new cases completely hide the shape of the iPhone, and are very heavy and large. Some people, including many of us, hope that Apple will return to using the case that came with the iPhone 14 phones, as it allows you to see the entire back side of the phone while it maintains well the side frames.

This way the phones are very well protected, but they are lighter and easier to keep inside a pocket.

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There are many new features in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, from the new camera sensor to the A17 Pro processor to the titanium frames, but despite this, there are still many areas that require more effort to be introduced in the iPhone 16 series.

In my personal opinion, I think there is absolutely no logical reason to raise the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but this is what we got in the end. It's still a great upgrade for anyone who was able to upgrade their phone a few years ago or wants to move from Android to the world of Apple and the company's wonderful ecosystem.

But if you own an iPhone 13 Pro Max or 14 Pro Max, rest assured that there is no logical reason to upgrade now unless you want to own the latest and most powerful iPhone ever and do not care much about financial issues.

Ibrahim Turki

I have been working in the electronic press for years and have a passion for reading and writing about various technical news. You'll find me writing about computers, smartphones, operating systems, applications, and even networks and the Internet. I always strive to provide elegant and simple visual content that suits technology followers in our Arab world.
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