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Best 5 online games for iPhone and Android

The best 5 online games for iPhone and Android are the games that many fans of challenge and competition in the Arab world and the world are looking for. You can download them on your phone, whether it is Android or iPhone, and play with friends in different countries. They are online electronic games that can be enjoyed now and downloaded from Through the store you can choose from the following games.

Best 5 online games for iPhone and Android

Some people want to learn about the most important group electronic games, so we will discuss the most important games that can be enjoyed with friends, which are as follows:

PUBG Mobile game

This name must be familiar to you, PUBG, which includes more than a billion players around the world who enjoy competing and playing regardless of their location, and it is undisputedly the best game in battle royale games.

It is designed to be enjoyed through a smartphone and therefore you can enjoy it anywhere whenever you want. Most importantly, it is completely free, so you must prepare for a team of 100 players to enter into group battles in which only the strongest survive.

Legendary Football game

One of the best football games that you should try is a game called Legendary Football. It was released recently, and it received great attention even though it was not offered by one of the well-known companies. Rather, the company that introduced it for the first time is launching a game on the mobile phone.

Legendary Football is built on a limited-capacity engine called Unity, which is not comparable to the engines of other well-known companies, but the game comes with the best graphics compared to other football games and a fantastic game play.

The idea of ​​the game is very similar to the game FIFA, where a team is built and you must open packages and search for talent to form a professional team. The game comes with all the modes you can imagine. There is an online mode and you can play with your friends in your own room.

Also, the story stage against bots and online play against others, in addition to the most important Ranked stage of all, and we advise you to try it, as it is a game that received an undisputed 10/10, and there is news circulating about the game’s closure soon.

Call of Duty Mobile

The well-known game Call of Duty Mobile is now available for free. You can download it through the Google Play Store to enjoy it on your mobile phone. The good thing is that you will not pay to enjoy it and play it to play collectively with friends.

But you will need to buy costumes and weapons in order to strengthen the character and prepare him to engage in intense battles. There are no individual modes and it is designed for group play, so you must try the Battle Royale or Team Deathmatch mode. You can also play from a first or third person perspective.

Garena Free Fire

We read how Free Fire is pronounced in Arabic, and we find that the Garena Free Fire game gained such fame and fame that it competed with the greatest royal battle games to occupy a great place among them.

You must be prepared, as in just 10 minutes you will find that there are 49 players against you on the same island and ready to engage in an intense battle. It is an interesting and at the same time exceptional experience that allows you to have many elements on the screen. You can use them and move between them during the battle, and you have no choice but to hold on until... The end to survive and win.

Car Life game 

One of the best games that we recommend trying is Car Life, which is a large open world with a large game map. At the beginning of the game, the game gives you a free car so you can move around as you want and customize it the way you want. You can also download the game online through the website slot online  Even enter the races against other players competing with you in the same online lobby.

The greater the chances of winning, the more you will collect the game’s currency, through which you can buy new, more advanced cars. It becomes clear that this game is exciting and fun, and you should try it now. You can play with your close friends or compete with other random people.

What are the best free online entertainment games?

It is clear from talking about the top 5 online games for iPhone and Android, and there are many interesting games that you can try online, you just have to search for them in your stores, and among those games are Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite.

What are the most popular entertainment games on mobile? 

You can now experience the best amazing electronic games through your smartphone or computer, including Battleship War, Ludo Hero, Master Chess, Call of Duty, and Backgammon.

 Search now for the 5 best online games for iPhone and Android, and enter the competition and challenge as soon as possible. You can also invite your close friends to enter the competition with you, wherever you are and whenever you want. You can enter the challenge with your friends from around the world to win the most difficult challenges and wonderful competitions.

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