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Konami releases the free game eFootball™ 2024

The free-to-play game receives a major update that includes improvements to gameplay and team information as well as a renewed partnership with Lionel Messi as a global ambassador.

Konami Digital Entertainment BV today announced the new year’s launch of its flagship sports game – “eFootball™”.

The update comes to introduce “eFootball™ 2024” and a group of updates and additions to increase the enjoyment of all users.

eFootball 2024 Partner Clubs Updates:

KONAMI has maintained a partnership with a range of clubs which includes some of the most famous teams such as Manchester United FC, FC Bayern München, FC Internazionale Milano, AC Milan, Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona – teams with which KONAMI has recently renewed its ongoing partnership.

These teams' kits, stadiums and in-game formations will be updated to reflect the new season, especially with the big news regarding player transfers this summer.

“eFootball™” is the only one that allows users to play in famous stadiums such as Allianz Arena, Spotify Camp Nou, San Siro and Stadio Olimpico.

New gameplay features in eFootball:

“eFootball™ 2024” will witness a series of gameplay updates. Based on user feedback and suggestions, KONAMI has implemented multiple changes to increase the realism and consistency of gameplay that “eFootball™” brings. The main changes focus on dribbling and defense. These improvements will enable players to replicate decisions made in the blink of an eye at the highest levels of football, allowing them to control the ball better and giving them dribble opportunities in difficult and crowded situations.

Improving individual skill accuracy will allow users to tactically coordinate and model their teams and create more goal scoring opportunities on the virtual pitch.

The 'systemBoostersTo build more exciting teams:

Boosters' is a new feature in eFootball™, giving users the ability to boost the attributes of their favorite players. 'Boosters' allow players to improve their performance above normal limits (the 99 limit), meaning users can boost the individual skills and attributes of different players within their 'Dream Team'.

Different types of 'Boosters' will be available in-game, including those that pertain to specific players, those that affect the entire team, and those that appear when selecting players who meet certain conditions.

This feature will allow users to build teams with greater freedom, more variety, and more fun.

Lionel Messi Continues as Global Ambassador:

KONAMI is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership with Lionel Messi. The Argentine legend will remain the cover star as well as the face of many eFootball™ commercial and in-game campaigns globally.

The new edition will also be called 'eFootball™ 2024: Leo Messi Edition' – which can be purchased now on [PlayStation®5 PlayStation®4, Xbox Series Steam®.

In this version, in addition to downloading “eFootball™”, users can also receive an exclusive Messi Epic Card equipped with the new 'booster' feature, a group of 10 special players consisting of former teammates, a pool of 4,000 EXP and 300 eFootball™ coins.

*eFootball™ Coins do not come with the 'Premium Ambassador Pack: Leo Messi'.

Earn a lot with the campaignStartup Campaign

Whether the user is new or an expert in KONAMI soccer games, users of all levels can take advantage of the multiple in-game rewards that await them with the launch of the new 'Startup Campaign'.

Through a range of login bonuses, users can get 4 'Chance Deals', 360,000 GP, 60,000 EXP and 120 eFootball™ coins.

Moreover, through campaign achievements, users can obtain 400,000 GP, 120,000 EXP, 100 eFootball™ coins, and 4 Skill Training Programs!

Combined, these elements can lay the foundation for building amazing 'Dream Teams' tailored to any user's play style.

“eFootball™ 2024” has arrived but it will continue to evolve and adapt to deliver the best possible experience that its users love.

The teaser for the game eFootball 2024:-

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