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The best laptop for programming in 2024

Technology is developing rapidly, and with it you should look for the basic elements that will help you reserve a suitable seat for you in this world. If you want to make your way into the world of programming, you will definitely need a good laptop to work on. So, we show you the best laptops for programming in 2024.

Best laptop for programming 2024

The job of a programmer is one of the most in demand jobs at the present time. Although it is a arduous and complex profession, it pays off. Therefore, we show you the best laptop for programming in 2024 to choose from among them the best device that suits you.

Programming and coding are resource-hungry tasks that require supercomputers. Some people prefer desktop and assembly computers because they contain powerful hardware capable of handling these types of tasks decently.

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But others are programmers looking to do programming tasks on the go, and if you are one of those then you need a powerful laptop. There are a few things to consider when selecting a laptop for programming and coding tasks.

First, you will need a powerful CPU, preferably Core I7 / Ryzen 7 or higher, as well as plenty of RAM.

But if you are going to specialize in the gaming industry, you will also need a powerful graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD, given that the integrated graphics processors will not be sufficient for that task except for the modern Intel Arc cards, which are still not sufficient in most cases.

Keeping these above considerations in mind, you can easily find the best laptop for programming in 2024.

But to make the tedious task easier for you, we have compiled a long list of the best laptops for programming work in this article. You just have to choose the one that fits your budget and matches well with your business requirements.

1- HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook

The best Chromebook for business right now is the HP Elite Dragonfly. The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook has great performance, beautiful design and reasonable battery life, suitable for many jobs and also suitable for programmers.

The device has the potential to be one of the best laptops for programmers in 2024. The device is great at programming and many other tasks and has the option of 5G/LTE connectivity. Hence, programmers on the go will get great internet speeds when connected to 5G networks if they are available in your country. In addition, the device comes with a comfortable keyboard for all-day use.

Laptop features:

  • Good specifications and excellent performance in all tasks including programming work.
  • Optional security features.
  • Brilliant screen with amazing display resolution.
  • Very comfortable keyboard for all day use.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Too expensive for a Chromebook.

2- Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch

There are plenty of reasons to prefer the MacBook Pro to any other device on this list, especially if you're a sucker for macOS.

Everything about this device is great, with plenty of power to handle all programming tasks decently. In fact, this device specifically targets programmers, which is why you will always find it the preferred device for professionals.

We can't get enough of the amazing features that the MacBook Pro has. But the Apple M1 chip provides more power to handle any kind of serious task, including coding and common programming work.

This chip contains a 10-core CPU, a 16-core GPU, and a vast 16-inch screen to give you a decent work experience. Also, this screen supports leading color standards, great accuracy, and brightness rates of up to 1000 lumens.

There are enough Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting to external monitors, an SD Card port for professional photographers, MagSafe charging, and many other features. And don't forget, this beast has a very long battery life.

The negatives are very few, and they are only represented in the weight of the device. It appears to be a bit heavy to carry around, but other than that it's a super laptop - if only you can afford it for its hefty price tag.

Laptop features:

  • Rocket power in all tasks including programming work.
  • Brilliant screen with amazing display resolution.
  • Very comfortable keyboard for typing all day without any issues.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • High price

3- Dell XPS 15

All the laptop manufacturers are trying to provide great alternatives to Macbooks for the Windows savvy users.

It's clear that Dell has succeeded in its quest for a paradigm equation for programmers with the Dell XPS 15.

This device has all the specifications needed for programming work, from the power of performance to the bright screen to the comfortable keyboard for continuous typing work throughout the day to the durable body made of raw aluminum.

The device comes in several different configurations which may include Core I7 and Core I9 processor. You'll find that Core I7 models are well suited for programming work, while Core I9 models will give you the ability to install multiple virtual systems with ease.

The device comes with a discrete graphics card from NVIDIA, and gives you the ability to upgrade internal components, including random memory (RAM) and storage solutions, to keep up with your future requirements.

Just note that there are multiple models of the device, you can choose the device with an IPS screen or an OLED screen, and if you are looking for the best screen for programming, any of them will be more than excellent. The only problem you may encounter is the device's high price and low color standards. Other than that, it's an exceptional device that's worth the risk.

Unfortunately, it lacks an HDMI port - just like the MacBook Pro, but it has Thunderbolt, an SD Card, and has a very long battery life.

Laptop features:

  • Rocket power in terms of performance.
  • You can choose between a different number of display panels.
  • Stylish and sturdy design and a very comfortable keyboard.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The price is too high.
  • Battery life is still short compared to Macs.

4- Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

If you're looking for a laptop that's good for programming, you need a great screen, long battery life, comfortable keyboard, and adequate performance for coding tasks.

Amazingly, all of these features and more are available on the Surface Laptop 4 from Microsoft.

There are several screen size options, but we prefer the 15-inch version since it has a higher resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio that is amazingly compatible with a digital pen.

We noticed through the reviews that the keyboard was very comfortable for long typing operations and the device has a solid and sturdy body to withstand all forms of use and weighs only 1.5kg which means it is still very light.

Although it lacks a large number of ports, users are compensated with more power and battery life that extends over 12 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.

You can choose the Core i7 or Ryzen 7 chipset which are rockets in terms of performance, although they are in the energy-efficient category. However, it is still suitable for all programming tasks, as well as for everyday tasks. Just remember that the device does not have a discrete graphics processor, so the Ryzen 7 model may be better in this regard because the integrated GPU is much better than the integrated Intel unit.

Laptop features:

  • Epic battery life.
  • Excellent AMD processor.
  • Excellent screen and very comfortable keyboard.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • It does not contain a discrete graphics card.

5- HP Envy x360 13

You will always notice that HP devices are cheaper than their other competitors with the same specifications. This device is almost the cheapest flagship laptop on this list. The device is available with different options of central processors, but the models that contain the Ryzen 7 processor are always recommended because they are more energy efficient and their price is also cheaper than their counterparts with Intel processors.

The device comes with huge random memory and has some specifications that you may not find in any other laptop at the same price. Also, the strong hinge allows you to rotate the device at an angle of 360 degrees and use it in several different modes, including tent mode, so that you can enjoy movies and video watching in your free time.

Also, this device will enable you to work great while using the digital pen that comes with the purchase box, which means that you will not need to buy anything at your personal expense after that.

The device comes with a very light weight and has a screen of only 13.3 inches, and it has a good abundance in the number of available ports, a keyboard that was very comfortable during tests, and a battery life capable of communicating for about 10 hours.

Yes, there are still some alternatives that offer longer battery life, but we think this amount of time will be more than enough for all-day use.

The only problem with this device is that it is not subject to future upgrades. Meaning you will get 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage and that's it.

Also, there are no options from the device with a separate graphics card, and the 1080 resolution is still modest, but it is sufficient for a 13-inch screen and sufficient for programming work.

However, there are many positive aspects to the Envy x360 13, chief among them being that it's inexpensive, lightweight, has a solid build quality, a versatile hinge, and can handle programming tasks quite adequately.

Laptop features:

  • Its price is affordable.
  • Many CPU options available.
  • Long enough battery life for daily use.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The screen is low resolution.

6- Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch

Although the 16-inch was our favorite for programming work, which is why we included it at the top of this list, its cheaper sibling with a smaller screen is still a great standard solution for those programmers who are on the go a lot.

The device weighs only 1.4 kg and comes with a 13-inch screen, ultra-thin bezels, a durable and sturdy body, and a leading M1 processor capable of handling all tasks.

The screen offers an excellent display resolution of 2560 x 1600 which makes it possible for you to benefit from clear images during hard work, vivid and lifelike colors and pinpoint details.

This cute beast is able to last for 15 hours of continuous work which is an epic runtime that you will not find in any other laptop in this price segment.

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It's also possible to take advantage of the new versatile Touch Bar, work with great freedom on the ergonomic keyboard and navigate the device without feeling like you're carrying anything in your backpack.

The device comes with a maximum of 16 GB of random memory, which is the only obstacle experienced programmers may face in programming work. However, the price of the device is a little high, but for the battery life and performance it provides, it is definitely a more than wonderful device.

Laptop features:

  • Incredibly slim and lightweight design.
  • The M1 processor is able to handle all programming perfectly.
  • Bright screen with exceptional resolution.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Limited in the available ports.

7- Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X

The Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X is suitable for all programming work, especially those based on 3D graphics, thanks to its RTX 3050 card.

The design of the device is impressive and its weight is just 1.5kg, which means it is very light, however it may not be very light to hold with one hand. There are many alternatives that weigh only 1 kilogram but are very expensive, such as Zenbook computers from Asus.

But for daily work, you will find that the device contains enough power to manage your daily work decently, and a keyboard that enhances your productivity and makes you feel comfortable during long typing sessions.

The screen is not very big, but the display resolution matches very well with the 14-inch display panel that the device has.

The only problem was that the battery life wasn't exceptional, perhaps due to the power-hungry Intel processor. You may face a problem if you plan to travel a lot with your laptop. But for working indoors or in the office, this beast delivers massive power.

If you are not a fan of Intel processors, you can consider the model with an AMD Ryzen processor although you should expect to have a hard time finding them in online stores.

Laptop features:

  • Sharp screen with pinpoint details.
  • Easy to move around despite having powerful hardware.
  • You can purchase the model that has a discrete graphics card.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Battery life is less than we would like.

8- Apple MacBook Air M1

If you still want a very lightweight device for portability, you can definitely consider the MacBook Air which weighs just 1.29kg.

This device will never feel in your backpack, yet it contains a very powerful processing chip to handle programming tasks.

Although the device does not have any fans, but impressively, this beast is able to deliver solid and consistent performance for the longest possible period of time and this is thanks to the M1 processor which is developed with advanced manufacturing node to be card friendly.

Also, the way macOS manages and consumes HD resources makes the device less power-hungry in all usage scenarios, even during intensive programming work.

This device comes with 16GB of RAM which is more than enough for elementary programming work. However, if your business tasks are at an advanced stage, you may want to look at other alternatives that you can use to increase RAM.

The device has a fast responsive keyboard and is very comfortable for long-term use. You will have a 13.3-inch screen with an amazing display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with vivid colors, accurate details, and a battery life that easily exceeds 11 hours.

The device has two Thunderbolt ports and that's all in terms of ports, but it's the thinnest device from Apple, yet it's still excellent and very powerful. The price is high, but given the specifications, it is a very reasonable price and a great value for the price.

Laptop features:

  • Incredibly thin and lightweight.
  • M1 processor is very powerful.
  • Bright screen with vivid colours.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Limited outlets.
  • Battery life is good but there is better.

9- Alienware x14

Alienware is a Dell brand that specializes in gaming laptops. But don't let that get in your way, it's still a super laptop that's perfect for all your programming tasks.

The Alienware x14 is available in different CPU options including Core I5 ​​and Core I7. If it were up to me personally, I would prefer the Core i7 version, although it is much more expensive, but it will be suitable for professional programming work.

At the same time, this device will be very suitable for future work when your level of programming work develops.

However, you can suffice with a Core i5 processor if you want to save a few hundred dollars or even if your current programming business is just getting started.

The device is available with huge storage capacities, and this is self-evident given that it is primarily a gaming laptop, with up to 32 GB of RAM.

The keyboard is very responsive and quite comfortable, and the device has Thunderbolt 4 ports, a MicroSD card reader slot, and full-size USB ports.

You can also take advantage of Windows Hello with the built-in webcam to unlock your device hands-free (using Face ID).

The only downside we noticed is that the screen is still running at 1080p resolution however it is very responsive and has an ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate to be a good choice for multiplayer online gaming.

Another problem you may encounter is battery life, which is very intuitive for professional gaming computers as a result of disabling processing resources for more energy.

Laptop features:

  • Lightweight, compact and very robust design and build.
  • Awesome processing power.
  • Clear keyboard.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Modest battery life.
  • The touchpad is very small.
  • The price is too high.

10- HP Spectre x360 16

The Specter x360 16 Laptop is made of a durable, high-quality steel body. In fact, we haven't found a device as powerful as its build in a long time. This device has a 16-inch 4K OLED screen that makes the work and entertainment experience within reach.

The device can be detached from the keyboard to become a tablet, and it comes with a high-quality HP digital pen.

There are so many cool things that you can easily fall in love with. For example, the device contains Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, a microSD slot, and an HD webcam.

Battery life easily extends through a full day and includes a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and is powered by a 12th Gen Core i7 processor and Intel Arc A370M GPU.

Indeed, it's a great device for programming and coding work, and doubles as a valuable device for watching HD content and enjoying the occasional light game. The most beautiful thing about the device is its screen, which provides true depth of Blacks, vivid hues, and many features that make it worthy of all artistic and creative works.

Laptop features:

  • High performance Core i7 processor for advanced programming tasks.
  • Comfortable keyboard and long battery life.
  • A very reasonable price compared to its advanced specifications.
  • Great screen.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • There are many alternative options that provide higher strength.
  • The mutable structure is sometimes uncomfortable for programmers.

11- Lenovo Legion 5i Pro

Of course, the Legion series from Lenovo targets the gaming audience. But it is not surprising that these devices are also suitable for programmers, and this is because they usually contain very decent hardware that is able to handle programming tasks very easily.

The matter is not different on the Legion 5i Pro device, as it contains a high-performance 12th generation Core I7 processor of the H class that can crush and destroy all the tasks that may stand in its way. It is indeed a very powerful CPU suitable for all advanced programming tasks.

The device has a 16GB RAM, super fast SSD storage and offers a decent battery life, which means that you will have enough hours of gaming after long hours of hard work on programming tasks.

One of the most important features of the device appears clearly in the 16-inch screens that provide a wonderful visual experience during work and play alike, and you will have a very comfortable keyboard, easy to use and quick in response – this is not new to Lenovo computers, of course.

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The only problem is the weight of the device, which exceeds 2.4 kilograms, which is by no means suitable for portability.

Even though the battery life may be enough for long hours of work and play, but you will find yourself having to connect it to the charger more than once every day. It's the tradeoffs we have to live with with gaming PC hardware in general.

But in terms of performance level, this device provides more flexibility and the ability to carry out tasks in a very decent manner. It contains very powerful hardware, and perhaps this hardware needs a professional cooling system, which causes the device to increase the weight and drain more energy.

Laptop features:

  • Impressive levels of serious performance in all tough tasks.
  • low price.
  • Amazing keyboard and good looking design.
  • Big screen with amazing resolution.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The structure is quite heavy and large.
  • Modest battery life.


The best laptop for programming means that you will need powerful hardware to handle your coding and programming tasks decently. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for in this list. However, if you find it difficult to find any of these devices, you can look for other alternatives. We are just trying to guarantee you the best through the computers that we have provided in this list.

Remember that you need a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, and a powerful graphics processor if you're designing games and 3D graphics.

Also, the better the screen, the more it helps you to enjoy working sessions and watching for longer periods of time. Focus on battery life, display resolution, and keyboard as they are the cornerstones of the programming business.

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