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Super Crazy Rhythm Castle review

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is one of those cooperative games mixed with musical rhythms but carrying many ideas and puzzles. The game features a cartoon art style and wonderful music that will take you back to childhood. Most importantly, it is multiplayer and you can play and enjoy it with your family. The game allows up to 4 players in a cooperative mode mixed with cheerful music and tunes.

About the game Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

As the name of the game suggests, Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is a rhythm game. But it also carries a distinctive adventure mixed with some puzzles in a cooperative and competitive setting as well. You can play it individually or enjoy it with friends and family as it offers up to 4 players.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle 4 Player
Super Crazy Rhythm Castle 4 Player

This is a brief synopsis but Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is presented in a charming and delightful anime-like way. It includes funny dialogues, but they are not dialogues in the literal sense because they are symbolic images with incomprehensible comedic sounds of grunts and noises and are combined with funny written texts.

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the way of playing

The game begins by choosing your favorite character. The game provides you with four characters that you can choose from. After choosing the character, you must go up to the castle to overthrow King Ferdinand and claim... the crown?

Touring the castle
Touring the castle

You will use three buttons to hit musical notes, and you can choose a professional player who uses four buttons instead of three. You must choose the best player on the team to be a (Pro) player to use four buttons, while the rest of the team uses only three buttons to hit notes.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle REG VS PRO
Super Crazy Rhythm Castle REG VS PRO

Some musical notes are struck with a single press, some are struck with a short press, and others are struck with long presses. The main element of the game is rhythm, you must press the desired button in time to the music.

You can roam the castle freely within the places you have passed. You will encounter small puzzles that you must solve from time to time so that you can advance in the castle and reach new levels.


As mentioned earlier, the main point of this game is to listen to the music and press the desired button at the right time to the music. But that's not all, there are different challenges you have to deal with while doing this.

For example, there's a challenge where you have to cut through wooden walls and columns, blow up glass walls, and then tear up paper. You may think that this is easy and it may actually be so, except for the fact that you need to recharge the tools that you use, which makes the challenge difficult for you, and you also have to do it in a quick time so that you can do the main task, which is listening to the music and pressing the required buttons at the right time.

There are also times when you have to play a song while dealing with enemies, and there are also many, many other challenges that vary depending on the level you have reached. For example, there is the challenge of the machine that you have to cool down as it gets hotter, which you may think is easy, but it is actually easy. When you find everything is there and you have to do it quickly, this is where the difficulty begins.

Machine cooling challenge
Machine cooling challenge


If you have friends and just want to play a crazy game, Super Crazy Rhythm Castle will be a very suitable choice whether you want to enjoy something crazy with your friends or even with your family members.

The most important feature of this game is the cooperative spirit. You can also play it alone, but its real fun is found in the team spirit, so we always advise you to choose Super Crazy Rhythm Castle to play with other people.

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