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Top 10 offline iPhone games that you will be addicted to 

Although most of the best popular iPhone games of our time require an internet connection, there are also a large number of exciting games that can be played offline and enjoyed for hours, sometimes we may be in a place where we don't have access to the internet and so we can't play our games Favorites that require a stable internet connection, here it is Games without Net It is the only haven for self-entertainment. 

So in this article we will guide you to the best offline iPhone games of almost every kind. Whether you are a person who loves action and adventure games or you love racing and driving games, here we will provide you with a list of all game categories that have been carefully selected. 

What are the best iPhone games without the net? 

Here is a list of the best iPhone games without the net and the highest rated on the App Store. This list was prepared based on the reviews of people who tried the game and through my personal experience. 

1. Into the Dead 2

This game is one of the best free games for iPhone and Android phones as well. And here I am not speaking out of the blue. I personally tried this game and I can say that it is really worth downloading. Not only am I saying this. If you head to the Apple Store, you will see many users praising the game from all sides, starting from the gameplay and the interesting story to the graphics and amazing graphics. And do not forget the sound effects that make you merge together in the game as if you were living the events on the ground. 

Your only goal in this game is to save your family from the catastrophe of the apocalypse by using different weapons and destroying zombies one by one. The environment around you is not safe in any way and you can face serious danger at any moment, that is why it is always necessary to focus all your attention on the environment and destroy the attacking zombies to protect yourself and your family. 

2. Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is one of the few games that combines simplicity and excitement in gameplay. It is an attractive and exciting game in the style of running. As a skater, you have to be ready to overcome various obstacles and problems in a long and endless journey, so join Alto and his friends and discover different puzzles and pass Huge cliffs and high hills and discover different temples, also collect different coins along the way which you can use to buy different in-game items and upgrade your character. 

3. Mini Militia

There is no doubt that the most popular and popular game classifications are action games, so if you are one of the people who is obsessed with this type of games, try Mini Militia, this game that attracted millions of users to it thanks to its strange and unique gameplay that differs slightly from the popular action games.

Mini Militia has a rating of 4.4 on the App Store and has been downloaded more than 100 million times, and it has not been deleted by users after downloading it for a long time, and this is the biggest proof that the game is exciting and fun. 

Mini Militia is a funny fighting game with a cartoon character, it contains many cartoon characters along with many strange weapons, in the game you train your chosen character and fortify him with some weapons such as pistols, machine guns, bombs and flames, and then send them to engage in a fight against the enemies. 


It is one of the attractive games with high graphics in the style of action and adventure from the first person perspective, in the game DEAD TRIGGER 2 a deadly virus has spread all over the world and endangered the human race like the plague, but it is more deadly.

This virus has turned people into giant zombies, and there are only a few survivors left and you among them, you will get many weapons that you will use to fight the zombies.

5. Beach Buggy Racing

It is a 3D racing game on off-road and in dangerous forests, it contains many small cars with high potential and combined together with different weapons, which can be used in racing, the most exciting thing about this game is the power of fantastic graphics and realistic effects as it is powered by Vector Engine and PhysX from NVIDIA. 

The game contains many different and beautiful environments, for example, you will race on an island, on the beach, temples, or in dangerous forests. It also contains many characters to race with, each with a different ability.

By collecting coins and jewels, you can upgrade these characters and cars and get new abilities, you must be the first to reach the finish line to win and you will be rewarded with more jewels, the weapons on the road will help you to win easily. 

6. Traffic Rider

It is a game with very strong graphics. The team that created the game paid more attention to design and graphic elements than anything else, in addition to their interest in smooth gameplay and creating a dynamic world that will amaze you as soon as you start playing it, and this is not surprising from the famous Sona Kera game studio and developer of the game Traffic Racer, which is considered One of the most downloaded car games. 

In Traffic Rider you can choose one of 20 different motorbikes in different classes and carry out your assigned missions in each stage, the game features a first-person perspective and gives the player a good feeling while driving, day and night weather changes are also included in the game by the development team to give the driver A real feeling of driving. 

Your objective in this game is the same as the famous Traffic Racer, you have to complete your mission by driving fast on the road full of different vehicles, and you have to be careful not to crash into other vehicles with speed and accuracy. 


This game has won many awards, it has been designed in the style of mystery and puzzles and as we know this type of games has a large audience.

The game is a mixture of horror and adventure where you use a suitable Black environment that contains some monsters to be more interesting, in this game your mental abilities are what determines if you are qualified to play it or not. 

The game consists of 5 stages, you have to guide the doll to pass through the specified paths so that you can reach the next stage, Black and white 2D atmosphere of the game will entertain you so much that you will spend hours and even days to finish the game. 

8. Shadow Fight 3

It is the third series of the famous Shadow Fight game developed by Nekkei company that is known for its attractive and exciting games. It has a rating of 4.7 on the App Store and has been downloaded more than 500 million times by Android phone users. 

Shadow Fight 3 is a role-playing game, in this series unlike the previous version where the fighters were in the form of shadows, the shadows became powerful and wonderful fighters and gave a different effect to the game compared to the previous version. 

By installing the game you will enter a new era of fighting, so choose your favorite fighter and challenge your skills in three fighting styles, the battles will become more difficult and more professional after each level, so eliminate your opponents one by one by learning new fighting styles and upgrading your weapons. 

9. Gta San Andreas Game

There are few people who do not know the famous GTA series games, the games we have tried on both PC and PlayStation and we have many memories with them, we lived with famous personalities.

Now this game has been released on Android and iPhone phones, and it has been welcomed by many users and has been downloaded more than a million times on various platforms in a short period of time, and this is evidence of the game's strength and popularity. 

GTA San Andreas is the most famous car driving and gangster game, once you install and play it you will be in its world for a long time.

The story of the game revolves around the character of Carl Johnson, who returns to his hometown after 5 years due to the death of his mother, and when he sees that his family and his companions are in trouble, he tries to solve their problems and their battles against enemies and corrupt policemen and faces many challenges. . 

In this game you can easily ride and drive any type of transportation, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, boats, trains and even planes, you can use various weapons that will help you complete your missions in a short time. 

10. Angry Birds

Certainly, while browsing in the App Store, you have come across Angry Birds, this game that was released in 2010 and won the admiration of many users with its fantastic graphics and gameplay that makes you immerse yourself in it for hours without realizing the passage of time. 

In this game you will shoot different birds precisely at the pigs that are protected inside buildings and destroy them, you have few attempts so you have to be your concentration high and take advantage of each attempt.

When you complete the first easy levels, you will move to more difficult levels, but do not worry, you will get more powerful and larger birds together with additional abilities such as exploding birds and giant birds. 

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