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What is Claude AI chatbot and how do you benefit from it?

At a time when chatbots based on artificial intelligence technologies, such as ChatGPT and Bard, are making their voices heard and topping the search headlines on Google, stealing the spotlight from all of their competitors, some other automated robots are emerging that may be no less important or useful than them.

Despite the development of the Bard and ChatGPT bot and the great improvements that have occurred over the recent period, some other companies did not content themselves with standing silent in the face of these updates, and some competing companies decided to develop the Claude AI bot, which is one of the strongest potential competitors to the ChatGPT bot to the point that some analysts are looking at it as a threat. It is the best and most reliable.

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Despite the many commonalities between ChatGPT and Claude AI in the way they work and obtain information online, there are still many key differences between them, not only in the way they pump out information and respond to user prompts and inputs or the ways they respond and deal with questions, But also in terms of the cost of subscription and the safe limits of AI technology and the standards that each does not have to exceed in all scenarios.

Through this guide, we will highlight the most important strengths that distinguish the Claude AI bot and make it superior to its competitors, but at the same time we will try to draw red lines under the weaknesses and limits that it cannot deal with.

What is the Claude IA bot?

Claude AI bot is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot developed by Anthropic AI and developed based on the LLMs linguistic model.

The LLMs model the company is working on has been trained to deliver a conversational experience that mimics the way human conversations are based on text tools. The Claude AI robot even excels at some additional tasks such as summarizing long paragraphs, editing text, responding to prompts in a professional manner, assisting with the line of code and code, making the right decisions in purchasing processes, and much more.

Claude AI is not just one language model, but rather this model has gone through three different stages. It is not surprising to find three different models available from the company at the moment. The three models are Claude AI 1, Claude AI 2, and Claude AI Instant.

Despite the similarities between the three linguistic models, there are some key differences that may play an essential role in selecting one during the sign-up process.

Anthropic continues to steadily train its AI model and pump more information into its database until it has the capacity to read 75,000 words at a time, which means it will not only be able to read a long article or comprehensive blog, but He or she will be able to read an entire book and collaborate on any answers related to that book.

What is Anthropic Company?

When some employees of OpenAI, the company that owns the ChatGPT bot, resigned over AI ethics issues, they decided to develop their own language model that focuses on users' requirements without violating their data privacy in any way.

Claude AI is a chatbot owned by AI startup Anthropic. The company was founded by an administrator who was responsible for developing the GPT-3 model before resigning from OpenAI.

GPT-3 is the third language model of the famous chatbot ChatGPT, owned by OpenAI, which is based on the LLM language, which is currently one of the most powerful, newest, and most advanced artificial intelligence languages.

When these employees decided to resign and create their own company, they brought with them many researchers from OpenAI, and since its founding in 2020, the company received very huge investments from Google and Amazon until the company’s market value in 2023 reached 20 billion US dollars. It is now one of the largest companies in this field.

When Claude AI was founded, the developers focused on eliminating the information gathering method that ChatGPT's linguistic model relies on, which uses its data based on human preferences – a metric that is not accurate in providing transparent and accurate answers to prompts – instead Anthropic used a new approach in its own model. It is called “Constitutional AI”.

This approach means that the AI ​​model is only trained on data required by regulations and laws that are supported by preserving human privacy and not interfering with their freedoms. In this way, Anthropic can be considered not only the safest chatbot, but also the most accurate and responsible.

How to use Claude AI bot

Unlike the ChatGPT bot which still has many restrictions and is not yet available in a large number of countries, the Claude AI bot can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is create your own account on the chatbot website page, or log in using your Google account.

Immediately you will get the dialog box to welcome you into the organization and allow you to start entering your claims right away and wait for the results which only takes a few moments.

Besides the text chat capability, the Claude AI bot also offers you a voice chat feature to listen to answers via voice. You can even import a PDF text file whether it's an eBook or a technical article to listen to it in its entirety. You can then start chatting and enter prompts related to the file you just inserted, either summarizing its most important paragraphs or condensing them into a collection of the most important highlights.

The more times you try to ask your question, the more you'll get completely different answers each time, or you might benefit from annotations that are different if you try to play around a little with the way the question is told.

What offers does Anthropic offer?

You don't have to worry about subscription prices as they are largely the same offerings from OpenAI. Yes, you can't use this automated bot completely for free, but instead you can choose to subscribe to the Claude AI Instant model which fully matches the GPT-3.5 version and is cheaper but faster in providing answers.

If you want to deal with a high-end version of Claude AI, you will have to consider the Claude AI 2 model, which is the most advanced and equivalent to GPT-4, but the most expensive, and yet it is also the slowest due to the deep database it contains and starts searching through.

To date, Claude AI - this includes all versions of it - does not have the ability to generate or interpret images, and does not have access to any information that is not closely related to the prompts entered for it by the user themselves.

Does Claude AI outperform competitors?

You cannot get a definitive answer to this question with “yes” or “no.” This is because Claude AI bot actually outperforms all competitors, including ChatGPT, in some areas, but at the same time it lags behind them in some other areas.

For example, from all the reviews and experiments, the free version of the Claude AI bot seems to be much better - so far - than the free version of the ChatGPT bot but the latter is still better with the perks it offers for the paid subscription plans.

Even the best global testing laboratories specialized in evaluating AI-based chatbots fail to provide comprehensive reports or accurate ratings on any product. Hence, users may start checking the availability of some basic parameters in the chatbot before jumping on premium subscription plans.

Fortunately, LMSYS, a site that specializes in evaluating chatbots, provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard to see which bots are at the top in AI capabilities and begins by describing language models according to three main factors:

First: Elo rating

Elo rating is an automated algorithm that is commonly used in evaluating and ranking professional chess players. It relies on collecting data from random comparisons along with some human input to sort out which AI model is able to provide the best and most accurate responses.

Second: MT complex

The MT standard primarily relies on the GPT-4 model as a reference for evaluating chatbots, which has been shown to have a very high accuracy rate of over 80%. This criterion is an extensive set of tests to evaluate the level of accuracy of responses to a variety of questions across multiple domains and contexts.

Third: the massive multitasking language understanding standard known as MMLU

This criterion is used to evaluate the LLM model used to train the linguistic model of any chatbot and its accuracy in providing responses and expressing a wide range of opinions on various topics.

The good news for Claude AI bot users is that the free version outperforms the free versions of ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 in both Elo and MMLU benchmark but the GPT-4 model is still the most advanced and advanced in terms of speed but is the most expensive.

Claude AI also excels at reading and analyzing long articles that exceed a maximum of 150 pages, which is a very reasonable length that may be sufficient to handle short books.

There are still many features that the paid version of Claude AI lacks despite their availability in ChatGPT Plus, the most important of which is the voice chat feature - although it has now become available for free for users of the application on smart phone systems - which allows you to interact with... Chat bot through voice speech instead of entering your prompts via text typing.

ChatGPT Plus excels in some other directions like image analysis, data mining, image generation, web browsing, and many other features. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for Claude AI to catch up and outperform its fiercest rivals.

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Does Claude AI have access to the Internet?

Anthropic has not partnered with any Internet search engine yet, which means it cannot access newly available data on the Internet. This weakness makes it always lag behind ChatGPT, which has access to the Internet through Microsoft's Bing search engine.

This may change in the future. But until that happens, Claude AI, including premium versions of it, will remain limited to interacting and responding to prompts through a central database on its servers. The bot is constantly updated and more information is constantly being pumped out by the company, but it will be unable to provide accurate and satisfactory answers on very recent topics and news.

What is the price of subscribing to the Claude AI service?

You can still access the Claude AI bot completely for free. The issue is nothing more than creating your own account on the Anthropic website and interacting with the chatbot through the web interface across all operating systems.

The bot has been available in beta form since last October, and to get a free subscription, you will only have to create a new account on the site.

While the paid version of Claude AI comes at a price starting from $20 USD per month, which is the same price as a subscription to the ChatGPT Plus service.

However, there is a fundamental difference between both. While the free version of Claude AI gives you access to the advanced Claude 2 model, the free ChatGPT subscription prevents you from using the GPT-4 model, which you can only access with a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The paid subscription to Claude 2 will give you some additional features that you will definitely need. Initially, you will enjoy 5 times the usage of the free version, as well as the ability to send a larger number of messages.

It will also give you access to the chat bot even during peak periods and intense pressure on the company's servers. Instead of waiting in line to use Claude 2, you'll have instant access to the chatbot no matter how stressed it is at any time of the day.

Another great feature is that you will be one of the first users allowed to access all the new features as soon as they are released, whether this feature is still in the beta channels or has been finally released to the general public.

Anthropic offers three different versions of the Claude AI model based on different classes or types of users. While the free model will be an ideal option for regular users, developers who want to integrate Claude AI capabilities into their applications will have to subscribe to the second version of the paid model, while there is still a Claude 2 subscription aimed at businesses that most need to provide support. It uses artificial intelligence technologies at a high level of service.

Does Claude AI have the required level of accuracy and efficiency?

Like many other automated chatbots, Claude AI is trained to produce responses based on textual patterns provided by users' prompts and inputs.

Despite Anthropic's proactive efforts to put Claude AI on the leaderboard in being able to provide accurate and highly realistic answers, it still suffers from some of the glitches and hallucinations that plague other chatbots, including those that use the GPT-4 model.

 Claude AI is not as “smart” as you might imagine, but it is smart enough to generate text responses based on statistical probabilities. It is impossible for him to admit at any time that he “does not know” the answer to this or any other question, and therefore it is necessary to verify for yourself the accuracy of the answers from other, more reliable sources that rely on human interactions, especially if the validity of the information is a sensitive or extremely important matter in your areas of use or Any area of ​​your business.

But there's something really cool about Claude AI, both free and paid. Through most reviews and tests, it has been shown to be more efficient than any other competitor in its summarizing capabilities for long articles and books. It very adroitly takes advantage of the prompts you give it, and is able to understand them in a wiser and more intelligent way than other options – like ChatGPT.

How do I access Claude AI?

Anthropic provides access to Claude Class and Claude AI across a variety of channels. But the best and easiest direct way to access either of them will still be by creating an account on the Claude AI website for free.

This way, you will have free access to the company's intelligent chatbot. In this way, a web-based chat interface, accessible through any browser, will be a very convenient method for everyday experiences regardless of the level of uses.

But if you are an application developer and need access to the API of the Claude AI bot, in this case the company gives you one of two options:

It should be noted that Anthropic's API is still in internal beta, and can only be accessed by submitting a request for the company to grant you early access to the form.

Unfortunately, there are no precise details about this experience yet, including information provided by the company itself. It is not known how long you will have to wait to gain access to the API or the maximum period of time you are allowed to use it.

The other option, which may be more convenient - since Amazon is a partner - Amazon gives you the option to access the Amazon Bedrock package, which includes an all-inclusive package that includes all Claude AI models without exception. You can get the package immediately after purchasing it without having to wait.

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We think we have reached the conclusion of this guide in which we learned about all the capabilities of the Claude AI chatbot. It is one of the smart robots that keeps users' data private and secure.

The focus on human safety and the intrusion of their digital data through “constitutional AI” is one of the factors that makes Claude AI more suitable and worthy, not only for everyday uses, but also for benefiting from intelligent and more accurate answers.

It's not perfect, just like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or any other language model. But it is better than a large number of other robots in this field. It is expected to be one of the biggest names in this field once the final model is released and the trial period ends.

It still lacks a large number of features that ChatGPT offers, especially if we're aiming to compare the paid version of both, but if you need to summarize a short book, you'll certainly be happy with the results you'll get.

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