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Best SSD for PS5 (Premium Options at Varying Prices)

Sony hasn't been very generous with its offer of free storage on the PlayStation 5. The device comes with 825GB of internal storage, of which OS formatting and updates take up more than 100GB, leaving you with 670GB of available storage.

That's quite a bit of storage for today's high-end games, with a game like COD: Black OPS Cold War alone requiring 200GB of storage space. In short, my friend, you are in dire need of extra storage. Fortunately, this is possible on the PlayStation 5 thanks to the additional M.2 expansion slot, so we show you the best SSD PlayStation 5 in 2023.

Best SSD for PS5

Good news for you is on the way, firstly there are many options available in the market today, from all the leading storage companies.

It is also good to know that there are many offers on SSD hard drives and discounted prices on all digital stores. We think, now is the perfect time to find an extra SSD for your PS5.

However, not just any M.2 SSD will fit the PS5 to meet Sony's requirements for the best possible performance.

For example, the hard drive must contain a heatsink of no more than 11.25 mm in height, in order to be installed correctly without causing damage to the cover of the device.

Also, the hard drive must have a modern data transfer interface of the PCIe 4.0 SSD standard, with a data transfer speed of at least 5500 MB per second. Fortunately, there are many solid storage solutions available that meet and exceed these requirements.

Many solutions from Western Digital, Crucial, Samsung and Teamgroup are available in the market at amazing prices.

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As for the right hard disk size for you, it depends on your needs. If you intend to store a lot of games, a 2TB SSD is almost enough.

But if you are going to record video games, you need a hard drive with a capacity of 4 terabytes. However, there is one negative factor that may stand in your way when upgrading your bulky storage solutions, and that is the high price factor.

The higher the storage capacity, the higher the gigabyte value, which ultimately leads to the final price of the hard disk. Therefore, you must choose the size of the hard drive carefully and analyze your requirements before upgrading.

But don't worry, as we mentioned, there are many good options at competitive prices. Within this list, you are sure to find the best SSD for your console.

One note before we show you these options. It is possible to buy an SSD hard drive for the computer and also install it in the PS5 as long as this hard drive meets the conditions and requirements set by Sony, such as the minimum data transfer speed and heatsink height.

1- WD Black SN850X hard drive

WD Black SN850X hard drive

It's not hard to find a good SSD for your PS5 with the WD Black SN850X providing impressive data transfer speeds through benchmark tests.

This hard drive guarantees a read speed of up to 7300MB per second and a write speed of over 6000MB per second. You may not get these speeds in real life but you will be very close to them.

This hard drive is specially designed for gaming devices, especially the PS5. Therefore, it has been specially optimized for the needs of gamers by equipping it with a data transfer controller that is more powerful and has better quality than flash memory.

These state-of-the-art components ensure that you can enjoy solid performance and blazing fast loading speeds while handling any type of gaming data.

Fortunately, the hard drive offers a high-quality heatsink, which may be one of the best heatsinks we've seen so far. However, there are some trade-offs as you will have to purchase this cooler separately, which is an annoyance for the vast majority of users.

But in terms of performance, the WD Black SN850X hard drive guarantees you peace of mind through a warranty period that extends up to five years.

Its price may be a little higher than other options, but given the performance and speed standards, it is a respectable deal for lovers of speed and high performance.

Hard features:

  • The best performance you can get today.
  • Great cache options.
  • Respectable warranty period and reliable companion app.
  • Separate option to add RGB lighting to the heatsink.
  • Better than the standard model by a notable difference.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • The high price, especially with large storage volumes.

2- Sk hynix Platinum P41 hard drive

Sk hynix Platinum P41 hard drive

Sk Hynix has not been a popular brand in the consumer market, knowing that it has been one of the largest suppliers of storage chips over the past years.

The company decided to fight the fierce competition with the Platinum P41 hard drive, which guarantees the user high performance at the lowest possible financial cost.

The Platinum P41 is one of the best tested SSD solutions on the PS5 and has proven its effectiveness with reliable results. Your problem with this hard drive will be the same as with most storage solutions currently available, which is to find a cooler at a separate financial cost.

But with a data transfer speed of up to 7000MB per second, it is able to meet Sony's requirements with more than the available storage capacity.

Speaking of storage capacities, there are many options that start from 500 GB and go up to 2 TB.

We've noticed that the best capacity you can get is 2TB in terms of gigabytes value for the price. Like a WD hard drive, it has a five-year warranty, so that you don't have to worry about changing or replacing it anytime soon.

The Sk hynix Platinum P41 SSD is definitely an excellent deal for high-performance enthusiasts. If you are looking for the best SSD for your PS5, the Platinum P41 is an excellent choice.

Hard features:

  • Excellent first class performance.
  • Incredible results while handling heavy workloads.
  • The best in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Amazing price.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • It heats up and gets hot without the coolant.
  • Not available in 4 TB.

3- Samsung 990 Pro hard drive

Samsung 990 Pro hard drive

The Samsung 990 Pro hard drive isn't the best in terms of price, but it's the best in terms of speed and performance. This isn't just a business hard drive, it's an intercontinental missile for heavy duty workloads.

Previous models were more than great, but the new generation ups the ante to finally deliver the fastest SSD you can get right now without compromising on build quality or additional features.

The 990 Pro comes with the option to add an RGB heatsink separately, and is available in different storage capacities of up to 4TB which hardcore gamers will very much welcome.

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In terms of material cost, you won't be happy with it, as this is one of the most expensive solid-state storage solutions we've seen in 2023. But it tries to justify this excessive cost of a gigabyte with its advanced data transfer controller and exceptional read and write speeds.

From third party reviews it appears that this is not only the fastest SSD available for the PS5 at the moment, but also the most energy efficient of them all.

In a nutshell, Samsung has done a good job with the Samsung 990 Pro SSD which is something we are used to seeing over the past years.

Hard features:

  • The fastest solid state storage unit we've seen in 2023.
  • Samsung's software support is more than excellent.
  • Exceptional software.
  • It is possible to add a heatsink with RGB lighting.
  • Stable performance and high efficiency.
  • Works at low temperatures.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • The final selling price is very high.

4- Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G SSD

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G SSD

We are not done yet. The Rocket 4 Plus-G is right up there when you need the blazing fast speeds most. This is one of the storage solutions that has been specially developed to take advantage of DirectStorage thanks to which the firmware can make the most of future games on PC.

But on the PS5 console, the story is completely different, as the hard drive can provide impressive download speeds regardless of the storage capacity it contains.

Through tests, it was found that the hard drive comes at the top of the pyramid of the fastest hard storage units for the PS5, and the reason is known, of course.

The hard drive contains an advanced data transfer controller and high-speed and efficient flash memory. These elements ensure consistent performance no matter how long the gaming sessions or the heavier the workload.

Sadly, it didn't beat hard drives like the SN850X or 990 Pro, but it did come right behind them.

The problem is that you will currently only find this hard drive with a single storage capacity of 4 terabytes due to the excessive demand for smaller storage capacities, which makes it difficult for those on a budget to enjoy these insane speeds.

But if your needs require 4 terabytes of capacity and you can provide the appropriate financial cost, you should put this option on your list.

Also note that the hard drive is sold without a heatsink, which means that you will not only have to bear its high cost, but also you will need to purchase a heatsink separately. However, the performance of the hard drive without the cooler is not bad at all.

Hard features:

  • The best and latest storage solutions industry standards to date are included in this hard drive.
  • A firmware format designed to take advantage of DirectStorage technology.
  • Great performance across the board.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • The price is high.
  • Cooler sold separately.

5- Seagate FireCuda 530 hard drive

Seagate FireCuda 530 hard drive

It's not hard to find storage that meets the requirements of the PS5 right now, but it's hard to find blazing-fast storage for such a low price.

Seagate is trying to be merciful to mid-range users who want to find a decent hard drive with fast speeds, but without spending a terrible financial cost on the storage unit.

The FireCuda 530's read speeds didn't impress us, but it was the write speeds that caught our eye. This hard drive will be one of the fastest storage solutions for loading games on the PS5 thanks to its fast flash memory.

The hard drive is available with a storage capacity starting from 500 GB, going through 1 and 2 TB, and up to 4 TB. It will be a worthy investment for those gamers looking to fill their PS5 with massive games.

Best of all, it boasts a built-in heatsink, which means you don't have to buy anything extra.

Despite its relatively low price, it guarantees you up to five years of warranty and up to three years of data rescue. However, these additional features do not come at the expense of quality or speed of performance. So, it is definitely a great choice for smart people on a budget.

The Seagate FireCuda 530 could be the best PlayStation 5 SSD in 2023 for anyone looking for an affordable SSD.

Hard features:

  • Superb performance.
  • Unbeatable write speeds.
  • Exceptional endurance.
  • 5-year warranty period and 3-year data rescue guarantee.
  • A perfectly functional heatsink.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • The price is still high due to the inclusion of the heatsink.

6- Kingston KC3000 hard drive

Kingston KC3000 hard drive

Based on official benchmarks, the Kingstone KC3000 should provide speeds of over 7000MB/s read and write. However, these were not the real results on the ground.

We've noticed from reviews that this drive is slower than any other SSD on this list. However, the differences between it and the fastest hard drives are still minuscule and cannot be seen in real life.

Most importantly, it comes at a very low cost, especially the 1TB model. In this way, you can not only benefit from the cheaper price factor, but also you can take advantage of the ample storage capacity to store more games at a reasonable cost.

The hard drive supports endurance rates of up to 3200 TB, which is a very terrible endurance rate, in addition to a standard warranty period of up to 5 years.

The hard drive is available in a capacity of 500 GB if you do not need the largest storage, but if you find yourself in need of the largest capacity, this hard drive is able to serve you up to a capacity of 4 TB.

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The only trade-offs for this hard drive are its high power consumption. This seems to be reflected in how fast data transfer microcontrollers and flash drives are used to boost hard drive performance in workloads. But in terms of performance, it's one of the fastest and coolest drives around during intense stress and long gaming sessions.

However, if you need better cooling to maintain its lifespan as long as possible, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a separate heatsink.

Hard features:

  • More than excellent performance on the PS5.
  • Exceptional data read tolerance rates.
  • Five years guarantee.
  • It works at low temperatures and does not require refrigeration.

Hard Disadvantages:

  • High energy consumption.


There are so many great options that you can buy right now. Find the right storage capacity and consider purchasing a heatsink. Just make sure that the hard drive meets the requirements imposed by Sony in order to enjoy your games perfectly.

There are many solid state storage solutions available for the computer that may be very suitable for the PS5, and you will also find the excellent option in terms of the price factor.

Don't ignore Sony's requirements for a data transfer speed of at least 5500MB. Fortunately, most PCIe 4.0 storage drives will always offer you these speeds.

But you should know that there are some hard drives whose performance decreases the longer the pressure period increases on them as a result of their high temperature. So, keep all these criteria in mind, and rest assured that you will end up with a good hard drive that is reliable and reliable enough.

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