The difference between PS5 and PS5 Slim: Compare specifications

Sony introduced the new, thinner and lighter version of the PS5 on October 10th. It comes to replace the original, bulkier version. But it is clear that size and weight are not the only things new in this version, so let us review for you the difference between the PS5 and PS5 Slim and the most important details that you need to hear during this comparison.

The difference between PS5 and PS5 Slim

Over the years, Sony has become accustomed to releasing a new, lighter and smaller version of the world's most popular gaming console several years after the original was released.

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If you are an avid follower and fan of this console, you would certainly expect this to happen at some point, especially in the middle of the usual annual cycle of new console launches. Meaning that after half the period of the original device's launch and half of the remaining period until the launch of the new version, a new, lighter version comes in the middle.

This has been Sony's approach since the first PS, followed by all subsequent releases up to the PS4, and the same is happening with the PS5. So, it's not a surprise to us.

As usual, the company has succeeded in clearly reducing the size of its device, while adding some much-needed modifications to the new device. It's not entirely new, and we shouldn't expect a lot of rewards, but there are still some surprising things that really impressed us.

One of the most impressive features is that you can purchase the device with the optical disc reader box, or of course you can skip it and buy it separately later if necessary.

So that we do not prolong the introduction any further, let us delve deeper into the finer details and clarify what are the commonalities and the most obvious differences between the two devices.

First: compare the detachable physical drive

The bitter hurdle of whether or not it is necessary to attach the drive to the device is finally over. Now, on the PS5 Slim, you can install the physical drive to play games and media only when you need it, disconnect it when you don't, or even not buy it at all if necessary.

While you can purchase the model that already includes the Blu-ray Ultra HD drive, you can still skip this model and purchase the digital model that relies on solid-state storage only.

But the advantage here is that if you find yourself desperate to play physical discs, you can still purchase the optical drive and install it into your PS5 Slim as if it had one to begin with.

Fortunately, the optical drive will cost you only $79.99 USD. It is a small amount indeed, but it is to be expected that this difference will not be viewed in a positive light in most cases.

Second: A comparison between PS5 and PS5 Slim in terms of storage capacity

We do not know what Sony's idea was to increase all its gaming devices in the past with an 825 GB storage unit. It's the one capacity that has plagued PS consoles in recent years. It's still really enough capacity for a large number of games, but certainly not enough for all your favorite games.

So, the company decided to set the record straight and launch the PS5 Slim with a 1TB storage unit. It's good news, even if the difference is small. But the idea of ​​increasing the storage space on the PS5 by 175GB still makes a lot of sense. By the way, 1TB is the default capacity on the model with or without the optical drive.

This space allows you to store more than one game or perhaps up to four or more small games. So, it's a really good idea. But since 1TB is still not enough storage capacity for most people, you can always consider upgrading and expanding the storage space by purchasing Best SSD for PS5.

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Third: The difference between the two devices in terms of weight and size

I don't know if the smaller size or lighter weight factor might be a barrier for you or not, but the idea of ​​owning a high-end, small-sized gaming console is a challenge that can't be easily achieved, especially for fans of good taste and minimalist home decor.

The PS5 Slim weighs 3.2 grams, which is approximately 18% lighter. With the PS5 Slim, Sony has succeeded in reducing the weight of the device to only 2.6 kilograms. We were hoping something similar would happen with the PS5 Slim, but it's clear that the more complex hardware inside needs more thermal cooling systems.

So, it's not bad at all. The addition of an optical disc reader may make the weight a little more, but the new device still manages to maintain a distinctly slim form factor.

As for the form factor, the new PS5 Slim models are approximately 30% smaller in physical size than the original PS5. Therefore, you won't have much trouble hiding it in the bottom drawer of your TV cabinet or even placing it on your monitor table.

Fourth: The price remains unchanged

The original PS5 (Blu-ray Ultra UD model) retails for €549, while the digital model retails for €449. This is actually the price of the PS5 Slim, both for the optical drive model and the digital model as well.

Fifth: The same technical specifications

If you are expecting a change in technical specifications, you may be disappointed. Unfortunately, the new device does not have any new technical specifications inside its gut, and it does not support any notable technologies either. The most notable difference here will remain the shape, size, weight, and the possibility of installing an optical disc reader, detaching it, or not purchasing it at all.

You'll get the same number of ports, but the strange thing is that the company hasn't announced the ability to expand storage space via larger NVMe PCIe modules yet. But we hope that the device will be able to accommodate more of them. It would be a disaster if that were not the case.

But everything else stays the same. Even the minimum hard drive speed, which must start from 5.5 gigabytes per second, must be available in the hard drive. This is a good indication that the device does support external storage units, but we will wait to confirm this in the future. The optical drive is capable of holding discs with a maximum size of 100GB – just as it does on the PS5.

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In fact, the PS5 Slim has nothing worth bothering about. Perhaps the idea of ​​purchasing it will make more sense for those people who have not yet gotten a PS5 and benefit from the larger storage capacity difference.

We have concerns about the device getting hot and cold during long gaming sessions, but Sony supposedly checked this carefully before launching the device.

Therefore, you can only consider upgrading your PS5 Slim if you don't already own the original console. Smaller size and lighter weight will make it easy to move everywhere inside or outside the house. Add to that the possibility of installing or detaching a disc reader, which will solve a major problem for a large number of users.

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