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The best games currently available on Playstation Plus

We live in an era in which digital text services occupy the largest portion of the Internet, and the Playstation Plus service at its various levels is no exception. In this guide, we show you the best game titles that you can try on the three levels of the Playstation Plus service. A list of featured games on Playstation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium.

Since it was first announced in 2010, the Playstation Plus service has witnessed many updates and changes that have had a tangible impact on the hearts of platform players.

It is a paid service that allows users to access online games, enjoy exclusive discounts on the best deals, keep “Save Games” progress files on the company’s servers, and download three new games per month at no additional expense.

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These features are limited only to the basic Essential level of the service, let alone the two additional levels, Extra and Premium, which have an endless list of wonderful games, which, even if you are one of the veteran players who spend most of their time in front of the console, you will not be able to finish or score. No progress in it.

What's special is that the game library can always be expanded, and is updated monthly with new attractive and exciting titles. However, there are some games that most users overlook even though they are hidden gems worth their weight in gold.

Therefore, to achieve the greatest benefit from this service, let us get to know with you the best games currently available on the PS Plus service in its three levels, knowing that some games must be removed and updated with new games monthly.

Lego 2k Drive

2K ended 2023 in a great way with Lego 2k Drive, which is now available in the PS Plus game lineup for December.

It's a great opportunity to not only build your own racer character from a world inspired by Lego heroes, but also you can race and compete with other heroes online and enjoy an amazing and very long story mode.

In the open world of Bricklandia, you can engage in epic matches and competitions mixed with the best elements of action and suspense with players from different places to obtain all kinds of rewards and prizes, including small cups. With full cross-platform support, the competition becomes more intense and exciting.

PowerWash Simulator

None of us likes to worry about removing dirt and cleaning everything in our life as long as life is going peacefully. We are of course targeting neglected teenagers and young people. But even the most organized people often feel overwhelmed and tired of cleaning up everything in their lives.

PowerWash Simulator tries to help you stay as clean in your life as possible, or in other words, encourage you to clean everything in your life even when you are bored and tired.

It is a legendary simulation game that cannot be ignored, in which you can clean everything in the city: buildings, squares, cars, streets and various structures.

Hard work and hard work must pay off, and this is what you will get in PowerWash Simulator in the form of successive rewards, prizes and promotions. You can also ask some of your friends for help to complete the quest online, or spend some time playing it alone and see what you can achieve on your own.


Even if you don't feel very attracted to the gameplay or style of Sable, you should at least enjoy the amazing graphics and art in this game and they alone are enough to convince most players to give the game a try.

The rewards do not come at first, but over time, you will immerse yourself with all your senses inside a captivating story and enchanting worlds interspersed with stunning scenery and ancient ruins to begin to explore abandoned secrets.

Don't pay attention to any negative reviews and try it yourself, and trust that you will not be disappointed. Even if you are not convinced by the gameplay, at least there are some other aspects that are still fun to see and experience in this game.

Demon’s Souls

You will die, then die, and then die again, over and over again. This will be your case in Demon`s Souls. But be sure that the joy of victory only comes after a lot of effort and attempts.

In Demon`s Souls you will fight all kinds of enemies, monsters and bosses who are superior to you in terms of strength. The strategy in managing the player and his movement, making appropriate decisions, and the necessary armor for each enemy will serve as the backbone for you to outperform all your opponents.

What is special about the new version of the game is that the wonderful gameplay has not changed, but this time you will get much better aesthetic graphics than the original version, which is a very convincing reason to revive the game again and play it again.


If there is at least one game from FROMSOFTWARE that can impress you, it would definitely be Bllodborne, which is still one of the most beautiful exclusives on the Playstation to date.

It's definitely difficult, but for you, over time, the difficulty level will become the most important factor for you to complete the game. She will realize that if it had been easier, she might not have felt attracted to her.

It initially prepares you to deal with all kinds of monsters who are superior to you in terms of strength and physical structure, but you can still outperform all your opponents through your defensive and offensive movements and using weak points wisely.

What is unique about the game is not only the gameplay, but many secrets exist in this bloody world full of conspiracies waiting for you to explore them, which you can clearly benefit from during your journey. In short, you will find yourself in places you never imagined before.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Death Stranding was not well received by many reviewers and players who are fans of the famous director Hideo Kojima. In Death Stranding you will feel like it is just a walking simulator, but this simulator takes you into a captivating world with stunning landscapes mixed with some treacherous and breathtaking moments.

The story is very good, but it's not perfect, and it's not the best thing about the game. There are a few other things that make Death Stranding such an amazing experience for PS players that it feels like a therapeutic experience and a journey of fantasy that is unattainable in any other game. The landscapes, the high altitudes, and the occasional difficulty of delivering packages are what give this game a worthy existence.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

It's now or never. It's your only chance to play one of Naughty Dog's best games ever. Uncharted is very similar to the Tomb Raider games but fraught with a greater number of dangers and landscapes.

What's special is that the game has received a large number of graphical improvements, and now you can play the two best parts in the entire series and enjoy a smooth, faster gaming experience and higher frame rates on PS5.

I'm sorry to inform you that this is the end, and there are no new parts expected for the series. If you want my personal opinion, it is best to have previous background on the old parts and the way the story's events developed from the beginning.

But even if you missed the old parts, you can still jump right into the story and start from Uncharted 4, enjoy the third-person action and fighting game and explore fascinating secrets and puzzles.

It Takes Two

Quite frankly, It Takes Two's Game of the Year award isn't a coincidence, it's one of the best multiplayer games of all time so far.

The idea of ​​a story about a couple on the verge of separation turning into toys for their daughter was a shock to all minds. We have never seen anything like it before.

In this game, you will have to play cooperatively with your partner in order to adapt to the new situation and cooperate to navigate a new world full of dangers to return to your normal sizes again.

The idea of ​​cooperative work is one of the most important factors in this game, nothing else. Each player has an individual set of skills which can only be completed with the help of the other player's skills. Along the way, both players acquire new skills. It is a great example of the spirit of cooperation between life partners in a non-boring and unconventional way.

Horizon Forbidden West

It is one of the most beautiful dinosaur and giant robot animal hunting games ever. The stunning graphics and worlds alone are enough to steal most players' time.

Although it is not a completely new title, it has some mechanics that we have not seen in any game until this year. The game looks amazing in every aspect. From the gameplay to the game characters to the captivating scenery and vibrant worlds.

The problem is that you will have to spend long hours to complete some side missions that may seem like an excessive addition to the original story mode. But there are definitely those who love this type of task.

Once you finish the game, your first and final decision will be to move immediately to the second part, and fortunately, it will always be waiting for you to download. In Part Two, the world becomes undeniably larger, with many challenges and dangers threatening her new world.

There are still many puzzles that steal away most of the time, but rewards are always a good way to get you thinking about getting to the next puzzle. There are also many sudden changes and twists that occur during the story phase.

Kingdom Hearts III

We have faced many problems with the Kingdom Hearts III series due to the fluctuations that occur in the series' parts across different platforms. Now that everything is in one piece, it's easy and necessary to recommend Kingdom Hearts III.

This is the most important part of the series, and if there is one part in the series worth trying, this is it, especially since there is additional content at the end of the game that is worth watching.

Unfortunately, the additional content is only available to Extra subscribers of the Playstation Plus service. But the idea of ​​trying the game is still a great way to engage in epic battles from the beginning of the story to the end while waiting for the next part to be released.

Doom Eternal

We've never been as happy with an action, shooting, shooting, jumping on monsters and tearing them apart game as we were with Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal, a revival of the classic gory monster fighting series from the 1990s, was a bold move from Bethesda that won over the gaming community like never before.

Now the combat has become fast-paced, and jumping over monsters is an addiction that players love, with some rewards and hidden things that you can find here and there to enhance your arsenal of deadly weapons that are only suitable for eliminating demons. It's a great game for all FPS fans who for a long time haven't found a good place to let off steam for a while.

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you're a fan of Old West games and have become addicted to watching a movie like The Good and Bad and The Ugly, you'll likely find yourself in Red Dead Redemption 2 as the game is the closest living example of the American West's way of life.

The story of the game is very captivating, as it revolves around Arthur Morgan, who is a dangerous and decisive member of the old Dutch gang. Then expect nothing but moving events through an amazing dramatic plot and a breathtaking story.

The stunning landscape makes you stop for a while to admire the creativity of RockStar developers. The open world makes you love exploring and going here and there on your horse through long hours of play to accomplish sub- and main tasks.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is one of the classic games that you can play with your kids, especially since it can showcase the versatility of the new generation PS5 console.

Graphics are always the player's focus within game worlds, and you will have a very smooth gaming experience through a constant and stable frame rate at all times.

There's even some impressive detail through ray tracing effects. The idea of ​​the game this time is that the dimensions of the worlds suddenly began to collapse, which is not a bad thing in itself, as you can now move from one world to another very easily.

Sometimes you will get so addicted to this trick that you may not believe it even exists. All this with a wonderful fighting method, creative enemies, and a story mixed with some funny and funny events and details most of the time.

Rogue Legacy 2

We've been patiently waiting to see Rogue Legacy 2 on PS5, almost more than a year after it was released on other consoles.

But patience always pays off with great rewards, now the game is completely stable and free of any problems or bugs. And you can even play it for free through the first level of PS Plus.

In the second part, similar to the first part, you will move to a world full of monsters and ghouls that will do their best to kill you. And I'm sorry to tell you that they will actually succeed in getting rid of you.

Meanwhile, you will have to choose a specific heir from a choice of different fighters, each of whom has his own unique fighting skills.

You will spend many hours trying over and over again to eliminate the monsters inside the castle. And you can take advantage of treasures and gold along the way to enhance your combat skill tree, unlock new skills, enhance your weapon arsenal, and unlock new vendors along the way.

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Sea of Stars

It's hard to quench the excitement of any JPRG fan once they see Sea of ​​Stars, which has been available since day one on PS Plus.

It's an RPG but relies on some time-based mechanics similar to Mario RPGs. Inside it are all the quality of life features you'd expect from this type of game.

The diverse environments are a very cool idea in the game, the gameplay is charming and impossible to get bored of, the story is very impressive, and the soundtrack is captivating to the ear. Therefore, if you are feeling hopeless with JPRG games and have lost interest in them once and for all, you should at least give this game one last chance and believe me you may change your mind irreversibly.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Although the story is small - which ultimately turns out to be the best way to tell the original story of the game - it is all a prelude to starting the story over again as Miles Morales.

The game has received a complete redesign, from the environment to the worlds to the characters and all the story events have become completely different. The entire map is modernized, and the winter atmosphere looks pretty amazing in this game.

Many side quests add some time, and are certainly not boring. Everything we loved about the original story is back, but it's back and better than we expected.

Combat moves, an upgradeable skill tree, a more effective swing method, new collectibles and suits, and everything in this part has been designed in a way that is only suitable for Miles Morales.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

It's one of the best gaming titles of 2020 and it's pretty easy to buy into Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade as one of the best PS5 action and fighting games to date.

The game has been specifically optimized to take advantage of the capabilities of the PS4 system, both in terms of gameplay and graphics. For example, it's now easier to run at 60fps, with overall improvements to lighting, effects, and game textures, and reduced loading times.

I am pleased to tell you that there is also a new addition to the game, which is the Intermission DLC, which is still an essential part of the game's events and the main story. This might be a good time to catch up on the story, with a new installment on the horizon.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima_20210816213749

Ghost of Tsushima is the reward any Assassin's Creed fan deserves, but this time the events are set in Japan. It even surpasses the AC series in many aspects.

The way the story is told by the main characters is inspired by true events of decades-long conflicts in Japan. One of the highlights of the game is the open world, which clearly isn't trying to waste your time unnecessarily.

Everything in this game is carefully thought out and very ingenious, which reflects the extent of the skill of the Sucker Punch Productions studio in developing this type of game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

When we said a while ago that Ghost Of Tsushima is a great alternative to Assassin's Creed games, we didn't mean that there is no place for any AC game on this list.

Origins will remain one of the most beautiful games in the series ever and on various platforms. The company has succeeded in breaking the established gameplay formula by turning it into an RPG.

Assassin's Creed is set in a completely remastered ancient Egypt and you will experience a surprising and unconventional gameplay.

Hollow Knight

In Hollow Knight, the brave knight tries to make his way in a world full of ghosts and huge insects. It is one of the most beautiful platform games ever.

Although the fighting method is not very professional, it relies heavily on speed of movement and anticipating and avoiding opponents' attacks, mixed with some beautiful artistic touches and funny events from some of the characters.

There are a lot of nerve-wracking challenges, and you will need to reach places that you never imagined being able to reach, and perhaps this is just in order to improve your fighting skills and purchase the necessary equipment for you.


Housemarque Studio has succeeded in creating a unique game with Returnal. It is a third-person shooter game based on shots and explosions with picturesque and impressive neon lights.

Although it looks like a experimental game, it has received very positive reviews. The story revolves around the heroine who finds herself landing on a strange planet that contains many chambers with completely strange creatures inside.

The game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second on PS5 and has many surprising gameplay elements and over time you will learn more about the story events.

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

It is not a product of today or yesterday, but rather an old JPRG series that has been overlooked for many years without any clear justification. The game, which was first released on PS2, returns with a new, fun look on the new console, with some entries that can make good use of the console's capabilities.

The story revolves around two brothers, humans and demons, who grew up in completely different worlds, where the first brother can harness magic to teach the brutal society how to fight, while the human brother derives his strength from a world mixed with modern technology.

Despite long family conflicts between the two brothers, they will eventually have to unite to overcome the evil forces that want to take over the world. It's a great plot and not boring in any way.

Twisted Metal 2

Although you can't wait to see them through upcoming TV trailers, there's nothing stopping you from trying them out on console for yourself.

It's the first grinding arena car combat game out there, and needless to say, it's really good at this unique concept, to the point of making it the best of the best.

Each character in the game tries to race in his own way, and each character has a unique story in order to win the cup and championship and achieve the well-deserved victory. But the events of the game are full of challenges and sudden fluctuations in a way that is completely unexpected for all of the game's characters, which gives the game an additional element of fun, suspense, and excitement.

The Sly Collection

If you're in your 30s now, you know exactly what the name Sly Cooper means, right? It's been a mascot on the PS2 console for over 20 years, and now's the perfect time to revive it.

It's a bit similar to Rachet and Jack but mixed with some charming and surprising Noir elements. The story will begin by joining a modest gang in the first part, and events develop in the following parts to join more dangerous gangs with more members. This is one of those game series that is actually worth playing from beginning to end.

Ape Escape

Ape Escape has been credited with the PS2 console dominating the console market for more than two decades. It's one of the first few games that can truly take advantage of the capabilities of the original DualShock.

Ape Escape is a puzzle and action game where you have to retrieve escaped apes using various tools that can be controlled using analogue objects.

Don't expect stunning visuals since this is primarily a PS1 game and the controls may sometimes feel uncomfortable as well, but as long as you're a fan of the original, this is a great time to reminisce on the new console.

Tekken 2

It's from 2006, and a far cry from Tekken 3, both in terms of gameplay and visuals. But it's still mixed with some 3D elements.

Tekken has given rise to many other competitive fighting games. In fact, she was the one who helped developers at other studios figure out how to pull off a fighting game project like this.

There's a large roster of characters you can use in the fighting arena, with many unique unlockables. Each character has individual skills, which may be difficult to master at first, but that's definitely what makes them more interesting.

However, you will have to practice for a while to learn the correct way for each character to master the moves in order to have a good time inside them.

Wild Arms

If you're looking for old western JPRGs, I'm sorry to tell you there's nothing like this. But we have only one exception, which is Wild Arms. She was the one who was credited with paving the way for this type of game in the first place.

The game contains three playable characters, and each character has its own story. You'll have to know each character's story to understand how the story develops. Each of the three characters has an individual set of combat skills, and has limited levels of intelligence that enable him to overcome challenges, explore secrets, and solve puzzles.

Fortunately, the game is not very long, which makes it a good option to get to know JPRG games closely without getting bored. There is a dynamic camera that does its job very efficiently and a lot of depth and strategic thinking in the combat.

Although the sequel takes place in the same world, the new characters are more interesting, with an upgradeable skill tree, better visuals, and better depth of events and combat strategies.


Ico is known to have inspired many developers, even coming before Shadow of the Colossus, which comes out of the same development studio.

Perhaps because it's from the same developer, it's often overlooked, but it's still combined with some of the best gameplay elements that impact players' personalities.

Some of the game's events will sometimes make you feel lonely or curious, while others are very emotionally resonant. In this game you will take on the role of a boy who is trapped inside a castle to be sacrificed to the gods, and you will have to do your best to not only escape alone, but there is another girl trapped next to you, who will ask for your help even though you two do not speak the same language.

However, there are many elements that bind you together, as you must escape the same fate and face many mysterious monsters that try to restrict your freedom.


It was and still is one of the best examples of first-person combat-based horror games. This is probably thanks to the concept of slow-motion combat and the ability to control time.

In this game, everything looks close to reality, whether the graphics, blood elements, dust spray, details of your weapons and many effects seem like they are actually taken from real reality.

The best thing about it, aside from having multiple sequels to the series, is the way you watch your enemies' entrails scatter in front of you through the air through a slow motion effect. It's a great way to get revenge on whoever gave you this ability in the first place and turn you into an abnormal person.

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This was the list of the best games on the Playstation Plus service for the month of December. Most recent games are available for the basic Essential tier and Extra tier, while the Premium tier focuses on slightly older games that have been specifically optimized to take advantage of the PS5's capabilities and run more smoothly.

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