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The best Razer gaming laptop in 2023

We show you a list of the best Razer laptops in 2023 for gaming, work, intensive use, production work, and more.

Razer is well known in the world of laptops thanks to its complete focus on the requirements and needs of gamers. The company's laptops have always enjoyed innovative engineering touches in terms of industrial quality and building materials, which give them the aesthetic appearance required by the gamers' audience.

The best Razer laptop

Razer laptops come with unique and rare designs that are difficult to find in any other computers, and they always have advanced hardware capable of running games and dealing with the requirements of content makers and professional users properly.

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But these innovative features don't come cheap, as Razer has always been and still is one of the most expensive laptops ever.

But since we do not buy a new laptop every day, investing in a Razer laptop is a smart decision given that the company's devices are always able to serve the user and meet his needs in the long term of use.

Razer laptops are the only devices with which you can reach the ultimate in absolute luxury.

Razer offers many great options for gamers, content creators, and creatives, and with 14-, 15-, and 17-inch models available, it's easy to find the right laptop for your needs. Fortunately, you don't have to buy the 2023 models, which are still insanely expensive due to the prices of the new generation of CPUs and graphics.

With this guide, we've tried to focus on the 2021/2022/2023 models that offer the best value for money for the community of gamers looking for the ultimate in power at the best possible price.

If you are looking forward to owning a Razer laptop, you will find in this list some excellent options, with revolutionary specifications, classic designs, and prices that are very acceptable compared to the prices of the 2023 models.

1- Razer Blade 18

Razer Blade 18

It doesn't take much thinking to realize that the Blade 18 is the best Razer laptop you can buy right now.

Note that the device comes with a very high price tag, in fact you can buy a nice car for the price of this device. But since you are willing to sacrifice to get the best of the best, this device is likely to satisfy your cravings easily.

The device includes a thirteenth generation Core I9 processor, and comes with different options of graphics cards, all of which fall under the new generation of NVIDIA RTX 40 cards, which means that it will be easy to enjoy ray tracing technology and activate all graphics settings to their limits.

The screen is very excellent and it is a huge 18-inch IPS display with QHD resolution, however, we hoped at this exorbitant price to get a miniLED panel, especially since there are many laptops from Asus at a cheaper price and contain the display panel that we wish.

But compared to other devices, it has some unique features like compact size and ultra-thin thickness. But that doesn't mean it's lightweight.

Unfortunately, the device is very heavy and it will be difficult to consider it as a portable device. Of course, advanced gaming computers are heavy in weight as a result of the professional cooling methods and systems that they contain from the inside.

However, the Razer Blade 18 manages to remain impressively thin, giving it a very nice and elegant look at the same time.

The large screen means that you will definitely be entertained while playing games or watching HD content. To enhance the gaming experience, the laptop includes a rich set of ports including Thunderbolt and Displayport ports for easy connection to large screens.

In a nutshell, this is not just a laptop, but a grinding and destroying machine that can handle any kind of task you give it to do.

It's an excellent device for gaming, business software, and heavy-duty workloads. Easily you can play your games while continuing to work on your projects in the background without any problem.

Laptop features:

  • Stunning classic look and amazingly slim.
  • It's sturdy and durable design and it's a pleasure to use, giving you a feel of how well it's made while you're using it.
  • Huge and clear screen with amazing display resolution.
  • Plenty of outlets available.
  • RAM and storage are easy to upgrade.
  • Superb performance in all tasks without exception.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • so heavy.
  • We would have liked a miniLED screen instead of an IPS.
  • Many alternative options are cheaper and more powerful.

2- Razer Blade 15 (2022)

Razer Blade 15 (2022)

The 2022 model of the Razer Blade 15 is one of the best laptops targeting enthusiast gamers more than casual gamers due to its exorbitant price. It's a brilliantly compact laptop that tries to live up to its predecessors' reputation with high-end components, a durable design, and stylish looks.

The Blade 15 for 2022 is able to run all your high-end games that contain complex graphics very easily, thanks to the options available from NVIDIA cards based on the Ampere architecture, which can handle ray tracing tasks with ease.

The device comes with a wonderful 4K screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz, but there are other models with QHD resolution with a refresh rate of 240Hz and FHD resolution with a refresh rate of 360Hz. In any case, the IPS display panel is of high quality.

Blade 15 reviews show that it can easily achieve 60 frames per second in the latest and greatest high-end game titles at 4K resolution. This is a tough challenge and a tough test that this device can handle brilliantly.

The device comes with a 12th generation Core I9 processor that gives it the ability to handle all the heavy tasks with ease. This is more than just a gaming laptop. Be it video editing or 3D designs, you can easily perform content creation software tasks at the same time as playing games. This is due to the presence of a large amount of RAM and the excessive power that the NVIDIA RTX 30 cards give it.

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It is also worth noting that the Blade 15 is very thin despite the advanced hardware it contains inside its gut. It's a sophisticated engineering feat that the company's engineers have managed to work around to provide stylish hardware for hardcore gamers. Despite the power-hungry hardware components blazing hot under heavy pressure, the system stays cool under heavy workloads thanks to the high-quality cooling systems and ventilation holes.

The problem that may stand in your way is the price of the device. Even the model with the RTX 3060 card is still exorbitantly expensive. It might not be a smart investment unless you're in love with the beautiful design language that has characterized the company's computers over the years. It's a one-of-a-kind flagship tech device and definitely worth the sacrifice if you're after the top.

Laptop features:

  • Latest hardware components.
  • Outstanding color accuracy and high contrast levels.
  • Stylish design and durable, high-end build quality.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Shipping Method.

3- Razer Blade 14

Razer Blade 14

The Razer Blade 14 is not only one of the best Razer gaming computers, but also one of the best gaming laptops ever.

It is a major technological miracle from Razer to be able to satisfy the desires of gamers with a thin and light device despite containing a set of the latest advanced hardware.

We don't know how the company managed to provide the device with a high-performance Ryzen 9 5900HX processor combined with an RTX 3080 card, and this combination is able to run all your resource-hungry games very easily.

The screen may be a bit small for those people who prefer to deal with large devices or are used to desktop screens. However, the 14inch screen makes this device brilliantly portable and you can take it anywhere with ease.

We may have one reservation about temperatures. Since the device is small, it has a hard time cooling itself, but that's not a big deal. The device was able to maintain its temperature within the safe limits. The heat did not and will not cause the treatment systems to enter the self-suffocation tunnel, no matter how high the pressure.

Inside all the latest games, the device was able to easily exceed 60 frames per second, even while the games were set to the maximum quality of the video settings. These results are difficult to achieve on laptops unless they come in large sizes.

So, in a nutshell, you can say that Razer did a good job when it decided to develop this device. It's kept its small form factor and size while delivering impressive horsepower for all kinds of demanding tasks, especially in modern games.

Laptop features:

  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Highly efficient AMD central processor with awesome performance.
  • Compact and slim design.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • High temperature as a result of the small form factor and size.
  • Small screen may not be welcome for some gamers.

4- Razer Blade 17

Razer Blade 17

The new Blade 17 Edition is one of Razer's new crunch and destruction machines for serious tasks. This device targets seasoned gamers and professional content makers. You are sure to have a pleasant experience while handling the large screen of the Blade 17.

The device is not cheap, perhaps the reason for this is due to the fact that it contains a Core I7-12800H processor and an RTX 3080 Ti card, and this combination of hardware gives you the power you are waiting for.

The thing that impresses us most about Razer devices is the elegant designs and the matte black color that adds amazing elegance to the classic device design. However, this simple design doesn't speak for the missile's hardware inside its gut.

As we just indicated, the price of the device is still high, in all available models. But if you're looking for sleek technical engineering, unique designs, and horsepower, this is the machine for you.

The device also features an excellent array of speakers that make everything sound clear and audible. The screen is another reason we fell in love with this device, as it is always clear and visible in the darkest conditions.

Through the tests, the performance of the device in games was more than exceptional. This is nothing unusual for the RTX 3080 Ti. But even if you decide to buy the cheaper models that contain mid-range graphics cards, be sure that you will not regret your decision.

The Blade 17 is able to maintain its temperatures in all usage scenarios. And with the huge screen, you will enjoy playing games and watching movies. The only downside is that the device is quite heavy.

Laptop features:

  • The 17.3-inch screen is extremely fun.
  • Revolutionary gaming performance.
  • Great for content creators and gamers alike.
  • Sturdy construction, durable design and elegant appearance.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • Its price is still very high compared to competitors.
  • Battery life is one of the problems you may face.
  • Its weight is very heavy.

5- Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2021)

Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2021)

Razer has outdone itself with the compact Blade Stealth 13. The company decided to give up a lot of things and sacrifice a lot of ingredients in order to maintain the form factor and the cheap price, and yet this did not come at the expense of quality.

The device features the pioneering edge technology Micro Edge that gives the device ultra-thin, not to mention the ultra-thin bezels around the screen. In fact, you might think the screen is edge-to-edge thanks to the invisible bezels.

It is an amazing engineering technology that is worth the sacrifice in order to obtain it, especially since the device is considered one of the cheapest computers for the company aimed at enthusiastic gamers.

Razer decided to use raw aluminum in the construction of the Blade Stealth 13 laptop, and the results were unprecedented. This device looks like a single piece of metal that has been crafted to look premium.

Just note that the base model is still based on Intel Iris Xe Graphics which is not an ideal choice for gamers. However it is still a good GPU to handle all other tasks decently.

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But if you want to excel in your games and achieve a good frame rate at 1080p resolution, you should reach for the GTX 1650 Ti model.

Unfortunately, you will not find any models of this device with advanced NVIDIA RTX solutions. But this is to be expected.

Razer was able to achieve a very difficult equation through the Stealth 13 device, which is the ability to provide an excellent gaming device at a cheap price that enthusiastic gamers are looking for.

Laptop features:

  • Very light and easy to carry around.
  • The eleventh generation processor from Intel delivers great performance.

Laptop disadvantages:

  • The available graphics solutions (graphics cards) are very modest.


No one can deny that Razer computers are among the most expensive computers ever. But note that these devices are designed for a certain category of users, those users are those who seek the utmost luxury. Brilliant screens, decent hardware, amazing industrial quality and awesome engineering that you won't find on any other brand.

Certainly, you do not have to buy Razer computers, especially since there are many cheaper alternatives that offer the same performance and the same power. But if you are a loyal user of the brand, rest assured that you will not regret your decision to stick with it.

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